Best 5 Productivity Apps For Students In 2022

TechHow ToBest 5 Productivity Apps For Students In 2022

With the advent of social media and apps, students are losing out on their productivity. In addition, as the shift from traditional offline schools to online classes happened in the last two years, the world of educations has taken a hit. Of course, there have been benefits as more students got opportunities to attend a class. But overall, it has impacted students negatively.

We cannot neglect the advantages of technology and online classes, but we do have to find a way to reduce their negative impact. For example, a student can easily get distracted by notifications while attending online classes on their phone. Moreover, students use their smartphones more than anyone these days.

All their notes, assignments, and important messages are on their smartphone. Therefore, as a student, you need to find hacks to reduce distractions and increase productivity. Below, I have mentioned the five best apps that will help you achieve these goals.

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Productivity Apps For Students: Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro timer is a hidden gem in the ocean of productivity apps. The term Pomodoro originally came from Italy. Traditionally a Tomato in Italy was called a Pomodoro, and Francesco Cirillo derives this method. The Pomodoro method uses the concept of time blocking to do your tasks.

Best 5 Productivity Apps For Students In 2022

It can get extremely taxing to study for long hours and memorize notes as a student. The Pomodoro timer is a great way where you decide what to study and set your timer for twenty-five minutes.

In these twenty-five minutes, you study in the flow state, and when the timer rings, you can take a five or ten-minute break. This helps create an urgency for studying and pushes you to focus on one task at a time. After completing four such Pomodoros, called a set, you can take a long break of fifteen-twenty minutes.

In the long run, you can memorize better and study without burnout at the end of the day. In today’s world, the Pomodoro timer works as your digital partner where you can start the timer and study.

Productivity Apps For Students: Tasks

The most difficult part of a student’s life is to be able to study, memorize notes, give exams, finish assignments and practice extracurricular activities. In addition, they are always stressed about submissions and exams. Thus, trying to multi-task and finish everything on their plate.

As a result, they cannot give their hundred per cent at what they do and lose out on the little joys of life. The task is an app designed to help them prioritize their tasks and live life to the fullest.

Best 5 Productivity Apps For Students In 2022

Frequently, everything seems important and urgent. Of course, as humans, we want to get everything done, but that’s not practical daily. So there are some tasks which are urgent but not important. Similarly, some tasks are not urgent but are important.

Tasks are designed to segregate each task based on their urgency, importance, not urgent and not important. This creates a clear vision board that helps students focus on one thing at a time. Furthermore, they can stay clear in their heads and enjoy peace.

Productivity Apps For Students: Google Docs

Google has given enough free apps to increase your productivity both as a student and as a professional. Students have to collaborate on a number of projects and assignments regularly. Having one hard copy or soft copy and sharing it repeatedly for changes can be very time consuming.

Best 5 Productivity Apps For Students In 2022

Google doc is an extremely useful app that allows students to edit on a single page and make changes simultaneously. A group of people can use it to communicate and share ideas without waiting for a long time.

Productivity Apps For Students: Google Calendar

Another useful tool that is free to use for students is the Google Calendar. Almost every smartphone user has Google Calendar installed, but they don’t use it properly. This is because students have a hectic schedule, and their weeks and months are filled with exams and submissions.

Best 5 Productivity Apps For Students In 2022

Thus, when they add all their tasks on Google calendar for the whole month, it becomes easier to plan for the week and day. The calendar also gives a complete view of what their days will look like, which will give them the chance to plan accordingly.


As I mentioned before, students are always stressed, be it their submissions, exams, peers, or future. The tension, stress and anxiety can create havoc on their mental health, bringing down productivity and creativity.

Thus, if you are a student and juggling multiple assignments, submissions, and other aspects of your life, headspace is the best app. Even though it’s not a productivity app, it helps you become productive.

Best 5 Productivity Apps For Students In 2022

Furthermore, its affordable subscription fees will give you access to all its features like meditate, sleep, move, focus and wake up. So as you start using these, you will be able to de-clutter your mind and feel peaceful even in chaos.


These are the best five apps that I feel will be enough for any student, be it someone from junior high or at the university level. Productivity comes down to three things in a student’s life: staying organized, creating new habits, and focusing well. These are the keys to success in academics that every student desire.

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