Get Up To Six Months Of Free Apple TV+ With Your PS5

NewsGet Up To Six Months Of Free Apple TV+ With Your PS5

The rise of OTT platforms like Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar gives tough competition to other platforms, namely Apple TV+. But, of course, when it comes to watching good content, till now, Netflix is ruling. Apple TV+ does not have enough shows, to begin with. But Ted Lasso did turn out to be an exceptional piece of content. One that even grabbed an Oscar for Apple.

Couldn’t you watch it? Ah, of course, the expensive subscription fee is just too much, especially in the pandemic. Somehow paying for even a basic subscription looks like an expensive and unnecessary expenditure as the world continues to recover from back-to-back lockdowns. But the breaking news will cheer you up in no time. If you own a new PS5, you can get a free Apple TV+ subscription for up to six months. Here’s how.

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How Can I Get Free Apple TV+ Subscription As A PS5 Owner?

If you are a brand new owner of a PS5, Apple is giving you a completely free subscription to the Apple TV+ for six months. You can redeem this offer from your dashboard directly, where the offer is valid till 22nd July 2022. However, only the citizens of the US and UK with a PS5 network can get access to this offer.

Get Up To Six Months Of Free Apple TV+ With Your PS5
Apple Shows

Moreover, if you are a new Apple TV+ customer and are watching content on your free subscription, the news gets better. You, too, can get access to this new deal. It means after you finish your first free trial, you can immediately move to this one. And therefore, extend your free trial period for a long time. Once the trial ends, Apple will charge you the usual monthly rates.

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How Can I Be Eligible For Apple TV+?

To get the free Apple TV+ services, you have to buy an Apple product. Anyone who buys an iPhone, iPad, iMac, or iPod gets one year of free streaming services from Apple TV+. The company steams originals with no ads whatsoever.

How To Claim The One Year Free Apple TV?

Get Up To Six Months Of Free Apple TV+ With Your PS5
Apple TV+

Check if your Apple device is running the latest iOS software. Within three months of setting up your new software, you have to claim free streaming services. Use your Apple ID to sign in and get one year of free Apple TV+. However, you have to make sure that you commit to paying the regular subscription fee after the free trial. Only then Apple lets you enjoy the free streams.

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What Is There On Apple TV?

Apple TV consists of ad-free streaming of movies and series and was first launched on 1st November 2019. Some popular series on Apple TV are Ted Lasso, Schmigadoon, Central Park, Physical, Home Before Dark, and Trying.

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Apple TV+ is an upcoming streaming service and is still growing if you compare it to more established platforms like Hulu. But the high-quality content is giving tough competition to other OTT platforms. Apple’s free services to PS5 owners could be a great technique to attract a larger audience and get them hooked.

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