7 Tips To Charge Your iPhone Faster

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We all know how annoying it can be to see your iPhone running out of battery when you are about to leave the house. At such critical times, we quickly grab our charger and plug it into the wall socket to get the most charging possible. It is a known fact that a wall charger can charge your iPhone faster than a USB cable connected to your computer.

Fast charging can quickly boost your battery from almost zero to fifty percent within thirty minutes. However, fast charging does not come into action if your iPhone already has a decent amount of charge. Hence, your phone charges at a slow pace no matter you use a wall charger or a USB cable.

7 Tips To Charge Your iPhone Faster
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In this article, we will share 7 such tips that will help to charge your iPhone’s battery as fast as possible no matter what circumstance you are stuck in.

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Change your iPhone’s Charger and Cable

In 2017, Apple had introduced the fast charging feature in iPhone 8. To avail of this feature, you need an Apple charger equipped with high wattage or a third-party charger supporting Power Delivery. In addition to this charger, you also require a USB-C-type charging cable.

This combination of charger and USB cable will facilitate fast charging in your iPhone and you will be able to charge 50 percent of your iPhone’s battery within 30 minutes. Some charger and cable manufacturers also boast to charge your iPhone 2.5 times faster than a normal charger.

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Turn Off Your iPhone

If you are professional, it may not be practical for you to turn off your iPhone even for some time. It will be very important for you to attend to all those emails, messages, calls, and reminders and if you turn off your phone, you may miss them.

However, following this tip is important to boost the charging capabilities of your charger. Your iPhone will definitely charge faster if you shut it down during the charging process so that the battery power is not wasted in running the applications on the iPhone. This tip is especially helpful if you were about to leave the house and notice that your iPhone is running out of battery.

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Switch to Airplane Mode

If a complete shutdown isn’t an option, the next option is to put your iPhone in Airplane Mode. Our Smartphones continuously search for the nearest cellular tower by emitting radio waves to locate them. It also analyses the distance of the cellular tower connectivity based on the signal strength.

7 Tips To Charge Your iPhone Faster

All these background tasks performed by your iPhone require a lot of energy and the power usage increases even further if you are in a low network area. When you switch to AirPlane mode, these power-consuming tasks are halted and can cut down your iPhone charging time.

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Turn on Low Power Mode

Your iPhone also has a feature called Low Power Mode will also cut down your iPhone’s workload and help to charge your iPhone faster. Low Power Mode pauses or disables all the unnecessary tasks running in the background.

These background processes include email fetching, automatic updates, iCloud, 5G usage, and auto-lock. The background refresh feature that checks for new updates and content is also paused for the apps. You enable Low Power Mode on your device, Go to Settings > Battery and turn on the Low Power Mode option present at the top.

Make sure to keep your iPhone Cool

To make the battery operate at optimal levels, it is essential to maintain the temperature of your iPhone. We can do it by avoiding the heat from the sunlight as well as the heat generated by the device which charging.

7 Tips To Charge Your iPhone Faster
Image Source: TapSmart

Always remember to keep your iPhone away from sunlight and do not place it on top of hot surfaces like refrigerators that emit a lot of heat. You should also close the apps that can heat the device such as mobile games during the charging process. It is also advisable to remove the mobile case cover to avoid any heat build-up.

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Avoid Wireless Chargers

When you need to charge your iPhone at fast as possible, you should avoid wireless chargers at all means. Wireless chargers may be convenient to use but are very slow compared to wired chargers. Apple’s MagSafe Wireless charger can only operate on 15W power while the traditional chargers operate between 30W to 60W.

7 Tips To Charge Your iPhone Faster
Image Source: AppleInsider

Reports have shown that Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger can charge iPhone 12 pro in two hours and 36 minutes while it can be charged in one hour and 45 minutes using Stock’s lightning cable.

Have a Power bank or an extra cable

If you are in a hurry, you may not be able to wait for the fast charger to charge your Phone. Instead, you should have a spare cable to charge your iPhone in your car, office, or your gym locker.
You can also invest in a Power Bank that can help you charge your iPhone anywhere. You can also consider solar-powered battery packs that can come in handy during camping or hiking activities.

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These tips can be of great help to charge your iPhone fast when you are in an emergency. You can use a combination of these tips to know which tip works best for your iPhone. If there is no significant improvement, you should check for the battery issues in your iPhone.

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