Samsung Electronics Shines With 80 Victories At IF Design Awards 2023

NewsSamsung Electronics Shines With 80 Victories At IF Design Awards 2023
Samsung Electronics Shines with 80 Victories at iF Design Awards 2023
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Samsung Electronics announced on Friday that its Bespoke Infinite line of built-in home appliances has acquired a coveted Gold Award at the International Forum aks iF Design Award 2023. This exceptional achievement counts to Samsung’s impressive enumeration of 80 awards, a record-breaking feat at this renowned German design competition.

The iF Design Award, initially founded in 1953 as Die Gute Industrieform e.V., is a prominent international design competition that conducts thorough evaluations across myriad categories. These categories contain an expansive span of areas such as Product, Packaging, Communication, Professional Concept, and Interior Architecture. Furthermore incorporates Architecture, Service Design, User Experience, and User Interface. The iF Design Award recognizes superior designs that stand out for their essence and impact in satisfying the essentials of consumers and society.

Additionally, the President and Head of the Corporate Design Center of Samsung Electronics, TM Roh showed his concern about the value of forming consequential experiences that align with the changing significances of customers and include ingenious technologies. Further, TM Roh communicated his unwavering affirmation to make meaningful contributions to the lives of customers and society at large. He emphasized that Samsung Electronics will continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to design products that go beyond expectations and cater to diverse needs.

Gold Award for Customized Design Catering to Diverse Lifestyles

Along with getting awarded 80 trophies at the iF Design Awards 2023, Samsung received a Gold award for Customized Design Catering to Diverse Lifestyles by exalting the vision of home appliances to further heights. The Bespoke Infinite Line by Samsung Electronics proposes a truly exceptional built-in look. With a selection of fridge, freezer, or wine cellar models to prefer from, this line boasts a timeless contemporary modular design that seamlessly blends into any interior, setting a unique benchmark in kitchen aesthetics.

Further, its sleek lines, meticulously crafted from high-quality natural materials, exude sophistication and elegance. While its innovative features for food storage bring unrivaled convenience to daily life. With a commitment to delivering long-lasting value. The Bespoke Infinite Line redefines the essence of exceptional home appliances. Thus, making it a statement piece in discerning consumers’ kitchens.

Samsung Earns 80 Awards From Product to UX Design at iF Design Awards 2023

Samsung Electronics attained an awe-inspiring feat at the iF Design Awards 2023 and acquires 80 awards in myriad sorts, varying from Product to UX. Their impressive performance attained them the exclusive glory of being the sole recipient of the highest accolade at the event. This notable triumph is a testament to Samsung’s unwavering adherence to design merit and innovation, solidifying its well-deserved recognition as a superior in the industry.

Samsung’s design excellence was widely recognized at the iF Design Awards, with multiple accolades in the Product category. This includes the Gold Award for the Bespoke Infinite Line, as well as recognition for the Odyssey Ark, a groundbreaking 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen. Further, there is the Bespoke Jet. It is an innovative cordless stick vacuum with an all-in-one Clean Station. And lastly, the Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke edition, a smartphone that provides users with an exclusive customization experience, authorizing them to design a device that truly reflects their individuality.

These exceptional creations showcase Samsung’s adherence to giving unique and cutting-edge products that exalt user experience and establish new norms in the industry.

Samsung’s commitment to accessibility is evident through two notable examples: the TV UX with Sign Language Guide and the virtual game Samsung Space Tycoon on Roblox. The TV UX includes an avatar-based Sign Language Guide that provides explanations of TV menus in sign language, making it more accessible for the deaf community.

On the other hand, Samsung Space Tycoon is an imaginative virtual space and management simulation game on the popular platform Roblox, where users can create and share ventures utilizing Samsung products. These creations furthermore have been accepted for their excellence in design at the prestigious iF Design Awards 2023, spotlighting Samsung’s allegiance to developing inclusive and attainable solutions for all users.

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