Samsung Collaborates With TOILETPAPER to Reveal Vibrant Bespoke Refrigerator Designs

NewsSamsung Collaborates With TOILETPAPER to Reveal Vibrant Bespoke Refrigerator Designs
Samsung Collaborates with TOILET PAPER to reveal vibrant Bespoke Refrigerator Designs

Samsung Electronics created quite a stir when they arrived at the Fuorisalone 2023, the biggest design and furniture fair in the world, on April 17. They stood out with their exhibit which centered around a theme for this year’s event, called “The Bespoke Life.” The aim was to showcase a way of living that was more environmentally conscious, connected, and tailored to individual needs.

A significant highlight of the exhibition was the pop-up area that Samsung worked on in collaboration with TOILETPAPER, the Italian creative studio brand. Together, they desired to exemplify how Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerators can conform to multifarious lifestyles, and their collaboration was all about bringing soul into mundane objects in new and exhilarating ways.

Samsung has been accomplishing well with their Bespoke refrigerator models, though they comprehend that simply having the most advanced technology isn’t always enough. That’s why they’ve decided to team up with TOILET PAPER to create a limited edition version of their Bespoke Refrigerator.

TOILETPAPER: The Creative Studio Behind Samsung’s Bespoke Limited Edition

When you hear the name ‘TOILET PAPER’, we understand that the first thing that comes to mind is probably the bathroom staple. However, the TOILETPAPER we’re talking about is a company with a fascinating backstory. Created in 2010, this enterprise is a magazine run by artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Since then, TOILETPAPER has augmented into a brand that produces products and furniture with a distinctive and unique design aesthetic. Their style is portrayed by the usage of bright colors and pop-art-inspired images, as seen in their most popular design, “Lipsticks,” which features arms holding lipstick tubes. This style has earned them a dedicated following among art enthusiasts all over the world.

According to TOILETPAPER Art Director Micol Talso, the company has forever been eager about applying pictures to mundane objects instead of confining them to museums or galleries. And that’s why they were delighted when Samsung approached them with the prospect to devise something for their Bespoke refrigerator panels. It was a potential for them to take on a fresh medium and challenge themselves creatively.

Further, the collaboration between Samsung and TOILETPAPER for the limited edition Bespoke Refrigerator design came to fruition because of the shared values between the two companies. TOILETPAPER’s design philosophy revolves around the idea of transforming mundane objects into something extraordinary, which perfectly complements the Bespoke refrigerators’ personalized appearance and user experience. These refrigerators are designed to cater to the user’s needs both on the exterior and interior, making them an ideal match for TOILETPAPER’s distinctive design aesthetic.

The Bespoke refrigerators’ front panels are available in four unique designs. The brands decided to personalize the panels by incorporating existing TOILETPAPER designs, including well-known and iconic images for instance, Lipsticks Roses with eyes as well as Magic Mirror and Dessert Lady. The result is a stunning and sophisticated collection of refrigerator panels that are distinguished by their vibrant use of color and original design.

Bespoke Refrigerator Designs in Vibrant Launch Events at TOILETPAPER Home

As part of Samsung’s Fuorisalone 2023 showcase, a sequence of special events took place to show the collaboration with TOILETPAPER, which included two interactive affairs hosted at TOILETPAPER Home. Apart from that, the Bespoke limited-edition refrigerator panel collection was seamlessly integrated into the space’s interior, impressing guests with its mix of functionality and artistic expression.

The events comprised a cooking show by Marco Assaggia and a “Fridge Party” for global media and influencers, both accompanied by music from famous DJs. The Bespoke refrigerator designs were integrated into the space’s interior, which left a lasting impression on guests, showcasing the combination of functionality and artistic manifestation.

Furthermore, guests can even view Samsung and TOILETPAPER’s new limited-edition panel designs at TOILETPAPER Living, a unique accommodation that will shortly be available for reservations. This impressive living space will propose guests with the possibility to encounter a comprehensive range of Bespoke home appliances.

The collaboration with TOILETPAPER, a brand that is comprehended for its captivating and unconventional designs, received high praise from Jinny Jung, Vice President of Samsung Electronics, who communicated her excitement at the partnership. She furthermore underlined that the collaboration aligns with Bespoke’s core mission of providing consumers with more alternatives that cater to their preferences, emphasizing the importance of offering unique designs that appeal to customers around the world.

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