8 Best Web Hosting Provider 2022

WebHosting8 Best Web Hosting Provider 2022

An abundance of website hosting alternatives is available, making it simple to select the ideal one for your specific needs. A wide range of hosting solutions is available, from shared to VPS to cloud. 

Your priorities are the most crucial factor in determining which web host is appropriate for you. Free SSL certificates, website builders, fast speeds, unmetered bandwidth, consistent uptime, and round-the-clock customer assistance are all desirable qualities. Before settling on a final recommendation, we looked at each web host’s features, uptime, speed, pricing, and customer reviews. 

Here are 2022’s top picks for web hosts, whether you’re just starting or want to upgrade your current provider. 

Why is it crucial to have a good host? 

When you pay for a web host, you’re essentially renting space on a server where you may keep your website’s files. Anyone who wants to view your website sends a request to it, and your web host then sends the user the requested data. The following are some of the website-related services that a professional and reliable web host can provide for your online business: 

  • Having a fast and reliable website helps increase both visitors and user interaction. 
  • Your website must have a high uptime, so users may access it at any time, day or night, 365 days a year. 
  • Constant availability of customer service representatives to answer questions and address concerns at any time, day or night. 
  • Affordable costs mean you won’t have to spend a fortune on web hosting and other associated costs.

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Best Web Hosting Provider

Compared to the other companies on this list, SiteGround falls short in terms of functionality. Three different packages are available: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek, all of which provide shared hosting. Also, it’s highly regarded as one of the best places to get WordPress-specific managed to host, having been endorsed by the WordPress team.

It’s an excellent choice for an eCommerce store because it offers daily backups, free SSL, and tools to help you expand.


SiteGround’s most popular plan, GrowBig, is an excellent place to start, but its restrictive plans make scaling tough. Look at this special starting pricing!

  • StartUp – $3.99/mo.
  • GrowBig – $6.69/mo.
  • GoGeek – $10.69/mo.

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Best Web Hosting Provider

When it comes to shared hosting, Hostinger is one of the most cost-effective options available. Costs as little as $1.99 per month are available. What a fantastic bargain!

If you want the lowest possible monthly pricing, you’ll have to sign a four-year contract, but that’s still less time than you’d spend with most hosts over the course of a single year.

Hostinger’s 24/7/365 assistance is another reason you will enjoy them so much. Access to knowledgeable customer care representatives is a big benefit for businesses with a limited or nonexistent IT department. In terms of finding a trustworthy and low-cost shared hosting service, this is your best bet.

There are three different options available from Hostinger. You can save 80% on the most affordable plan while saving a tonne of money with our Business Shared Hosting plan, which costs $4.99 per month. You may expect daily website backups, unlimited bandwidth, and 200 GB of storage space. This ensures that you may easily revert back to an older version of your site in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Prices and Packages

Hostinger gives you a choice between three distinct packages for hosting your website.

For $1.99 per month, you can host a single website with the “Single” plan. It offers 30 GB of space for your data and 100 GB of transfer. We recommend this package for personal, low-traffic websites.

The Premium plan costs $2.99 per month and enables you to host 100 different websites. It’s suitable for medium-sized websites due to its unlimited bandwidth. Free domain registration and an SSL certificate are included.

For an additional $4.99 a month, the Business plan will allow you to host 100 websites. The Business Plan, however, not only doubles storage space but also provides daily backups of your website (200 GB). With this package, you can expect a considerable improvement in your website’s load time.

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Best Web Hosting Provider

Shared hosting is Bluehost’s entry-level offering, and they provide four different packages (Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Prime) to choose from. When you sign up for one of these, you’ll get access to Panel, a powerful tool for managing your web hosting, and a guaranteed uptime of 99.98 percent.

For those who place a premium on assistance, Bluehost is a great choice thanks to its round-the-clock availability by phone, live chat, and email.

Bluehost provides virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated hosting services for those that require more power.

Moreover, Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting plans are unparalleled. Bluehost has risen to the top thanks to attractive features like free third-party backups from CodeGuard and the ability to host an infinite number of websites.

Bluehost is also great with its free WordPress migration solution if you want to incorporate a WordPress site.

When you sign up for a plan with Bluehost, their staff will evaluate your site and, if it satisfies their standards, they will transfer your WordPress site over to their servers at no extra cost.

  • Initial Year of Your Domain Name Is COMPLETELY FREE!
  • One-click WordPress Installation with Free SSL Certificate and 24/7 Help

Plans and pricing

  • Basic – $2.95/mo*
  • Plus – $5.45/mo*
  • Choice Plus – $5.45/mo*
  • PRO – $13.95/mo*


Best Web Hosting Provider

Dreamhost has the longest money-back guarantee period of any web host on this list at 97 days. If you’re just getting started with web hosting, a month may be just long enough to weigh the pros and cons of continuing with Dreamhost. The company provides standard web hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting, and a premium WordPress service called DreamPress. Dreamhost guarantees 99.9% uptime and includes SSL certificates and virus removal tools in all of its plans. The lack of continuous chat and phone assistance is a major flaw in Dreamhost. Help through chat is accessible around the clock, every day of the week, starting at 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. PT, and phone assistance is only provided through scheduled callbacks. If you feel like you might require technical support, Dreamhost provides detailed online instructions on how to deal with common problems. The cheapest hosting package is also the one that only lasts a single month. After that period, the price will reset to the going rate, which is around four times the original amount.

Plans and prices

  • Budget-Friendly WordPress Hosting Plans Starting at $2.59/mo
  • Web Hosting as Low as $2.59/mo.
  • Domain Extensions That End in “.COM”
  • WordPress Site Transfers at no cost


Best Web Hosting Provider

IONOS has the most affordable initial cost compared to the other services below; but, when the plan renews, the price jumps up significantly. The availability of local phone numbers in 14 different nations makes IONOS an attractive option for customers outside the United States.

Ionos provides both managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting and shared VPS and dedicated options. In addition, the company categorizes its hosting services into separate tiers based on the size of the customer’s organization.

Compared to competing web hosting providers, Ionos’ security measures are superior. SSL certificates, virus checks, and DDoS defenses are standard across all plans. A few packages include malware removal and website restoration services. Each backup is stored for 20 days and is performed at least once every 24 hours as standard. If one data center were to be compromised by a cyberattack, consumers would still have access to their data because it is replicated in a second location.

Compared to other web hosting services, Ionos’s uptime guarantee of 99.99% is significantly higher. In the event of an Ionos data centre power outage, your website and services will continue to function thanks to the battery-operated power supply and backup generators.

You can reach out via phone or live chat whenever you need assistance. Telephone numbers for contacting customer service in 14 other countries are also listed. Ionos also provides each customer with a dedicated adviser they can reach out to with any website-related questions or concerns. Clients of Ionos have more options for getting assistance than customers of some other hosting companies, thanks to a personal adviser and phone numbers for several support centres worldwide.


Ionos will update its status page when services are temporarily unavailable to let users know. Scheduled maintenance windows are disclosed to users, and the page keeps a running history of service outages and their resolution times.


Compared to other web hosts, Ionos’s base rates are more affordable. However, after a set period of time, costs escalate, with shared and WordPress hosting increasing by more than 1,000%. Therefore, if you’re looking for a low-cost long-term home for your website, Ionos may not be the greatest option.

Hosting Dedicated
  • Powerful dedicated web hosting
  • Intel Xeon E3 Processor (4 Cores)
  • Cloudflare CDN, RAID Storage
  • Gigabit speeds, and unlimited data transfer.
  • Prices as low as $45/month
WordPress Hosting
  • Take control of your project, not your WordPress.
  • The recently released WP Assistant facilitates quick and simple web navigation.
  • Themes and plugins allow for complete personalization.
  • No more manual updates and less bureaucracy
  • Pricing is as little as $1 per month
Backup to Cloud
  • Safeguard and back up your company’s data systems
  • Protect your data with up-to-date anti-virus and malware software, regular backups, and the ability to restore lost files quickly.
  • At only $5 per month, you can start enjoying the benefits of this offer today!
Server Management
  • The results of devoted effort, minus the hassle of management
  • Reduced complexity in setup and maintenance.
  • CPUs with high-performance levels from Intel® or AMD
  • Protected by wildcard SSL, anti-malware, and daily backups.
  • You may view the plans and prices by visiting the website.

#6.A2 Hosting

Best Web Hosting Provider

A2 Hosting provides various hosting plans at varying price points, and they have excellent customer service alternatives. Many features are included in the base plan price. One major drawback is that the most affordable plans require three years.

Options for shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, reseller, and cloud hosting, as well as tiers within each category, are all available from A2 Hosting. For instance, with shared hosting, you can choose between Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max packages. Customers now have more alternatives to tailor their service to their specific requirements and grow with them thanks to the launch of new plans.

A secure socket layer (SSL) certificate, twin firewalls, virus scanning, and brute force defense are all standard across all plans. Each subscription includes DDoS defenses that may identify DDoS attacks immediately to keep your site safe in addition to the improved security tool Patchman, which normally costs roughly $25 per month. To access the servers at A2 Hosting’s data centre, a customer needs two unique key cards, one for the parking lot and one for the server room.


Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max are A2 Hosting’s four shared hosting packages. The unlimited bandwidth, free migration by an expert, free SSL, and daily backups are just some of the perks included in its plans.

However, we feel it necessary to mention that our investigation into A2 Hosting revealed disappointingly slow site speed and an alarmingly high downtime rate. When you include in its pricey plans, it’s easy to see why it hasn’t climbed higher on the rankings.

Pricing and plans
  • Startup Shared – $2.99USD MONTHLY*
  • Turbo Boost Hosting – $6.99USD MONTHLY*
  • Managed VPS – $39.99USD MONTHLY*
  • Managed WordPress – $11.99USD MONTHLY*
  • Dedicated Servers – $105.99USD MONTHLY*

#7.GoDaddy Hosting

Best Web Hosting Provider

Four shared hosting packages are available from GoDaddy: Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum. In addition to a free domain name, all plans have unlimited data transfer, a 99.9% uptime SLA, daily offsite backups, round-the-clock network monitoring, and more. GoDaddy may have finished sixth in our table (largely due to its extremely slow site speed), but it came in second only to IONOS in terms of server response time.

Also, GoDaddy’s customer service has gotten better in recent years. Live chat and phone help are available around the clock, but unfortunately, email correspondence is not supported. According to our findings, HostGator is the best web host if you value access to knowledgeable customer service representatives.


Despite being a reliable and feature-rich hosting provider, GoDaddy’s price is a bit steep. Plans and hosting types can have wildly varying prices, and some consumers may be charged more for using Windows than Linux.

The following are GoDaddy’s cheapest starting prices:

  • Website Hosting – Beginning with $5.99 /mo
  • WordPress hosting – Within the range $9.99 /mo
  • Hosting Ecommerce – Within the range $20.99 /mo
  • Webhosting Plus – Within the range $19.99 /mo
  • Hosting VPS – Beginning with $4.99 /mo
  • Dedicate Servers – Beginning with $129.99 /mo


Best Web Hosting Provider

GreenGeeks is the first and only environmentally conscious web hosting company, and it is based in California. There are none in India, but they have a network of energy-efficient data centers situated in the US, Canada, and Amsterdam. Despite this, they provide great website speeds everywhere.

Shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, and reseller hosting packages are available from GreenGeeks. As your site’s needs increase, you can scale up using each plan’s tier-based alternatives. The management of some programmes comes at a higher price. Each plan also comes with a website builder so you won’t have to start from blank when creating your website.

To assist safeguard your site, each plan comes with a plethora of security features like SSL certificates, DDoS defences, daily backups, virus cleanups, and more.

GreenGeeks has a 99.9% uptime, similar to the majority of web hosting.

While other services may check every 30 seconds, minute, or longer, GreenGeeks claims to check its servers every 10 seconds for any abnormalities. This implies that if your website experiences any problems, GreenGeeks may already be working to fix them before you get in touch with them. GreenGeeks offers phone service from 9 a.m. to midnight ET, but 24/7 chat support is available for more immediate assistance.

Among its features include In addition to planting a tree for every hosting account, GreenGeeks uses renewable energy sources to produce three times as much energy as it consumes. According to the International Energy Agency, data centres are responsible for 0.3% of the world’s carbon emissions, hence GreenGeeks is a web hosting provider that cares about the environment.

Pricing and plans
  • WordPress Hosting

Websites powered by WordPress are hosted with lightning-fast performance, security, and professional support.

Beginning at $2.95 per month

  • WooCommerce Hosting

With WordPress and WooCommerce, you can easily launch an online store and sell your goods.

beginning at $2.95 per month

  • Web Hosting Reseller

With Their web hosting platform, you can manage numerous hosting accounts or offer web hosting to your customers.

beginning at $29.95/month

  • Private virtual servers

SSD-based VPS hosting platform with lightning-fast performance for your website or application.

beginning at $39.95 per month


Your website’s size and purpose will determine the type of web hosting service that best fits your requirements. The way your site was developed, the functionality you need, and your budget all factor in. However, in the end, you should focus on the most important factor in making your choice.

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