Galaxy Watch5 Series Offers Advanced Skin Temperature-Based Cycle Tracking Feature

NewsGalaxy Watch5 Series Offers Advanced Skin Temperature-Based Cycle Tracking Feature
Galaxy Watch5 Series Offers Advanced Skin Temperature-Based Cycle Tracking Feature

As the only dominant electronic giant in the market, Samsung may appear to have little requirement to introduce new products. However, the company’s origins lie in home appliances, and over time it has successfully expanded into the smartphone and laptop markets. Recently, Samsung has been making waves in the smartwatch industry, although this was not always the case – in the early days, the company struggled to compete with its simple Gear wearable.

However, Samsung has since then become much better apt at creating high-quality watches, and this has paid off in the form of a sales spike for smartwatches in Q2 of 2022. This triumph can furthermore be attributed in part to the Galaxy Watch 5, which was released with a span of prevalent features and an alluring price point.

Samsung has recently integrated skin temperature-based measurement into the Cycle Tracking feature of its Galaxy Watch5 series. This latest addition proffers users a convenient way to gain deeper insights into their menstrual cycles and overall health. The feature is available in a total of 32 countries, including South Korea, the United States, and 30 regions across Europe, on both the Galaxy Watch5 Pro and the latest version of the Galaxy Watch5.

Hon Pak who is the Vice President as well as Head of MX Business’s Digital Health Team at Samsung Electronics talks about Samsung’s focus on holistic wellness, and how the addition of the infrared temperature sensor to the Galaxy Watch5 strengthens their approach. He emphasizes that Samsung’s sensor innovations provide in-depth health insights, giving users more control over their health.

Furthermore, Basal body temperature (BBT) varies by menstrual phase, and people are turning to temperature readings to assist them to forecast their next period. The measurement of Basal body temperature should be taken immediately upon waking and prior to any physical activity or exposure to external factors.

Nonetheless, obtaining precise BBT readings entails measuring it every morning right after waking up, which can be inconvenient and may occasionally slip one’s mind. This new feature from Samsung automates the process, making it more convenient and easier to use.

Cycle Tracking Feature and How you can Activate It

The Natural Cycles-powered Cycle Tracking feature on the Galaxy Watch5 series allows users to track changes in skin temperature, which is a reliable indication of basal body temperature, during sleep directly from their wrist. The infrared technology used by the watch ensures accurate readings, even under varying environmental conditions. This advanced feature assists users in tracking ovulation and predicting the onset of their next period.

To activate the feature, users must access the Samsung Health app, and after that select Cycle Tracking, then the user should add their latest cycle information to the calendar, and enable the option of “Predict period with skin temp” which you will find in the settings. The prior month’s readings are presented graphically in Cycle Tracking, exhibiting the user’s period, predicted ovulation, and fertile window. All data is encrypted and saved securely on the user’s device, giving them greater control over their data.

In addition, Cycle Tracking analyzes daily symptom logs and provides helpful tips and relevant information based on the entered symptoms. For example, it may recommend taking a day off to combat fatigue or gentle exercise to alleviate premenstrual pelvic pain. Furthermore, the Samsung Health app suggests useful content to help manage holistic health during menstrual cycles, such as guided meditation and stretching classes to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

Lastly, in addition to its targeted period tracking features, Samsung’s watches present a span of benefits that are specifically well-suited to women’s needs. For instance, the watches include features for skin care, weight loss, and stress management, making them a great all-in-one solution for those seeking to enhance their general health and wellness. Moreover, the watches arrive with a host of primary features such as an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a thermometer, and a lot more, ensuring that wearers have access to a wealth of useful data at all times.

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Tarim Zia
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