How To Remove Zathura’s Title Bar On Mac?

TechHow ToHow To Remove Zathura's Title Bar On Mac?

Not many people know about Zathura, so here’s a brief guide to the software. For Apple users, Zathura is a document viewer that one can use to customize different aspects. It’s like one of your pdf readers only with highly accessible and customizable features. This feature is no doubt useful for some people but for me, it is an annoyance. It takes up a few pixels of additional screen space and I really don’t like it. The title bar of this software may pop up from nowhere and create havoc for some users.

If you choose to design your window without a Zathura title bar, you must remove it from the window. To remove the title bar, here is a step-by-step process to delete the title bar on mac.

How To Remove Zathura’s Title Bar?

Zathura does not have an option to make changes to its program. But you can follow these steps to remove the title bar from every window.

Step 1: You will have to change the access permission of a file or directory. Do this while opening Zathura.

Step 2: Enable the rights to read and write to the user.

Step 3: Disable the rest of the rights one can execute.

Step 4: Enable rights to only read and execute. Also, enable others to do the same even if they are not in the users’ group.

Follow these steps, and you will rid your mac system of unnecessary taskbars from Zathura.

How To Remove Zathura's Title Bar On Mac?
Zathura Document Reader

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Frequently Asked Question

Zathura is a reasonably new software application. Therefore we understand the en number of questions and doubts that will arise in a user’s mind. To help you get their clear answers as briefly as possible, we have gathered all the information below.

Does Zathura Work On Mac?

Yes, it works very well on mac operating system. To install and run Zathura on Mac, type zegervdv/Zathura and from there install the application. It has a lot of functions that you have to install separately. Moreover, if you want to download the poppler plug-in, install Zathura pdf poppler, and type a series of strings as you see below.

How To Remove Zathura's Title Bar On Mac?
Install Zathura

 What Is Zathura Linux?

Zathura Linux is a plug-in to view documents and pdfs in a much more space-saving and efficient manner. So you can do multiple changes and activities to a PDF-only with their keyboard shortcuts.

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How Can I Copy Text From Zathura?

You will be happy to know how easy the process of copying text from Zathura is. All you got to do is to select the lines, words, or paragraphs you want to copy, and that’s all. By default, they will be ready on your clipboard. Therefore, you can access it by clicking on the Ctrl+V shortcut on your keyboard.

Is Zathura A Third-Party App Or An In-built Software?

Zathura is a third-party application that reads documents and helps to edit them superficially. It is not in-built in any system, but you can use it on both Windows And macOS.

How Can I Use Zathura?

To use Zathura, a vim based document reader, follow these steps:

  1. Open a PDF, move it chronologically using your keyboard shortcuts like J, K, H, L, etc. You don’t need a mouse to use this tool. It is a highly minimalistic software which, if you use it correctly, can be very helpful.
  2. With ‘+’ and ‘-‘, you can zoom in and out and then click Equal if you want to go back to one hundred percent view of the page.
  3. Issuing commands to Zathura is easy. So, when you want to print a pdf, click on the colon, after which a little command line comes up, then you type and Enter to get the print to come out.
  4. Basic bindings like moving up and down, zooming in and out is easy. What’s even more accessible is many PDFs come with links. Moreover in Zathura, to select a link, you have to type F, and the link changes to a number, which you can click and go to the webpage.

You can use your mouse too for all of this, but knowing the keyboard shortcuts will help you a lot to get going on a busy schedule. If you want to learn more and see it in action, you can check out this tutorial video here.


Zathura is a vim-based minimalistic document reader. Here you get a lot of options like choosing the file format you want. So, you can use it without having to ever need a mouse. Furthermore, a keyboard is enough to access all its functions. Writing LaTex documents is more accessible with Zathura’s SYNCTEX support system.

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