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plugins you should have

10 Plugins You Should Use For Your WordPress Website

WordPress's adaptability is one of the many reasons why it's so popular for website development. Utilizing WordPress, one can create high-traffic blogs, money-making machines,...
install WordPress by command over SSH shell

How To Install WordPress By Command Over SSH Shell?

In this guide, we have shared the step-by-step process to install WordPress by command over an SSH shell.  The traditional method of installing WordPress involves...

How To Secure Your WordPress Website In 5 Simple Steps

If you are here reading this article, there are very good chances that you have chosen WordPress as a CMS for your website. Well,...

How to insert Google Ads tracking code in WordPress/WooCommerce Thank You page

“How do we track sales conversion of our Marketing Campaigns?” This question will always occupy your mind if you are running a WordPress or...
How To Secure Website From Hackers And Viruses?

How To Secure Website From Hackers And Viruses?

As most of the world is switching to the digital mode, online threats are increasing at an alarming rate. As per the latest statistics,...
WordPress 5.8 Released With Nearly 300 New Features & Fixes

WordPress 5.8 Coming With Nearly 300 New Features & Fixes

For the longest time, WordPress has been one of the best content management systems to date. For bloggers, business people, writers, and artists, WordPress...
Shopify Vs Wordpress

Shopify VS WordPress – Which is the Best?

While many companies and freelance web developers and designers tend to use WordPress, there are many others who use Shopify. And in recent days,...
Change Singapore Dollar currency symbol from $ to SG$ in WooCommerce

How to change Singapore Dollar currency symbol from $ to SG$ in WooCommerce?

If you are a Web developer or a Web Designer, you are most probably already aware of this situation and might also have found...
WooCommerce Customization Add Custom Tab With YouTube Video

How to add YouTube Video in a custom tab on WooCommerce Product Page?

I am not sure if you have seen a WordPress website with WooCommerce which shows additional tabs(custom tabs) in single product page and one...

Your host may have disabled the mail() function

I was not aware of this very common problem until I migrated my blog from Blogger platform to WordPress and hosted it on Vultr...