What Devices Will You Find In The Smart Kitchen?

TechWhat Devices Will You Find In The Smart Kitchen?

It’s a widely accepted fact that cooking is an art that requires a lot of precision to ensure that the meal is well cooked and actually tastes good. If you are fond of cooking and have some interest in technology, then the technology-enabled smart kitchen appliances are a must-have in your smart home. There are a wide variety of smart kitchen gadgets similar to normal kitchen appliances. But these devices do not work like normal kitchen appliances.

They are enabled with the latest technology to ease and assist you with the cooking procedure and even automatically update you with the progress of the recipe. These gadgets vary from smart food heating devices like ovens to simple yet unique coffee makers. These devices might seem to be simple yet they are very useful because they can automate the whole food cooking process and also help you cut down the cooking time.
Whether you are an amateur or a cook who can prepare meals to perfection, these devices can help you multitask and assist you in achieving precision in cooking.

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Smart Refrigerators

Samsung has revolutionized the world of IoT with its smart refrigerator for the kitchen. The fridge comes with a very smart feature called ‘The Family Hub’. This feature keeps track of the expiry dates of food stored in it, and also monitors the inventory levels. Not only this, but it can also order your food automatically once your inventory reaches a minimum set level.

What Devices Will You Find In The Smart Kitchen?
Image Source: Tom’s Guide

Apart from this, you can also surf the internet, stream your favorite music as well as mirror your phone to the family hub. In short, the door of the Samsung refrigerator is no less than an entertainment center.

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The 7-in-1 Smart Oven

This 7 in 1 oven is so versatile can take place of several cooking appliances at once. This gadget can air fry, broil and dehydrate food; cook food on convection food, and can also act as a toaster.
But what really makes this oven smart? This oven has more than 200 inbuilt cooking videos, and programs that allow this device to automatically monitor the cooking process via an app on your mobile. It can also connect to your smartphone, home assistant such as Alexa as well as other smart devices.
Now you don’t have to worry about burning the food in the oven or maintaining the temperature. This oven is there to control these functions on behalf of you.

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WiFi Capable Coffee Maker

Are you someone who is always in a hurry to do your morning chores? Well, you can cross off one task from your list- To make a coffee.
This automatic smart Wi-Fi-enabled coffee maker is controlled by Alexa which can brew the perfect coffee for you.

What Devices Will You Find In The Smart Kitchen?
Image Source: Communicaffe International

Not only this, but you can also adjust the coffee strength and schedule your coffee using your mobile app. You can also enable Alexa routines to let it prepare hot coffee for you as soon as you get up! Overall, this coffee maker is an easy-to-operate gadget that you can rely upon.

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Smart Microwaves

Smart microwaves also perform similar functions to smart ovens. They can connect to your Wi-Fi and can be operated remotely. They monitor your food while it is cooking and notify you well the cooking process is complete.

What Devices Will You Find In The Smart Kitchen?
Image Source: The Spoon

Some smart microwaves also have a very interesting ability to scan the barcodes present on food packets. They use this barcode information to search the database to find the recipe for cooking the food product. Hence, you don’t have to provide any instructions to the microwave to cook food; it automatically knows what to do with it!

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Hydrophonic Vegetable Planters

Most of us like to grow our own vegetables and herbs in the kitchen garden. While it is a healthy choice to switch to organic vegetables, the whole process of growing your own food is very time-consuming and complicated.

What Devices Will You Find In The Smart Kitchen?
Image Source: Noobkit

Not only this, different types of vegetables have different sunlight and water needs and it is not always possible for us to accurately monitor these requirements.
This is where Hydroponic planters come into play. These planters are enabled with sensors to monitor the level of water. They can even adjust the amount of light falling on the plant depending on the vegetable that is growing.
Summing up, these plants are of great help in managing your indoor kitchen garden.


These are just a handful of all the smart gadgets loaded with incredible features and paired with the latest technology. Investing in one or more of these devices will make it safe to work in your kitchen and even cut the time that you spend on the cooking process.

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