10 best Jira Test management tools in 2023

Tech10 best Jira Test management tools in 2023

Jira test management tools are widely used in IT and non-IT organizations to manage projects and for testers and developers. Moreover, Jira is an easy-to-integrate software, making it one of the most favoured tools for tracking bugs and projects. In this article, we will talk about the best Jira test management tools that offer great execution and promise high-quality software when tested with the tools below. So let’s get straight into it. In our latest article we have discussed some common issues with Jira software and tried to give some solutions as well.

Top 10 Jira Test Management Tools

This section lists ten Jira test management tools you can use for your organization in 2023.

1. Testmo

Testmo is a full-test management tool with a Jira add-on. It unifies tasks like test cases, test automation, and exploratory testing in one place. Moreover, you also get the best Jira integration. It directly pushes new issues to Jira that it finds during the testing phase and offers live statuses and other issue details. Testmo also integrates your software testing efforts, CI and DevOps pipeline. Furthermore, it is the only test management tool that allows you to use Jira Cloud’s native New issue dialogue with complete support for custom fields, add-ons and other customizations.


It offers three categories of pricing. Firstly, for a small team with a maximum of ten users, full-featured test management, exploratory testing and automation. This also provides integration with Jira, GitHub, GitLab, CI, and automation. It is priced at $99 per month.

The second plan is for a team of twenty-five users, which can be scaled to accommodate growth, and offers unlimited API users. It is priced at $299 per month for every twenty-five users. The third category of pricing is for bigger enterprises and is priced at $499 per month. You can contact them for further queries on their customer support page.


2. Qality

With Qality, you can plan and execute tests with minimum to no effort. This way, your team and you can continue to focus on a common goal.


It is free to install and use the app and is rated three-star, but given the fact that it is absolutely free, those with limited budgets can make good use of it. There is a contact form that a user can fill out if they need to know more about the app or they are facing a major issue.

3. Vansah Test Management for Jira

This is another free-to-use test management tool in 2023 that has a four-start rating making it a great choice for most users with less to no budget. Most of the reviews say it is a game-changer for the testing team, making it easy to get through test cases and execution results.


Users can get Vansah for free. You can also sign in and contact them for further assistance and queries.

4. ReQtest

It is yet another full test management with the Jira add-on and does comprehensive tests. Furthermore, ReQtest offers a structured work setup that can seamlessly handle bugs and makes it a breeze to handle quality assurance.

How to get ReQtest?

If you want to try ReQtest, you can go to reqtest.com and sign in. They have customer support assistance that can help you get started with your free trial today, The pricing, however, is not disclosed publicly yet, but if you are interested, you can get a quotation from the company itself. It has a good rating of 4.5/5 and has some prominent enterprises under its list of satisfied customers.

5. AIO tests: Q/A testing and Test Management in Jira

If you want a one-stop solution for all your testing needs, the AIO is the best testing management tool. This tool simplifies your entire test life cycle beginning with requirements to cases, execution and defects. Additionally, it is a Jira-only add-on and offers automation support for tools like Cucumber, TestNG and Jenkins.

Pricing and Review

On the Atlassian marketplace, this app is rated four stars with excellent reviews by various customers. While it is free for use for up to ten users, you will be priced at $25 per month for every twenty users.

6. Zephyr Squad

Best for use for small agile teams, Zephyr Squad wants to start with test management inside Jira. Moreover, this tool offers testing inside Jira both manually and through automation. It also provides project-specific reports and other dashboard gadgets.

How can you get Zephyr Squad?

You can sign in today and get a free trial for your organizational needs. The pricing for Zephyr Squad starts from $10 per month for cloud hosting of ten users. For a thousand users, the price of the same can go up to $1650.48 per month. Similarly, it keeps increasing as you keep adding more users to it.

For data centre hosting, the price for fifty users starts at $3,210 annually and goes up to $17,120 for one thousand dollars. Zephyr Squad for server-based hosting options cost $214 for a one-time purchase for ten users. For unlimited users, the price is $69,550.

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7. Spira Test

Do you want to manage various requirements, defects, and test cases with complete traceability and real-time reporting? Then SpiraTest is the best test management tool. It maps tests for requirements and test coverage, along with drilling down from requirements to tests and bugs. Additionally, you can create, edit, and execute test cases with high-level editing.

How to get the Spira Test?

You can purchase the Spira test by going to their official site and signing in for a free trial. The pricing for this tool begins with three concurrent users at $1,306.69 annually on a cloud hosting platform. You can also choose to be billed monthly. Moreover, for five hundred concurrent users, the price goes up to $5,807.99 per month.

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8. PractiTest

Some of the products by Practitest include test automation management, test data organization, AI-test value score, and security. It is an end-to-end test management platform that is specifically targeted at various industries like software & technology, Healthcare & Medical, Finance & insurance, and retail.

How to get Practitest?

You can directly go to its official website, and sign in with your email. Furthermore, if you really like the product enough and are convinced to check it out, they offer a free trial. As soon as you click on the Free Trial button, a form opens on the screen, which you need to fill out in order to get your trial run.

The pricing is divided into two categories. The first one is for a small team of a minimum of five testers and a maximum of seventy. The lowest range starts with $2,940, which is billed annually, and the highest is $31,080, also billed annually. Furthermore, the second category is for the corporate with unlimited test recommendations and multiple account owners.

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9. TestRay

This test management tool is also available for Jira-only testing add-on and is a one-stop solution for all forms of software testing. It is a cloud-based add-on for Jira testing as well as the DevOps team.

How to get TestRay?

TestRay is freely available for installation on the Atlassian Marketplace and has a good rating of 3.5/5. Most of its reviews are excellent, making it a great choice for small teams with limited budgets. One can go beyond the free trial, where the cost starts at ten dollars for individual members, and you can change it to annually as per your need.

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10. Test Collab

One of the leading test management tools for the last twelve years, Test Collab, helps to manage your existing test cases and link them with Jira issues. Moreover, you can view and update them inside Jira and assign them to testers.

How to get Test Collab?

Users can get Test Collab by going to the official website, which is https://testcollab.com/. There is a free version which is very basic. Next comes the premium version, which charges twenty-nine dollars per user every month. After that is the elite version, which starts at thirty-nine dollars per month for every user, and that is followed by the Enterprise version.

In summation

All these test management tools for Jira have high ratings and free trials, so users don’t feel dicey about purchasing them. Additionally, users can reach out to customer care which is available throughout the day and will help them with every query.

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