Windows 11: What’s New In Upcoming Windows Version?

NewsWindows 11: What’s New In Upcoming Windows Version?

In a recent interview with Wall Street Journal, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said, “There is no innovations that is risk-free and let’s say that and boldly go forward.” While he may have said that to defend the massive fail with Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest upgrade to Windows is grabbing eyeballs for some strong reasons. Over three decades, Microsoft has been a part of our lives, and since its inception, as users, we have not been very disappointed, are we?

Windows 11 has a host of features that make it one of the world’s best and most powerful software right now. Competing against the sharks in the software industry like Google Chrome and Apple IOS, Microsoft is putting its bold foot forward. 

2021 has some great news for computer users who struggle with their slow processing system, waste time finding the necessary software tools, and attaching many cables and wires to set up their home workspace. Check out the staggering updates and features that will soon make your life a whole lot easier.

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Top 3 Windows 11’s New Updates That Conquered The User-Experience Market

Windows 11 has taken the digital world by storm with its mind-boggling updates. From a high-quality display for gamers to a sleek one-touch interface, users will surely leave their beloved MacBook behind. We explore the three primary areas where Windows 11 has played a winning streak in this new decade.

#1. The Trouble Free Modern User-Interface

Far from trouble, the brand new Windows 11 will transform the way you see your laptop. No need to envy that friend who shows off his Mac, as the new Windows update is going head to head with every new processing software out there. You will find a list of features below with detailed explanations about their distinctiveness.

  • Icons & Start Button: As you switch on your laptop, the first striking upgrades you will see are the Icons and start button position. Traditionally, Microsoft always had its start button on the left side of the screen since the 1990s. Borrowing Apple’s idea of keeping the icons at the center, Windows brings a new twist to its original blueprint of the desktop.
    Icons and Start Button windows11
    Icons and Start Button windows11

    As mentioned by Nadella himself, the new version of Windows is all about ‎‎’you’. Microsoft wants to make its software better, efficient and easy to access for its users. That way, you will be able to access your files, projects, apps quickly, connect to people that matter to you without friction and save time in the process. Not only does it help you with your daily online chores, but it also gives you a Mac feel.And don’t worry if you don’t like the Task Bar icons at the center. Keeping your nostalgia and comfort in mind, Microsoft allows you to change the positions back to the left side of the screen. All you have to do is go to the Settings option, then Personalization and change the Start Button position.

  •  Widgets: In its new update, you can have a glance at the information you care about. Just one click, and you will have the widgets screen pop up right in front of you. Yes, it was there in the previous versions, but now it’s customized to your taste. No need to spend hours blocking away all the useless pop-ups and news that are irrelevant. Your system will do it for you.

    Widgets In Windows11
    Widgets In Windows11 – Source
  • Maximize Button: On clicking on the display icon, you will get a screen of layouts to choose from. Depending on the size of your screen, you can select any of the layouts and continue with your tasks. It is extremely helpful in managing your tasks as you no longer have to go from one place to another, wasting precious minutes. Further, it also helps you place your screen side by side or upper and lower sides when working on two or more tabs.

    Maximize Button in Windows11
    Maximize Button in Windows11
  • One-Touch Screen: It’s finally time for us to step into the future of technology. After smartphones, tablets and smart watches, Windows 11 unfolds a new dimension where we can control our monitors with just one touch. Snap between your tasks and different apps on the platform without any hassle. Unlike Apple keyboard’s touch screen bar which one rarely uses, the Windows touch screen feature does more than its aesthetics show. This new version is more touch friendly and focuses on latest technology to offer you an amazing experience with your touch enabled devices like surface, tablet, screen or monitor that supports multi-touch also making the use of pen easier.

    Touch Friendly Windows 11
    Touch Friendly Windows 11 – Source
  • Teams: A Windows video conferencing tool that enables you and the people in your network to have a team meeting, chat, video call, celebrations and studies without any friction. It seamlessly integrates with your hardware or the hardware of the device of the person you’re engaged in a video call with.
  • Universal Mute Button: One of the pandemic-driven features Microsoft gave us with the Windows 11 is the Universal mute button. As the name suggests, you can mute yourself with one click in whichever app you’re video conferencing in. Given the times we are in, this feature will save us embarrassing moments and the unnecessary hassle of digging into the app setting and looking for the unmute button.
  • Gaming: The future of gaming is here! With superior quality graphics and high-power sound, the Windows 11 update is revolutionizing the gaming industry. Becoming a gamer is all the more fun and exciting as this update comes with Auto HDR that instantly increases the quality of gaming. You can choose from an unending list of high-rated games from the store, with just a small monthly subscription fee.
    New gaming experience - Source
    Another benefit while gaming in Windows 11 is the high speed you get with no extra effort from the gamer or developer. You can play any new game with no lag and great controls. Moreover, Direct storage from Xbox is coming to Windows 11, which means now you can download thousands of games from the Xbox app, which you could never do before.
  • Visuals & Efficiency: Besides the all-new features and upgrades, the most important one is the screen look. The new Windows 11 looks nothing like the age-old version of Microsoft that was least bit appealing to the eyes. The new software gives us soft visuals, curve corners and six different themes to choose from. One of them is the dark theme which is the most desirable among young Windows users. Pop up, and tabs open like a sheet of glass, clean and organized – designed specifically to increase productivity and focus.

    Dark Mode in Windows11
    Dark Mode in Windows11

#2. The All-New Microsoft Store With Amazon Partnership

All these years, especially since Windows 10 is in use, as users, we have lost out on many perks and benefits. But the new upgrade is here to compensate for all of that. This is an era of collaboration, and this is what Windows 11 is aiming for too. Employers at Microsoft have joined hands with the Amazon marketplace, which means now you can access all the android applications available. You can choose from Adobe to create meaningful illustrations and videos to make TikTok videos in no time. The perfect amalgamation of Intel processors enables any application from different kinds of platforms to run on Windows 11.

The New Microsoft Store
The New Microsoft Store – Source –

From a PWP or a web app and native app – you can run all of them without any glitch or technical error. Microsoft has lived the line “Transcending all boundaries” by making a universal platform and befriending all applications regardless of competition.

To enable this feature, go to the Microsoft Store, search, find an application you want, and automatically link to the Amazon App store.

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#3. Fresh Approach Towards Versatility And Collaboration

In all these years, Apple and Chrome have been rigid and closed its doors to allow any device different from theirs to run their software. Therefore, their exclusivity makes them a tough and last choice for many users. Windows have solved this problem by becoming inclusive in its approach and embracing different types of devices. In Satya Nadella’s own words, Windows 11 will bridge the gap between ecosystems and enable users to have a fluid digital experience.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams – Image Source –

In simple terms, Windows 11 have its own video conferencing tool (Teams) for connecting at the workplace. But at the same time, it welcomes applications like Zoom and Slack to run smoothly on its operating system and be at their best. The Intel processor helps in integrating different kinds of apps and devices with Windows 11. It gives you complete freedom to choose your device and enjoy a well-integrated ecosystem that does not get affected for whatsoever reason.

When Will Microsoft Release Windows 11?

As per the news, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 11 officially into the world during the Holiday season, which is at the end of 2021. While some say it might come out earlier in October, the company’s exact date is yet to be announced.

Can I Get A Glimpse Of Windows 11?

Users currently using a high-end Windows laptop with Windows 10 working perfectly can try out the new upgrade free of cost. To do so, you can go to the Microsoft Windows Partner Program and install the free upgrade. It is a preview of what the actual software will be like, so you can try it out if your computer supports it.

Will Windows 11 Download And Run On My Computer?

Earlier, Microsoft suggested that its users download an app from its app store called – PC Health Check App. It shows the details of your PC’s capacity and if it’s eligible to run the new software. Users claimed that it did not show accurate information and is misleading. Therefore Microsoft pulled it back from the app store and informed in their blog post released on June 28th that they will soon add it back. By then, it will not only help figure out if your PC is the right fit but also give you step-by-step information on how to use the app correctly for future reference.

What Are The System Requirements To Download Windows 11?

As per brief information on the official website of the company, a PC must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 1 GHz 64-bit microprocessor on a chip
  • 4 GB Ram
  • Minimum 64 GB storage
  • UEFI or any secure boot cable
  • Version 2.0 of Trusted platform module
  • DirectX 12 compatible graphics
  • Minimum 9 inches display
  • HD Resolution
  • Strong internet connection with Microsoft account
How Will I Get Access To Windows 11 After Its Release?

If you have a system that supports Windows 10, you will receive the Windows 11 update delivered through the same channels without any additional hardware. It is also available for all sorts of new devices that can support Windows 11. For organizations and individuals working with the previous version of the software, you will receive it as an upgrade in the Windows Update in Settings.

You do not need any license to upgrade to Windows 11, and it will run on all devices that allow Windows 10 to run.

What Is The Step By Step Method To Download Windows 11 After Its Release?

You can download Windows 11 by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings and click Update and Security
  • Next, click on Windows Update and check for updates.
  • Click on Feature update on Windows 11.
  • Finally, click on Download and Install.

Upgrade your life to the next level by getting this software. Windows 11 is free for all users at no hidden charges or taxes. A fine quality user interface glides smoothly at the touch of your fingers and allows you to write, touch, click, voice record and type. Whether you are a coder or artist, Windows 11 will make your digital life seamless.

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