What Is The New Apple Self-Service Repair?

NewsWhat Is The New Apple Self-Service Repair?

Recently Apple announced its latest self-service repair program, which will roll out in 2022. It will debut in the United States first and then be made available to the rest of the world by 2023. This is the first time in the company’s history that Apple is allowing its customers to repair their idevices.

To that end, the tech company will send original Apple parts to customers whose devices are damaged. They will begin with the latest iPhone 12 and 13, thereby moving to the M1 Macs in 2022.

As of now, they have not mentioned the same for iPad and iPod. It’s massive news for the Apple community, who have been loyal to the brand for all these years.

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What Is The Apple Self-Service Repair Program?

In their press release Apple said that under the self-service repair program, Apple will let their customers fix issues in their idevices. Comfortable customers keen on repairing their devices on their own can reach out to the company and get access to the original parts they are looking to fix.

Is The New Apple Self-Service Repair Beneficial For You?

Usually, the most damage-prone parts are the battery, display and camera. Thus, initially, Apple will allow users genuine Apple display, battery and camera. They will first make it available for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and will later move to the older iPhones. Moreover, later in 2022, they will also make it available for macs with an M1 chip.

Apple to date has close to five thousand authorized service centers, but now they are expanding. The company is collaborating with two thousand and eight hundred independent repair service centers to make it easier for their customers.

Moreover, they will also send genuine Apple parts to these independent service centers and allow them to fix their devices.

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Why Is The Apple Self-Service Repair A Big News?

Apple wants to fully support its customers through the repairing process by releasing a repair manual. Furthermore, they will also be providing over two hundred tools and parts so that customers can repair minor damages all by themselves. And they can do it by following the repair manual.

This is big news because Apple is a tech giant that keeps its devices, tools and techniques secretive. For them to take this step in offering original spare parts, tools and repair manual has never been heard before, nor did anyone see it coming.

Kyle Wiens, founder and CEO of iFixit, tweeted about it while narrating his own experience. He says that back in 2003 when he wanted to fix his clamshell iBook and looked up sites on the internet for a repair guide. Unfortunately, all the sites that contained a service manual were taken down due to DMCA.

The same company in 2021 is sending a free repair manual to its customers with no strings attached?! Moreover, customers who order a new spare part can send their old broken displays, camera and batteries back to Apple.

In exchange, the company will give them credit or a discount on their purchase. In addition, they suggest that if customers are not sure how to fix the parts on their own, they must contact the service center.

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How Does The Apple Self-Service Repair Benefit You?

From Apple’s press release, it looks like a good thing as customers are frustrated with chasing repair shops. There are two strong reasons why this is beneficial for you as a customer. First, you will get the original parts of your iPhone directly from the manufacturer.

This was not really the case so far because most independent service centers try to sell fake spare parts and charge crazy amounts of money. Secondly, if you learn to repair your iPhone following the manual, you will save a lot of money.

Is The New Apple Self-Service Repair Beneficial For You?

In addition, if you send your damaged part back to Apple and they authorize it as legit, you will get credit.

Why Is Apple Offering This Program Now?

Apple has been notorious for pricing its products beyond a common person’s capacity. In 2021, there are a few reasons why I feel Apple is providing self-service repair to its customers. First, through this program, Apple will be able to follow the 2021 bill, which is right to repair.

Second, by making original parts available to customers, they are combating the high rates in the black market. Thirdly, by sending a repair manual and two hundred plus tools, it will gain the trust of its customers and customers of their competitors.


Overall, the self-service repair program by Apple is a win-win situation for both the company and its customers. While customers can heave a sigh of relief, Apple will be gaining both the trust of the masses as well as increased profits.

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