How To Keep Video Calls Private?

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In 2021, we cannot imagine our lives without video conferencing apps. We switch to video calling for everything and anything. People spend more time talking to someone on a video call than in real life. Distance is not a problem for relations to thrive anymore. With Google Meet, Skype, Webex and Zoom, and many upcoming video conferencing app in the pipeline, we are sure of high productivity and consistent communication in our work and personal life.

However, just like everything in this world, video conferencing tool has its pros and cons. While the pros are pretty obvious and visible, the cons are less but threatening. Sometime back, the Zoom app was in the news for a bug that cropped up. It created a vulnerable loop for meetings that were not password-protected. So, anyone can anonymously snoop into meetings where the host did not invite them. Moreover, the app’s software led to a webcam hacking scandal that resulted in many new users losing their private information.

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Can you imagine what those people must have gone through after knowing their private video calls were not private anymore? It’s pretty similar to the case in Korea and China, where spy cams are secretly installed in motels, trial rooms, and bedrooms without the person’s permission to record their private activities. Scary, right?

It can be even life-threatening when a hacker or someone with the wrong intention snoops into your video calls. And they get your confidential information without your knowledge to use against you, your family or your company. Therefore, if you have been taking your video call privacy for granted so far, maybe its time you stop and think about it.

How To Keep Video Calls Private?

Restrict What You Share

I know it does not fit well here as you are waiting to read about the drastic measures we need to take. But before we do that, it is vital to take care of the basics. These are free of cost, and everybody can implement them. When we talk about restricting what we share, I am directly implying to not overshare during a video call. In most of our group calls, there are more than ten members at a go, and we come together to talk with a plan.

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And it often happens that we overshoot the time limit and go beyond that plan. We start talking about other things, including our personal life, peers and family. Moreover, some professionals may also take this opportunity to talk about self-serving agendas regarding other aspects of their company or employers. This can be a potential threat with severe consequences. So watch out and think ten times before you choose to speak about something in a video call.

End-To-End Encryption Along With Locking The Door

So firstly, when we are talking about end-to-end encryption of video calls, chats and phone calls, you can take it for granted that your conferences are secure. Whatever you discuss and share in the encryption process will appear as letters, codes, and random symbols to hackers. So even if there is a one per cent chance of someone hacking into your calls, they will not be able to retrieve any information, not even the app itself. Google Meet and Zoom are great examples of such apps.

Secondly, the next thing you must follow is locking the door. What do I mean by that? Locking the door for video conferencing is essentially ensuring that you are not leaving any loops for hackers and uninvited guests to enter your conferences. Keep your meeting invitations protected with a strong password and figure out an excellent way to share with the people you will invite to join. Avoid sharing links on your social media sites and other platforms where anyone can access them.

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Update Your Apps And Know Them Inside Out

We keep updating apps and the software they are running on to get the best version, features and security the developer can provide us. If we become lazy to update them and keep procrastinating, hackers will find bugs and loopholes to get our information without us ever finding out. Staying up to date with your video conferencing apps ensures that our system is protected from the latest viruses and bugs.

How To Keep Video Calls Private?

Explore your video conferencing app to the best of your capability. Check out tutorials and options in the Settings section, so you know your app best before hosting a meeting.

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Find out as much as you can about your video conferencing app by doing a great deal of research about it. Look for the latest updates, bugs, news and loopholes available. Check for more privacy settings, ways in which someone can record the meeting without your knowledge, etc. If you run an organization, you must stay alert and beef up the security as much as possible.

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