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iPhone to iOS 16

How To Update Your iPhone To iOS 16- A Detailed Guide

iOS 16, Apple's most recent upgrade to the iPhone operating system, was released. The most interesting features, the bothersome features, and the features we...

iPhone 14: How To Enable 4K Cinematic Mode

With the release of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple added the ability to capture in 4K at 30 fps...

Hidden Tips To Save Images From Safari To iPhone

Have you ever wanted to store an image from a webpage in Safari on your iOS device, then access it later in the Photos...
Enable Haptic Feedback on iPhone

How To Enable Haptic Feedback On iPhone Keyboard

Apple's iOS has had good haptics ever since the introduction of the Taptic Engine with the iPhone 7, and it continues to have them...
iPhone 13 not charging

iPhone 13 Not Charging After iOS16 Update: Fixed

New iPhone models in Apple's 14 series and an accompanying operating system upgrade, iOS 16, have been released. Many new features for iOS 16...
Use Action Mode

10 Issues With iPhone 14 With Solutions

Customers who just purchased an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro are reporting a wide range of defects and performance concerns....
iOS 16 features

12 Best iOS 16 Features To Check Out Right Away

With the latest iOS 16 is rolled out, iPhone enthusiasts are pretty hyped up now. There is news that many new features and improvements...
Best Music Streaming Apps for iPhone

7 Best Music Streaming Apps for iPhone 2022

Life is so much more enjoyable when you listen to music. Thanks to technology, we never have to be without our favorite songs, whether...
Apple Music (Image Source: Apple)

How To Download Music From Apple Music To iPhone 13 For Offline Listening

We often love listening to music while we are out somewhere, or traveling. Have you ever picked up your earbuds and opened Apple Music...
Handoff Phone Calls Between iPhone14 And Apple watch 8

Handoff Phone Calls Between iPhone14 And Apple watch 8

Is there anything you've begun on your Mac or Apple Watch and wished you could finish before you had to leave the house? We've...