Rumor: New MacBook Pros to feature UHS-II SD card slot, limited to 32GB RAM

PCMacRumor: New MacBook Pros to feature UHS-II SD card slot, limited to...

A new batch of rumors promises to reveal more information about Apple’s next Silicon MacBook Pro redesign. According to one of the trusted YouTubers, Luke Miani, the new MacBook Pros will have an SD card slot with undoubtedly high-speed UHS-II support. And an illuminated Touch ID button for the first time; however, 32GB of RAM may be limited.

Many elaborated on the rumors in a new YouTube video released today and reports on the Apple Track website. While it’s been widely speculated that the new MacBook Pros would reintroduce the SD card slot for the very first time since 2015, Miani goes even farther, claiming that the SD card slot will support UHS-II.

UHS-II delivers a significant speed jump compared to standard SD card slots, reaching up to 312mb/s. The design is backward compatible. Therefore UHS-I cards can also be used. Several firms, including SanDisk and others, have already developed powerful UHS-II SD cards. According to the video, the new MacBook Pros will have an illuminated and backlit Touch ID button for the first time. The rumor claims that the Touch ID button will be lighted by “several dedicated LEDs,” although the details are scarce. Finally, according to Miani, the next MacBook Pros may only have 32GB of RAM.

This is notable because it contradicts recent Bloomberg reporting that the new MacBook Pros would be configurable with up to 64GB of memory; thus, the assertion should be taken with a grain of salt. The current M1 Macs have a memory limit of 16GB. Unfortunately, Miani has a shaky track record when it comes to Apple speculations. He was largely accurate when he mentioned AirPods 3 would be out in May, but he was mistaken when he said Apple Music HiFi would be released on May 17/18. It remains to be seen whether or not these fresh rumors are true.

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Rumors about the M1X MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro lineup for 2021 is expected to include 14-inch and 16-inch screen sizes. There’s a chance that the next MacBook Pros may come with a mini-LED display, but that could alter due to a mini-LED display scarcity. The new MacBook Pro is believed to include an improved M-series chip, most likely dubbed M1x, with a 10-core CPU and 16-core or 32-core GPU, in addition to the display enhancements. According to some reports, Apple will ditch the TouchBar favoring a thinner, lighter, and flatter design language.

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The UHS-II SD Card Reader’s new data transfer speeds could be more than three times faster than standard SD card slots.

Apple will add a UHS-II SD card reader to the M1X MacBook Pro series, according to Luke Miani, a renowned YouTuber. The 14-inch and 16-inch variants may support data transmission speeds of up to 312MB/s, thanks to the new standard. These rates are three times faster than average SD card readers, and their 100MB/s limit may help content creators and creative workers avoid aggravation.

If M1X MacBook Pro buyers don’t want to utilize an SD card reader, both revamped laptops are expected to come with USB 4 connections that support the Thunderbolt standard, which means faster data transfer speeds. While many potential consumers will be pleased to learn that the following portable Macs will include an updated SD card reader, you must have an SD card that supports the same standard. If you don’t, your data transmission speeds will be slowed. Apple only introduced a UHS-II card reader once before, with the now-discontinued iMac Pro and the redesigned 27-inch iMac.

Apart from the new SD card reader, the M1X MacBook Pro models are expected to come without a Touch Bar but with an HDMI port, a MagSafe charging port, and mini-LED displays. According to a previously released report, major manufacturing would begin in Q3 2021, with the M1X MacBook Pro family arriving in the fourth quarter of that year.

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