10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

Entertainment10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

One of the most watched shows in the world right now is Korean drama, or “k-drama.” Irrespective of their age groups, it has drawn a lot of individuals’ attention. Additionally, the dubbed versions of Korean dramas offer their viewers a visual feast in many languages. The most popular online TV outlet for viewing Korean dramas has been Netflix. Several Korean dramas have been combined onto one platform by Netflix. So that its members may view a variety of Korean dramas with just one subscription. If you want to start watching K-dramas but are unsure of what to watch initially, this blog will provide you with the top 10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix.

Let’s go ahead and get started!

1# Forecasting Love and Weather

10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

Forecasting Love and Weather is a drama that is laden with affection. It demonstrates how much of life is focused around love, along with all of its ups and downs. It essentially focuses on the lives of a number of employees. The series consists of 16 episodes. Each of these is designed to demonstrate how unpredictable love can be. Much like the weather. This drama may be the finest option for those who enjoy dramas with a romantic undertone. Not to mention, the show’s finale is also intriguing because you get to watch how pleased the staff members’ families are.

2# Mr.Sunshine

Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

This series exemplifies what innocent, pure love is. Essentially, it is a true love story with a historical perspective. Due to specific historical occurrences, the main character of this narrative is a lad who fled to the United States from his own country; upon his return, he falls in love with an aristocrat’s daughter. He learns about the realities of his native place through this love. It is praised for its amazing cinematography and has 24 episodes. Given that it is historical fiction, some of the characters and plots have been based on actual events.

3# Juvenile Justice

Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

There may be Korean dramas. Juvenile Justice is regarded as the best legal thriller. The judge who plays a complex part in the plot of the narrative examines punishments for juvenile offenders. This legal thriller is character-driven. It is the tale of young people who commit crimes that become more violent in character and then attempt to flee. It is a dark law drama that highlights numerous legal injustices. via many cases. Juvenile justice has one season which includes 10 periods.

4# Sky Castle

10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

Rich families that want their children to attend prominent institutions are the focus of the Sky Castle narrative. This demonstrates how kids handle diverse parental demands to enter prestigious universities. It is a tale with a very useful lesson for today’s society. A drama that teaches you about the dark side of contemporary society while you compete to get into prestigious universities is worth watching. South-Korean parents of the upper class and their kids are primarily included.

5# Business Proposal

10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

A new-joinee researcher joins a food company, where a young, new president of that company who’s a workaholic, is her boss. The girl has a crush on her college mate, but she unexpectedly goes on a blind date with her boss. Things keep getting complicated when she thinks about her love for her crush. Even while staying with her boss. Business proposal is a sweet and funny romantic comedy-drama that’ll entertain you. This series is released in 2022.

6# Squid Game

Squid game is the show that has created a mini storm on the OTT platform in terms of Korean content. It is undoubtedly the most watched and most popular series of the year. It had broken innumerable records on streaming. Squid game is a series based on the twisted and witty games played by the rich, on the poor, desperate ones. The winner gets a fortune, but the losers get something much unexpected – death. In short. Squid game is a Survival game that has lives at stakes. It strikes a straight shot balance between death and fortune.

Let’s continue ahead with the list of the 10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix.

7# Crash Landing on You

10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

When a south Korean sky diver accidentally falls on the horrific border of North Korea, she meets with a North Korean soldier. He promises to keep her safe and anonymous. And that’s how romance blooms in slowly and the drama continues in its opening season. Crash landing on you has been a barrier crossing series on the OTT which is very popular.

8# Start Up

10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

Start up is a Korean take on the version of Silicon Valley in English. When an ambitious woman gets in onto the startup business domain, she also has to get through a love triangle story. So Startup is an equal balance between both romance as well as the busy and growth side of startups and businesses.

9# All of us are Dead

10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

This is an edge of the seat thriller that is definitely going to raise your hairs. There are many moments that will give a strong dopamine hit. This is the story of a few high school students. They are stuck in their school. The reason for this is that they are being colonized by zombies. The drama gets intense as to how they survive using whatever resources they have left with them. And we see them fighting against internal and external threats, starting from even before the zombies enter the scenes.

10# It’s Okay Not to be Okay

 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix

This korean drama is a modern romantic series that revolves around autism domain. Two brothers and a children’s author meet unplannedly and they keep opening up about past traumas and healings. It’s about the relation between the two brothers, where one takes care of the other brother with peculiar traits as he has autism. This portrayal of autism stands out from the rest of the dramas and has a great perspective to it. It talks and shows us about an adult view on an individual with autism.

So, we finally reached the end of this list. We have listed out the 10 Best Korean Drama To Watch On Netflix. Just have an account and some curiosity to explore new cultures, perspectives and languages. You will surely enjoy the great content with respect to the Korean dramas.

Each of these dramas have different genres and cover great stories and characters. Good story is not limited by anything. Not by borders nor languages. They flow through the eyes of the viewers as human emotions and binge-worthy moments. Stories and emotions are what make us humans. Hop on to Netflix. Just start watching all of the 10 Best Korean Drama. To Watch On Netflix that are mentioned above.

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