WordPress 5.8 Coming With Nearly 300 New Features & Fixes

NewsWordPress 5.8 Coming With Nearly 300 New Features & Fixes

For the longest time, WordPress has been one of the best content management systems to date. For bloggers, business people, writers, and artists, WordPress is like their personal Word doc. With efficient SEO and ample plugins to rank your page, WordPress is every blogger’s online best friend.

Moreover, it keeps updating itself to suit the changes of the time. In 2021, WordPress has released its 5.8 version, which is as better as it gets. In the latest version of the content management system, these major alterations will make it all the more exciting to use.

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1. Introduction Of Theme.json

With the new 5.8 version, WordPress aims to make the content management system a lot easier for its users. Understanding the difficulty of most users from a non-technical background in using this site, the theme.json is designed. What this feature will essentially do is allow publishers and developers to change the theme and the font as per their choice whenever they want.

WordPress 5.8 Released With Nearly 300 New Features & Fixes
Version 5.8

A user can also go block by block to make changes in the theme. This could mean more freedom for the publisher as it will allow their creativity to flow through. For Ux/UI designers, handling CSS will be way easier than before.

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2. Support Images In WebP

How annoying has it been when you downloaded a beautiful image that fits perfectly for your blog post, but WordPress won’t support it? We feel you. And it looks like WordPress does too. The new 5.8 version of the system supports images in WebP, which has not been the case so far. All this while publishers had to convert their downloaded image separately into JPEG or PNG. Only then they could upload.

So, how does this feature help you? Images in WebP are light in weight which means your website will download much faster than when images were of another format. The quicker your website downloads on the devices of the site visitors, the more chances of getting organic traffic that stays for long.

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3. No Support For Internet Explorer 11

This can surprise many users who have been operating their WordPress from Internet Explorer 11. Now that the 5.8 version of WordPress is inclining towards a leaner and lighter mode, this had to happen. Internet explorer is generally not a very fast browser, and the new WordPress is all about quick, efficient, and light mode.

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4. Post Screen Allows Editing In Templates

WordPress 5.8 Released With Nearly 300 New Features & Fixes
Block Editor

In the new version of WordPress, the publisher can edit their themes, font, and block templates in the post screen. While this is a brand new feature, it gives more freedom and independence to users. Publishers can edit their template whenever they like if they feel it will do justice to their overall work.

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5. Blocks Give Way To Maximize Productivity

It is a lengthy process to go from one button in one corner of the screen to another multiple time. Doing this takes up a significant amount of space and makes the blogger/publisher bored in the process.

To make this better and exciting, WordPress has introduced the Block system where every paragraph can be edited differently without traveling through the screen.

6. New Duo Tone Filters And A List View

WordPress 5.8 Released With Nearly 300 New Features & Fixes
Image Source: WordPress.com

Bloggers and publishers can now see blocks that they have been working on at a glance with the new list view. This feature is designed to enhance productivity and reduce the wastage of time that one loses while looking for a particular section of the blog. You can get a glimpse of blocks right in front of you on the web page through this feature.

Moreover, the duotone filters allow publishers to change the shades of images and videos they upload. Thus, it gives them an option to be more productive and creative with their results.

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All these are just one of those many features that 5.8 is bringing. The new version of WordPress is named after the famous Jazz music artists Art Tatum. It is because the new version is all about creativity, imagination, exploration, and innovation.

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