New iPhone WiFi SSID Hack Is Now Considerably More Dangerous

GadgetsiPhonesNew iPhone WiFi SSID Hack Is Now Considerably More Dangerous

After reading this news, iPhone users will not look at public WiFi the same way. Why? Because the new iPhone is under threat from a new airborne virus. Yep, you heard that right. It’s an airborne virus, as mentioned by Gordon Kelly, tech contributor writer of Forbes. Kelly says that iPhone manufacturers are as popular in being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons just as they are for launching some of the awesome-looking gadgets on the planet.

ZecOps, a respected mobile security specialist, exposed this seemingly harmless threat to Gordon. In their research, they found out about a zero-click flaw in the 14.4 version of the iOS.

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What Is The WiFi SSID Hack Mentioned By ZecOps?

ZecOps mentioned that in Apple’s iOS 14.4 version, they had found a weakness. If neglected by the company, this weakness will prove to be a severe threat for not only Apple but also users of Apple worldwide. As per ZecOps, in the iOS 14.4 version, there is a zero-click flaw in the system. It means that this flaw on the part of the company makes iOS devices and macOS two kinds of threats. One is the denial of service or Dos, and the second is remote code execution or RCE.

New iPhone WiFi SSID Hack Is Now Considerably More Dangerous
iPhone OS

Gordon says the latter makes it more dangerous as it becomes the easiest way for hackers to break in. However, the CEO of ZecOps confirmed that Apple had fixed this issue in iOS 14.4. Nevertheless, using appropriate technical language, he said, some things like the format strings are still going to remain a vulnerability, which can escalate ways for development hackers.

Moreover, those are not as common as other classes of weaknesses, but that does not matter. He believes hackers don’t need much to hack your phone except for a good logic code, one class, and some good wishes. In the future, we will explore a lot of bugs and errors in iOS, which will be more threatening for Apple users.

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Why Is The iPhone SSID Hack Dangerous?

As per Gordon, iPhone users must stay away from signing into free public WiFi if they have the iOS 14.4 version. This is because hackers can easily tap into their operating system through WiFi and get access to their complete information. What’s worse is that the network security system cannot detect the airborne or WiFi Borne virus that Gordon talks about. It enters your phone through a unique route, making it impossible for your phone’s security system to detect this virus.

New iPhone WiFi SSID Hack Is Now Considerably More Dangerous
WiFi SSID Hack

This is a danger for the user whose phone is hacked and for all the iOS devices it shares a network with. For instance, if an employee uses public WiFi at the subway and his phone gets this virus, you can be hundred percent sure that his entire office’s iOS and Mac OS devices will be vulnerable to this virus by the following week. It can get the company’s entire data and confidential information out within minutes.

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What Did Apple Say On The WiFi SSID Hack?

Apple reported that they are currently working on the 14.7 version of the iOS. And in this one, all the bugs and potential weaknesses from the 14.2 version will be fixed. Furthermore, they are working on the beta version of the software, and the official version will be ready to download by next week.

New iPhone WiFi SSID Hack Is Now Considerably More Dangerous
iOS 14.7

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Humans face two sides of the same coin with the rapid advancement in technology, and we need to learn to balance it. For instance, Apple is busy developing better and beautiful looking software with the drive to top the world. But, contrary to this, if it focused more on making its pre-existing software safer and secure, it would do its users much favor.

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