7 Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop

TechTips & Tricks7 Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop

Buying and choosing a laptop is not easy work. There are many options with different prices and also different specifications. Selecting the best with a reasonable price and according to your budget is a wise decision. Different people need different configurations other than the size, drive Storage, RAM, etc. Some need a 4K screen, others might need high performing CPU, compatible for gaming, and many more.

You get lots of confusion when selecting the laptop as numerous options. We have made it easy for you by selecting some things that you should check before you are purchasing your laptop. Let us check it out what are the things you should keep in mind.

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7 Things to take care of before buying a laptop :

1. CPU :

Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop
image source: Custom Build Computers

The first main important thing is the CPU as it is the heart of the laptop. When you are opening a file or giving a command, the processor is the one that executes and performs the teaks. Always the best option is to select the Intel Core-based. Intel Core-Based offers the best performance for multitasking and also multimedia tasks. You have Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 processors.

Usually, Core i3 is for entry-level laptops. you find Core i5 and Core i7 in the majority of mid-range laptops. Core i7 performs the best for high-entry laptops and also produces heat compared to other core processors, be careful about that when you are using it on your lap. Some of the larger laptops have a Core i9 processor which is higher than the Intel Core i7 processor. Core i9 might cost higher than your other Core processors.

You can also choose a dual-core processor if you are only using the laptop for just surfing the web, or to send some emails. This will allow you to open several windows and also apps at once. But it is not a good choice for the tasks such as gaming or photo editing.

2. RAM :

Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop

If the CPU is the heart of the laptop, then RAM is the key to the performance of the laptop. If you do multitasking like writing in the word docs, editing photos, or surfing the web about information everything at once. More the RAM, better the performance, and accessing of the data is faster.

4GB RAM is the minimum and if you use your laptop and you want it to speed you can choose the 8GB RAM or more than that. In recent days, gamers choose 32 GB RAM for a higher experience.

Other than choosing the capacity of RAM, you need to know about some other things. You can see the letter DDR with a number beside it. For example, 16GB sticks of DDR5 RAM. DDR stands for the Double Data Rate and the number beside it is the generation of component design and also the transfer speed. The recent generation is the DDR5. Higher the number faster the performance. Higher the RAM greater the performance. RAM is cheap and you can upgrade it with your laptop.

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3. Battery Life :

The next important main thing you keep looking for is the Battery life. It is quite different for the battery in the reality. Battery life depends upon so many factors such as the number of applications and the programs which is running in the background, the brightness of the screen, network connectivity, and many more. If you steam lots of online videos, play intensive games, and run lots of processing, this will drain out your battery more easily and early than usual.

Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop
image source: Windows Report

Rather than checking the number of hours that battery runs, check for the rating of the Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh). Larger the numbers larger, the longer the battery life. Similar to your smartphone you also have fast charging in the laptops, choosing that will be a wise option.

4. Display Quality :

Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop
image source: PCMag

If you are a person who sits in front of your laptop for hours together, then you must choose a display quality in such a way that it does not hurt your eyes. The glossier screen reflects more light. Even the touch screen has glossier screens. Though it is easy it is effective too easy and gives some glares.  The good resolution for the screen is a 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution (full HD) screen. It is really good if you check the screen quality at the store by yourself and buy it.

5. Storage :

Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop
image source: Linux Hint

Here you just need not select the amount of storage but also you should select the type of storage. In recent days there are no hard drives, instead, you have SSD which is a Solid State Drive. SSDs are inexpensive, faster, and also run silently. If you are confused between a hard drive or a solid-state drive it is always better to choose a solid-state drive.

6.  Connectivity :

Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop
image source: PC connection

It is better to choose the laptop which has more connectivity options than the adapters, etc. It is always best to choose a laptop having many USB 3.0 ports. With the help of USB ports, you can connect hard drives and backup the files, connect to an external mouse and keyboards. Looking for SD card ports is also useful to transfer the photos from your camera.

7. Size :

Things To Take Care Of Before Buying Laptop
image source: Bliss Computer

The next thing you should see is the portability, which should be easy to fit inside a laptop bag and easily carriable. Choose a device that is lightweight and slim.  The best option is a device with a screen between 12 and 13.3 inches, and a weight of less than 1.5kg.

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Conclusion :

In this article, we tried to include all about the important things you should check before buying a laptop. I hope this article will clarify your doubts and let us know if you have any suggestions in the comment section.

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