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Keep scrolling to know everything about the Kingdom hearts 4 after its trailer launch.

Kingdom Heart series fans are compelled to wait for too long before they get to experience the next release. When the Kingdom Hearts II made its way on the PS2, the series diverted itself into the spinoff world, and we did not see any wholesome sequel that was released for the third generation of PlayStation. After a long wait, we received the closure of the Dark Seeker Saga- what we will call it. However, if you look at the Kingdom Hearts universe, the end of the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Saga did not assure the end of the adventure for Sora, Riku, Kairi, and all their Disney and Final Fantasy companions.

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Ending of Kingdom Hearts 3

Everything, including the secret ending, the boss, and the DLC forced us to think that a new Kingdom Hearts era will come over the horizon and usher over us. The burning question that had been testing our patience was how long we have to wait until we meet Sora in the next season of the Kingdom Hearts 4.

Finally, it did happen, and at a time when we were not at all expecting to get a sneak peek at the fourth iteration of Kingdom Hearts IV. At the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts held in Japan, the viewers get the treat for their eyes in the form of Kingdom Hearts IV. The trailer was somewhat like a gist of what the entire Kingdom Hearts IV gameplay will revolve around. The trailer did not include a side story, prequel, interlude, or a dream. Instead, it made us believe that we are back at the point where we bid adieu to the Kingdom Hearts 3.

With the trailer launch, Disney and the Square Enix have made it clear that the fans can still expect the sequel of the Kingdom Hearts 3. The concise yet detail-packed trailer is the utter proof that the next adventure of Kingdom Hearts is about to unravel before our very eyes. Moreover, it did leave us to a point where there is so much to ponder about as a KH4 fan.

Kingdom Hearts 4
Image Source: Square Enix

Even though it will take much time to make the picture clear, the trailer is for sure the key to unlocking the Kingdom Hearts secrets. Thus, this has brought up to a safe place where we can safely decide to curate all the details related to Kingdom Hearts 4 to keep the excitement brewing.

Release date

No actual release date was the biggest bummer for the Kingdom Hearts IV fans when they got to know that Kingdom Hearts IV is actually about to happen. Leave the date behind; there was not even a subtle hint that could make the viewers speculate when the Square Enix’s creation will be ready to roll out. But looking at the past trends, do not expect the game to release anytime soon. Expecting that the game will roll out in 2024, can be a safe bet. While the trailer depicted a fair amount of gameplay that looked too real, sources state that Square Enix is planning to switch to Unreal Engine 5 from Unreal Engine 4, which its makers are currently employing to develop it.

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While the migration from one technology to another is not a big task to accomplish, however, it would still act as a setback in the game development and release process. If you are a die-hard fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, you will be aware that this is not the first time that a trailer is out much before we can set our hands on the actual gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts IV
Image Source: Square Enix


Since the trailer is just a sneak peek into what’s brewing in the Square Enix camp, there has been no official announcement on which platform the Kingdom Hearts 4 will make its debut. While Kingdom Hearts has always been PlayStation friendly from the start, we saw that the Kingdom Hearts III game rolled out on both the Xbox One and PS4 platforms. Later, the owners also released a variant for Switch and PC later on.

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Recently, Square Enix released the Xbox and the PC compatible versions of all the previous sequels of the KH4. While the motive of the entire process was not clear beforehand, you can now say that Square Enix brought the complete series to Square Enix to gather the audience for the bigger and better Kingdom Hearts 4.

It would be too early to speculate anything about the platforms where the game will launch, but you can hope to see the fourth iteration of all the gaming platforms- even on Switch using the streaming capabilities or something of the same sort.

Moreover, you should also expect Kingdom Heart IV to be exclusive to the current generation. Keeping the two years production time before we can access the actual game, you can say that at that time, we will be way past the PS4 and Xbox One platforms and will have a compatible version of the game for these platforms as well.


The trailer footage launched at the 20th-anniversary event held in Japan is packed with interesting clips and details. The trailer introduces us to the captivating shots of the heart of the city that you can assume to be Tokyo. That is because we saw it at the end of the Kingdom Hearts 3 game. However, the city is referred to as Quadratum in throughout the trailer.

A voiceover in Japanese speaks in the cryptic tone we hear in the Kingdom Hearts series. The voice advises Sora to return from this world if he is too engulfed in sadness and despair. A text appears on the screen stating, “The heart resides within the soul, which in turn is guided by fate to its rightful place.”

After this, we see short footage of the forest depicting waterfall and river running through the city. The trailer shows Sora sleeping on a couch and Strelitzia, an extremely important character in the Kingdom Heart Union Cross appears. After they have a brief conversation, the trailer takes us to a black mass that appears in the sky from nowhere.

It soon transforms into a disfigured Darkside enemy we are used to seeing in the past versions of the game. As soon as it begins to frighten the people in the city, our braveheart hero Sora rushes to the spot with his famous Keyblade to battle and defeat the enemy.

Kingdom Hearts IV
Image Source: Square Enix

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A coherent bite on the trailer has for sure revealed the gameplay or something that you can assume gameplay. However, it is somewhat doubtful to call gameplay if you analyze how smooth it looked. In addition, you should always expect a lot of differences in the trailer and the final game upon the release. Keeping all these things aside, you can still expect big surprises once the game is released.

We saw that the slow-motion movements we loved in the Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III will also remain in the KH4 but it is more effortless than we can ever think of. We saw Sora leaping, spinning, sliding, and using his Keyblade as a sort of grappling hook to float around the city smoothly.


The trailer also revealed that the Quicktime events or reaction commands might make a comeback. Sora also put forward its giant heartless punch when he transformed the Keyblade into some sort of a drill. You can see this as a hint that you can expect form changes to come back before the launch seeming like a missile.

Yes, the trailer did not show us how the fight ended but the scale and complete setup of the fight was totally on another level- something we’ve never seen before. The user interface was the exact copy of the predecessor UI. So, we can safely assume that they have used it as a placeholder in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer. Sadly, the text mentioned on the user interface was not at all legible, so we do not have anything to mention on that front.

It mentioned two things in the trailer- one was Quadratum and the other was the forest area that occupied the beginning part of the trailer. Some of the observant viewers were quick to point out a view but exciting mention when the trailer reveals the shot of the river. They saw the foot of an AT-ST by the river in the closer shot. For the uninitiated, they are the mechanical walking tanks that appear in the Star Wars series.

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If we look at the trend from the past, you shouldn’t expect multiplayer modes in the Kingdom Hearts IV game. Previously, multiplayer game mode only appeared for the spinoff titles of the multiplayer game. Even at that point, they were hidden behind the minigames and arena challenges sub-games.

The Kingdom Hearts series has always been true to its story, characters, and adventure, and so in the future too, we hope the series portrays them beautifully. It would be safe to say that Kingdom Hearts IV has room to feature some mini-side games that shouldn’t impact the main storyline of the series. But, it’s worth mentioning that we will always prefer the steady series without any impurity that can deliver a refined single-player gameplay experience. But, we cannot confirm anything for sure unless Square Enix officially announces anything in this regard


In the Kingdom Hearts universe, the Kingdom Hearts 3 was the first-ever game to feature a DLC ever. Surprisingly, the results turned out to be outstanding and exceeded our expectations. If the developers decide to include the DLC in the Kingdom Hearts IV similar to its predecessor, we can expect more focus on the postgame content. That will enable us to play the game after signing up for new characters. Keeping the above perks in mind, users would surely expect some DLC goodness in the gameplay, which would be enough to drive us back to the Kingdom Hearts universe wholeheartedly.

Some users might think it is too cringy to meet Riku, who appears as a character in his storyline. There is also a rumor build-up that Roku will not make an entry as a game character in the main game of Kingdom Hearts IV. But, you shouldn’t hope for anything without proper evidence.

Kingdom Hearts 4
Image Source: Square Enix


It’s been a long time since we heartedly enjoyed the full-fledged version that is the Kingdom Hearts IV gameplay. So it’s obvious that users are anxiously waiting for the Kingdom Hearts 4. No matter how painful it may sound, there is no news and notifications regarding how you can pre-order the Hearts 4.

Moreover, you shouldn’t expect it in the future as well. However, if we look at the trends of the release of the past version, you can safely expect the special editions of the Kingdome Hearts 5 game on your way. In addition to this, you can also look forward to a few awesome goodies that any Kingdom Hearts fan will be dreaming of. However, these are just speculations based on the previous trends.

Since there are no pre-order details, as of now, we cannot say much about it. However, as soon as we get to know about some, you will let us know here.

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Will Star Wars and Marvel appear in Kingdom Hearts 4?

When the Kingdom Hearts 3 drew to an end, the fans have since been speculating about the worlds for future games- If they will see Star Wars and Marvel worlds in the game. Since both of them are under the ownership of Disney now, so making such an expectation is fair enough for new worlds. Interestingly, some users were quick to mention a glimpse of the Star Wars-themed place in the trailer.

When the trailer reaches around 30 seconds, a forest emerges in the video that resembles Endor. Moreover, you can also spot something like a foot of an AT-ST in the background. While Star Wars may seem like an apt decision in the new world, it’s too early to tell whether or not Star Wars will appear in Kingdom Hearts 4.

Unreal Engine 5

After the reveal of the Trailer, Famitsu reports that Kingdom Hearts 4 will be using Unreal Engine 5. The newly launched Trailer was using the Unreal Engine 4 but, since the new version of the Unreal Engine 5 is out now, there is a good probability that the Kingdom Hearts 4 will feature Unreal Engine 5 improving the lighting and textures in the game.

In the words of the publication, ‘The full game will be made with Unreal Engine 5, and the quality of lighting and detail will be several levels higher.’ If you believe Famitsu, the entire Kingdom Hearts 4 game will use the Unreal Engine 5, thus improving the quality of lighting and details in the game.


That’s all for now. As speculated, more information about the Kingdom Hearts 4 will roll out in phases. We will be delivering more information about the game on our website as soon as we get our hands on it. Hopefully, KH4 will see a Star Wars level soon, and if not, maybe an MCU level of some sort. Whatever it is, we will find out soon!

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