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How To Unsend Messages On iPhone, iPad, And Mac

While we are in a rush, we send the message to the wrong person, sometimes we might make a typing mistake, or we might...
block websites on iPhone and iPad

How To Block Websites On iPhone And iPad

If you want to know how to block websites on your iPhone or iPad, it's likely that you've seen one you don't want to...
iPadOS 15 beta

How To Install iPadOS 15 Beta On Your Compatible iPad

iPadOS 15 beta has arrived, bringing with it new capabilities that require third-party developer involvement. As a result, the company is making developer betas...
memoji on iPhone

How To Use Memoji On Your iPhone Or iPad Pro In 2022

It will be good when you create anime and send your exact reactions through that anime emojis. You have this fantastic feature that Apple...
account recovery contact for your Apple ID

How To Set Up An Account Recovery Contact For Your Apple ID

At some point, everyone forgets their password. However, if you're an Apple customer, losing your Apple ID password can be a significant issue due...
Sidecar not working on Mac and iPad

Sidecar Not Working On Mac And iPad-Fixed

To what purpose does the Sidecar serve? A two-monitor setup is becoming more common in professional settings, and Apple made Sidecar to make it easier...
Record audio in iPhone and iPad

How To Record Audio On iPhone And iPad

Steve  Jobs, the CEO of Apple, made what is thought to be his best presentation ever when he announced the iPhone on January 9,...
Screen Mirror Your iPhone

How To Screen Mirror Your iPhone And iPad To TV

Screen Mirror Your iPhone There are times when the small screen of your iPhone or iPad isn't big enough to show off the videos, photos,...
Universal Control feature

How To Set Up And Use Universal Control Feature On Mac And iPad

In this article, we will explain how to set up and use the universal control feature on Mac and iPad Apple is known to bring...

How To Blur Your Background In FaceTime Calls

If you want to make a FaceTime video call but don't want to reveal an untidy room, this is how to blur your background...