What Is Sumplete: Game By ChatGPT?

GamesWhat Is Sumplete: Game By ChatGPT?

The peak of AI has ignited an unparalleled wave of excitement across the tech sphere and beyond, captivating the imagination of individuals everywhere. As the world witnessed the debut of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the recent spotlight on Microsoft’s daring foray into an “emotional” Bing AI chatbot, people find themselves continually astounded by the astonishing intelligence exhibited by these AI systems, closely mirroring human-like interactions.

With the continuous experimentation using AI continuing to take place, Daniel Tate, a software developer from Dundee, recently assisted with developing OpenAI’s ChatGPT newly created novel game known as Sumplete.

What is the story behind Sumplete?

In the compelling story of creating Sumplete, Daniel Tait, the developer behind the game, went on a mission to find a new puzzle game to enjoy after he enjoyed Sudoku. He then asked ChatGPT for recommendations, hoping to discover something fresh and different.

Although the initial suggestions were puzzles he already knew, Daniel wondered if ChatGPT could come up with its own puzzle. To his delight, it turned out that ChatGPT had the ability to invent puzzles which made him intrigues and he asked ChatGPT to generate more puzzle ideas.

After a few tries, on the fourth attempt, ChatGPT introduced Daniel to a puzzle called “Sum Delete” which instantly captured his attention and made him enthusiastic to turn this supposition into a playable game. Consequently, he asked ChatGPT if it could create a completely functional version for him.

Within seconds, Daniel found himself playing a complete version of the Sum Delete puzzle on his web browser. Besides that, he wanted to make the game look even better so he asked ChatGPT to assist him add CSS to enhance the design.

Later, ChatGPT worked with Daniel for the next few hours. They collaborated, adding new features and making the game look more polished. Concurrently, they created a version of the game that is now open for everyone looking to play the game. Moreover, to finalize the creation procedure, Daniel let ChatGPT have the acclaim of naming the game while offering some guidance and input from his side.

You can easily head to the website https://sumplete.com and enjoy the amazing puzzle game!

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How to Play Sumplete?

What is Sumplete: Game By ChatGPT?, ChatGPT, OpenAI, Sumplete
What is Sumplete: Game By ChatGPT?

Sumplete is a puzzle game that shares some resemblances with Sudoku, but it has its own individual set of rules. It furthermore has elements of Kakuro and Hitori. In Sumplete, players are proposed with grids filled with numbers, and the objective is to solve the puzzle based on these numbers.

Unlike Sudoku, Sumplete offers grids of varying difficulty levels. The easiest grid is designed for beginners and consists of three rows and three columns. As players progress and become more comfortable, they can challenge themselves with larger grids, such as 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 along with the most advanced and challenging grids, 9×9, featuring nine rows and nine columns, therefore, solving these larger grids can be quite difficult and may require more time and strategic thinking.

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Here Is How the Game Works

Initially, all the cells in the grid are in an “unknown” state. Your primary goal is to make strategic decisions regarding the deletion and retention of numbers within the grid. The aim is to ensure that the total sum of each row and column matches the sum clue provided for that particular row or column. Also, there’s a unique twist to the gameplay that adds an extra challenge. When you delete a number from a row, it automatically disappears from the column it intersects as well. This interplay between rows and columns incorporates an additional layer of complexity and strategic thinking into the game.

The initial 3×3 version of Sumplete might seem simple and straightforward. Nonetheless, if you’re aiming for a furthermore engrossing and challenging experience, you can opt for larger grids, such as 4×4, 5×5 as well as 6×6, or perhaps 9×9 so you’ll be encountered with increasingly more intricate puzzles. The need to carefully consider the impact of each number deletion across both rows and columns becomes more pronounced. This heightened level of difficulty can quickly become addictive as you strive to solve complex puzzles.

Also, keep in mind that, in the ‘Master’ level puzzles in Sumplete, the game introduce a new challenge by incorporating negative numbers. This addition significantly increases the difficulty level, requiring players to navigate and strategize with both positive and negative numbers.

Furthermore, by utilizing logical deduction and carefully considering the sum clues, you can strategically delete or keep numbers in the grid to achieve the desired sums for each row and column.

How To Keep, Delete, or Revert a cell to its “Unknown” state?

To Delete:

To delete a number from a cell you just have to simply click or tap on it once. The cell will then display an X which implies that the number in that cell needs to be deleted.

To Keep

If you want to assure a number is kept in a cell you require to click or tap on it again after deleting it. This action will change the cell’s display to a green circle. The green circle represents that the number in that cell is crucial for meeting the sum clue.

To revert to the Unknown state:

If you change your mind or want to revert a cell to its original state, simply, click or tap on the cell one more time. This measure will reset the cell to the “unknown” state, removing the X or green circle.


In conclusion, the journey of Sumplete’s creation, guided by the collaboration between humans and ChatGPT, showcases the potential of AI in the realm of game development. The discovery of a unique puzzle, the iterative design process, and the incorporation of secret actions furthermore contribute to the engrossing gameplay experience that Sumplete presents.

Apart from that, despite its simple gameplay, Sumplete was developed through extensive collaboration between humans and ChatGPT. This game serves as a testament to the potential of AI chatbots, like ChatGPT, in assisting developers with coding apps and games in the future.

Therefore this success accentuates the possibilities for leveraging AI technology to enhance the efficiency and creativity of game development. As AI continues to advance, we can anticipate even greater integration.

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