Which Is Better Google Meet Or Zoom?

TechWhich Is Better Google Meet Or Zoom?

People all over the world are talking about two software applications most of the time. Can you guess them? No, they are not Facebook and Instagram. But Google Meet and Zoom. Yes, both of these are video conferencing applications that have been the only means of communication for people from different walks of life during the lockdown.

Both Google Meet and Zoom have enabled homemakers, working professionals, students, religious groups, friends, families, and countries to connect, learn, collaborate and teach. However, if you still have not used them or have only used one of them, you should read this article.

Google Meet Vs Zoom: How To Choose?
Zoom vs Google Meet

And if your phone is facing storage capacity issues and you need to delete one of these, but have a hard time deciding which one, then this article will help you in the process.
We assure you that you will immediately know which one is best for you by the end of this article.

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Google Meet: Participants, Recording, Messaging Etc.

As the name suggests, Google Meet is the product of the tech giant Google launched in 2017. Everyone who has a Google account can access the Meet feature. Together with the rest of the Google features, it is called Google’s office suite. It can run on android, iOS, Mac, and Windows and allows a maximum of two hundred and fifty participants during a meeting.

It is extremely easy to use Google Meet. All you have to do is sign in to your Google account and install the Meet app on your phone. It already exists in Google suite on your laptop. If you want to enter a meeting, copy-paste the meeting link and click join.

Google Meet Vs Zoom: How To Choose?
Zoom vs Google Meet

To start your meeting, click on create meeting link and share it with your contacts. It is free to join. Of course, you can pay for its subscription to get the premium features.

While a meeting is on, you can send messages to everyone, share the screen and mute audio and video as convenient. If you have the subscription, you can also record the meeting and store it in your Google drive. One of the best things about Google Meet is that it is nicely synced with Google apps. You also get end-to-end encryption on this service.

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Zoom: Participants, Recording, Messaging Etc.

Zoom was launched way earlier than its competitor Google Meet, i.e., 2013. However, right after its launch, the app gained a user base of one billion, which reached a whopping 300 million users daily during the pandemic. The best part about using Zoom is that you can join it directly by clicking on the link sent to you by people. Like Google Meet, start a meeting on Zoom, click on the new meeting, and share the link created by the app.

Zoom also allows for screen sharing like Meet. But in this case, more than one user, can share their screen, and you can use it to broadcast information to all your participants. Thus, Zoom can accommodate as many as one thousand participants, far surpassing that of Meet’s mere two hundred and fifty. Moreover, Zoom also integrates well with Microsoft Office and other apps. However, Zoom had some issues regarding the security breach of its users during the pandemic.

Google Meet Vs Zoom: How To Choose?
Zoom Calls

And it was only after that and many people started using Google Meet more. However, Zoom also allows for great screen sharing in a way that does not showcase embarrassing windows.

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Therefore, both the video conferencing apps are neck to neck in terms of features and functionality. Let’s remind ourselves that here we are talking about the top two applications used worldwide. However, if you are someone who runs a business with over one thousand employees, then Zoom can be helpful to conduct meetings. The Google Meet has a personal touch, so a virtual get-together with family is perfect.

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