Samsung Unveiled The New Neo QLED, MICRO LED, And Samsung OLED Lineups

NewsSamsung Unveiled The New Neo QLED, MICRO LED, And Samsung OLED Lineups

At CES 2023, Samsung revealed its new line of the Neo QLED, Micro LED, and Samsung OLED Lineups along with lifestyle products and accessories. You will experience considerably advanced and enhanced features of the products, providing better connectivity to its users. Samsung will come up with more user-friendly technology than ever before. Its broad range of products and services enables customers to create their own custom experiences with the gadgets they use in their daily lives. This year, Samsung took the initiative to bring progress and advancement to its ongoing mission. To make consumers’ life simpler by integrating many devices seamlessly throughout its whole ecosystem using the smart home platform SmartThings.

The EVP of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, Cheolgi Kim expressed how Samsung is progressing and pushing its innovative boundaries to provide consumers with more than just exceptional picture quality. They aim to deliver users a comprehensive device experience suited to what they desire out of their connected homes. With SmartThings, our advanced technology is seamless and intuitive, improving everyday life and making it more accessible, fun, and sustainable.

Samsung Unveiled The New Neo QLED, MICRO LED, and Samsung OLED Lineups
Samsung Unveiled The New Neo QLED, MICRO LED, And Samsung OLED Lineups

Samsung Neo QLED

The Samsung Neo QLEDs provide more than just a clean image with their high-resolution screen and unique technology. This is due to the new Auto HDR Remastering feature. To give complete immersion, it uses AI deep learning technology to analyze and apply High Dynamic Range (HDR) effects in real-time on a scene-by-scene basis to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR), making the content brighter and richer.

Customers can select from a broad range of high-end Neo QLED 8K and 4K televisions from Samsung’s most recent collection. Samsung’s cutting-edge Neural Quantum Processor supports the Quantum Mini LED-lit TV with 14-bit processing and AI upscaling. These are the element that makes the Neo QLED picture quality a life-like effect and richness. The processor also allows features like Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro for a three-dimensional, photorealistic image.

Samsung products will come with the SmartThings Zigbee & Matter Thread One-Chip Module. This will eliminate the requirement for users of the SmartThings platform to acquire a separate SmartThings dongle to connect and manage devices. SmartThings automatically syncs devices for simpler operation for not just Samsung devices but also third-party appliances and IoT devices so you can enjoy a seamless and ultimate connected device experience.

Some more features include:

  • Users can quickly join a live chat group to share ideas and reply directly.
  • It is easier to take video calls from connected devices with the ConnectTime feature.
  • Users can get a bird’s eye view of their house and all of their SmartThings devices using Samsung’s 3D Map View.
Samsung Unveiled The New Neo QLED, MICRO LED, And Samsung OLED Lineups

Advancing MICRO LED and Samsung OLED with More Viewing Options

In the most recent MICRO LED series, consumers get a wide range of options for outstanding picture quality and screen experience. These models come in sizes between 50 and 140 inches. Due to its modular design, the MICRO LED is customizable to meet a customer’s desired setup. Because, there are no limits to its shape, ratio, or size. Besides that, it comes without bezels, so no matter the configuration, the barrier between the screen and the outside world is seamless.

Samsung’s most recent OLED lineup has Quantum Dot technology, developed for the Neo QLEDs formerly. It also has Neural Quantum Processors to maintain the core benefits of OLED technology. While simultaneously improving its brightness and color illustration. Samsung’s 2023 OLED line brought a wide range of models, which include 55, 65, and the new ultra-large 77-inch versions, to provide consumers with more viewing options.

Additionally, Samsung features a 144Hz refresh rate along with all of its smart features, such as the Samsung Gaming Hub. The best OLED gaming experience is provided by Samsung OLED TVs, which have AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro certification for the first time on an OLED TV.

Along with that, Samsung offers Samsung TV Plus in all of its Smart TV models to increase viewing options. The company’s free ad-supported TV (FAST) and video-on-demand service reach 24 countries and 465 million devices worldwide, offering over 1,800 channels, including over 50 privately owned and operated channels. It doesn’t require any downloads, subscriptions, or other devices and is completely free.

About Samsung Gaming Hub

Samsung Gaming Hub provides exceptional picture quality with multitasking, expanded partnerships, 4K streaming, and a completely new way to play games. Even watching numerous types of content simultaneously is possible for players.

This year comes with the latest advancements and updates to enhance the gaming experience. The Upgrades for GameBar 3.0 with MiniMap Sharing3 and Virtual Aim Point will improve the gaming experience for all players. The  While Virtual Aim Point, created for first-person shooters (FPS), allows players to view more apparent markers in any game so they can make the ideal shot. Meanwhile,  MiniMap Sharing enables players to check out the minimap of their game at-a-glance on any screen.

Lifestyle Products and Features

The needs of people’s lifestyles are rapidly changing. For that reason, Samsung has revealed a new lifestyle product line and features to take the user experience to a new level and to provide users with the ability to personalize how they view and interact with devices.

The Premiere 8K, a new model of Samsung’s laser projector, is now available. An 8K model has been added to the lineup of ultra-short throw projectors, providing customers with the same ultra-large screen in even better quality. It allows screens up to 150 inches, giving users a huge display with excellent resolution.

Freestyle is a device that will enable users to watch everything they want, anywhere they want. It is the most adaptable gadget available. Users will be able to use two of the devices and watch content in a 21:9 configuration with the new Smart EDGE Blending feature, which eliminates the need for manual alignment or adjustment. The latest Freestyle will also feature Samsung Gaming Hub for even more entertainment.

Last but not least, Samsung is launching a revamped version of its Samsung Art Store. It will simulate the experience of visiting a gallery or museum with features like previews at-a-glance and extended content preferences. A metal bezel option is also new, giving the frame a sleek and elegant appearance. The optional Auto Rotating Wall Mount & Stand for Samsung’s most recent TV models allows the automatic rotation and vertical media-watching experience of The Sero to other TVs like The Frame and Neo QLEDs.

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