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How To Secure Your WordPress Website In 5 Simple Steps

If you are here reading this article, there are very good chances that you have chosen WordPress as a CMS for your website. Well, you have made a good choice! WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems that is used by 35.2% of the total existing websites on the internet. Moreover, 62% of all content management systems use it for a good reason.

As a result of being so popular, WordPress is extremely prone to hackers and security beaches. Nowadays, Hackers have evolved using advanced technologies to such an extent that now they exist in all forms and hide in every corner of the virtual world.

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For this very reason, it is essential for the websites to implement various security measures to prevent any potential security issues efficiently. Apart from this, it is also the responsibility of the website owner to ensure that the visitors on his website do not have to worry about risking their personal information.

Malware attacks not only harm the visitors but also prove to be a setback for your website as well. Google decreases the ranking of the website that does not implement security measures for the safety of visitors.

In this article, we will discuss some of the security measures we need to follow to keep hackers and malware at bay.

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Set Strong Login Credentials

Although, reminding to use a very strong password for login may seem very obvious and basic measure. But this tops the list as people do not realize the importance of using the password which is hard to crack.

According to reports, most of the hacked accounts use “123456” and “password” as their password. As expected, these passwords can be cracked in no time. Thus, WordPress websites using these kinds of passwords are more vulnerable to attacks.

You must create a unique password using a combination of numbers and symbols to boost the security of your WordPress website. Also, make sure not to repeat the passwords from your other accounts and create unique passwords for each platform. Similarly, it is also essential to use a unique username as they are also vulnerable to brute force attacks.

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Change Your Log-in Path

By default, the URL for dashboard login on WordPress is “”. This is a widely known fact that makes your WordPress site so vulnerable to attacks. Hence, it is advisable to modify this login URL path of your website and choose something unique that is hard to guess.

You can simply use a plugin to change the URL. You need to download and install the WordPress plugin – WPS Hide Login. Now, with this plugin, you can modify the default URL of your website and keep something unique that is not easy to be cracked.

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You can also manually modify the URL without using any plugins. However, it is not advisable to do so because when WordPress is updated, the login page is created again and the URL paths are altered again.

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Keep All Themes and Plugins Up-to-Date

This is the easiest yet essential way to keep your WordPress website safe from any security breach. This is so because, developers keep looking for security issues and problems and release patches for the previous version of the WordPress core, themes as well as plugins.

Hackers are well aware of these loopholes. If you do not update your Themes or Plugins on time, they can exploit these security issues.

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Apart from regularly updating the WordPress components, it is also necessary to avoid installing any bad or null themes or plugins as these can easily lead to a security breach of your website.

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Use Two-Factor Authentication

To make sure that any unauthorized person cannot access your WordPress website, you should enable Two Factor Authentication on your website. 2FA is one of the best ways to verify a person’s identity before granting access to the website.

Hence, even if someone has the login credentials of your admin panel he cannot access the panel until he verifies his identity using some method. When you enable the Two Factor Authentication, you choose one option by which you want to get an OTP or access code in real-time. You can either use an email address or your mobile number to get the access code.

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To enable Two Factor Authentication for your website, you can use a plugin called Two Factor Authentication.

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Keep your theme name hidden

For advertisement purposes, WordPress themes tend to publically display the footers, folders of themes as well as the codes of website. While this may seem harmless to you, this information can make your website vulnerable.

They can even be a death blow for your website if the theme you are using has a loophole. To avoid this, it is advisable to hide the name of the theme you are using for your website. You can use plugins like Security Enhancer or WP Hide to improve the security of your website.

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These are some of the best practices that you should implement to ensure the well-being of your website and its visitors. Although there is more you need to do to strengthen the security of your WordPress website, these measures are still effective against most of the common WordPress attacks.

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