Apple Updates macOS Monterey To Version 12.3 With Universal Control

PCMacApple Updates macOS Monterey To Version 12.3 With Universal Control

Uopdate macOS Monterey to version 12.3

It’s called macOS Monterey to version 12.3. Apple has released it to make it easier for people to control their Macs and iPads from the same place at the same time. Allows you to use a single mouse and keyboard on all of your Macs. It is in beta. The new version of Mac OS also has new emojis and spatial audio support. Apple has also released watchOS 8.5, iOS 15.4, and iPadOS 15.4 as part of the Mac OS Monterey update. Users can also restore the software on their Apple Watch from their iPhone, without having to go to a service centre nearby. 

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Is there a way to get Mac OS 12.3? 

macOS Monterey to version 12.3

You will either see a message on your Mac that tells you that the update is ready. Otherwise, go to System Preferences and click on Software Update. 

To test the next beta version, you can join the Apple beta programme. You’ll be able to test the new software. In order to find out more, read this: How to join the Apple beta testing programme. 

Always make a backup of your device before installing new beta versions, and do so on a computer that is not critical to your system.

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Should I update macOS Monterey to version 12.3? 

Apple did give one warning about installing the beta version of macOS 12.3, but we don’t think that many people will follow it. Those who are running macOS Catalina and want to try out the betas for macOS 12.3 or macOS 11.6.4 are being warned by Apple. Updates can cause a boot loop if you install on an APFS volume with FileVault turned on. Catalina is the current version of macOS on your computer. If you want to install macOS Monterey 12.3 beta or macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 beta on a volume with FileVault turned on, you may get stuck in a boot loop when you try to log back in to the previous volume. 

This may be true if you are running macOS on a separate drive and moving between multiple versions of macOS.

Other than that, we don’t think it’s a good idea to update your software. The excitement about the Universal Control features and other new features below, but recently Apple has been having problems with its software updates (such as a battery draining Bluetooth issue that was rectified in the 12.2.1 update). 

What’s in Mac OS 12.3, then? 

After a rather previous update in macOS 12.2, which was mostly about security fixes, macOS 12.3 brings a long-awaited feature that Apple had said it would include in macOS 12, but hadn’t yet. This feature is called Universal Control. Even if you just read on, you’ll see there are other new things. 

Universal Control

When Universal Control is released, users will be able to use the same mouse or trackpad to choose their Mac screen, type on their Mac using the keyboard, and then select their iPad screen and type. As we go over the different parts of universal control, we don’t talk about them all at once. 

Apple had said that the feature would be available in the fall or autumn, but then it officially put it back until the spring of 2022. 

This is the first time that Universal Control has been seen in macOS 12.3. 

Some Macs won’t be able to use this new feature because they don’t have the same hardware. 

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New emoji

macOS Monterey to version 12.3

There are more emoji in Mac OS 12.3. Among them are a melting face and a salute face, as well as biting the lip and X-rays. 

Login without using a password 

In order to log in with their ID and password on web pages that run on the right hardware, users will need a security key. 

The technology makes it easier for the user to use iCloud Keychain. Face ID or Touch ID aren’t used to make sure the user is real. Instead, the user logs into a website or service with his own key. Find out more about Apple’s plans to get rid of passwords. 

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UWB (ultra-wideband) 

macOS 12.3 suggest that Macs will be able to use UWB. However, before Macs can use UWB, Apple will need to put U1 chips in them, like the ones that have been in iPhones and AirTags since iPhone 11. 

The U1 chip was added to the iPhone 11 in 2019. It helps users find and use compatible Apple devices more quickly and accurately by using high frequency radio waves, which are like WiFi. This includes the AirTags, Apple Watch, and the HomePod Mini. This works through the Find My app. 

Having the technology in the beta version of macOS makes it clear that Apple plans to add ultra-wideband support to future Macs at some point. 

It is possible to use Dropbox and OneDrive to back up files. 

Apple is getting rid of the kernel extensions that made it possible for Dropbox and OneDrive to be synchronised. It looks like both Dropbox and Microsoft are trying out a new way to do this. 

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New screen recording configurations 

Apple has came with a new way to use video conferencing programmes. ScreenCaptureKit will give the users more control over what people see when they watch a live video stream. By screen, programme, and window, the new software separates shareable content from the rest of these programmes and makes it easier to find. 

AirPods firmware upgrades through Mac 

Before, if you wanted to keep your AirPods up to date, you had to connect them to an iPhone or iPad at least once a month. This was because the developer gave the AirPods firmware updates through iOS and iPadOS. Now, you should be able to update the AirPod firmware through Mac OS 12.3. 

The last comments. 

Here are some of the new features and other changes in Monterey 12.3.

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