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iPhone 14 Pro Max: Apps Keeps Freezing Issue

Hassle Free Transfer eSIM Between Apple iPhones Running iOS 16

In this guide, we have described the Ways to transfer eSIM between iPhones with ios16.In conjunction with WWDC 2022, Apple revealed iOS 16,...
iOS 15 Notifications silenced

How To Downgrade From iOS 16 To iOS 15 Without Losing Data

iOS 16 has a lot of cool features that iPhone users have been asking for for a long time. It was announced at WWDC...
iOS 16 Not Connecting To Apple CarPlay

How Customizing iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 16 Is Different From Other Versions

Are you bored of having the same lock screen with a simple wallpaper or with the same boring fonts in iOS15? Apple has introduced...
iOS 16 Not Connecting To Apple CarPlay

iOS 16 Rumors And Release Date !

Hello everyone! iOS 16 is on the way. While not yet at full throttle, the buzz and anticipation around iOS 16 are developing. If...