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Microsoft Reveals- How Windows 7 Users Can Upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 11 will be released next week, and a leaked version of the operating system is already making the rounds on the internet, indicating what’s in store. So far, we know that the ostensibly “new” Windows OS receives cosmetic upgrades while maintaining Windows 10’s basic performance. As a result, you may be asking if Windows 11 is a free upgrade from Windows 10. The latest news from Windows 11 has provided us some insight into how customers on older versions of Windows will be able to update. It appears that Microsoft will give Windows 11 away for free to Windows 10 customers, as planned. Users of Windows 8.1 and even Windows 7 may be eligible for a free upgrade to the new operating system.

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Windows survey highlights:

  • Windows 7 customers are ecstatic about the new operating system, with 65 percent eager to upgrade.
  • Microsoft is expected to release a full, standalone version of Windows by a third of users.
  • A quick interface and a redesign are top priorities for half of the re\]laders questioned.
  • The danger of losing data while updating is a major concern, with 9 percent of customers hesitating to upgrade because of it.
  • Windows 11 is expected to boost sales, with 8% of customers likely to buy a new device to upgrade.

This strategy was launched by Microsoft with the release of Windows 10. It is available as a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The truth is that Microsoft didn’t want to develop another Windows XP after the popularity of Windows 7. For most customers, having a free update for Windows 10 ensured a smooth upgrade. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is currently installed on over 1.3 billion devices. The business now wants to make sure that this large number of users migrates to Windows 11.

The newest version of Microsoft’s operating system features some interesting architectural changes. The centered taskbar is one of the most noticeable improvements, but the start menu also receives a makeover. Microsoft also updated the Shell to include more modern icons. These icons feature slight 3D finishes, which is a significant departure from Windows 10’s all-flat look. It’s worth mentioning that Windows 11 appears to be borrowing a lot of the design ideas from the now-defunct Windows 10X.

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Users might be able to get Windows 11 for free.

XDA members have discovered some product configuration keys for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. While the codes do not confirm anything, they do hint that users of these older versions of Windows will receive Windows 11 for free. For users of these operating systems, the free upgrade to Windows 10 had long ago ended. So, why would Microsoft do that with Windows 11 after ending the free upgrade offer for Windows 7 users a few years ago? According to Stat counter market research, Windows 7 is the world’s second most popular Windows operating system, with a 15.52 percent market share. Windows 7 is used by a significant number of people. Microsoft wants to convert this group to Windows 11 so that it can sell them on its modern services.

The deal is also expected to be extended to Windows 8.1 users, while Windows 8 users are believed to be left out. As a result, it appears that users of Windows 8 will have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 first in order to receive the free upgrade. The majority of these old Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users appear to be corporate PC users who are under the supervision of organizations. Windows 10 comes pre-installed on modern computers, while older machines received it as a free update shortly after its release. Microsoft will officially unveil Windows 11 on June 24. Meanwhile, if you come across the Windows 11 ISO file, we strongly advise you not to install it in order to protect your data.

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