10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

Entertainment10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

Filipino movies and tv shows are extremely underrated especially if they are sandwiched with big and enormous shows on the international scene. But, it does not mean that movies and shows in the Philippines are absolutely boring or non-watchable, a matter of fact with their changing qualities as the years go by, they can absolutely compete with some movies internationally; in specific genres. If you are interested in watching Filipino movies and TV shows, dive deep into this article as we will list the ten (10) most popular Filipino movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix.

10 Popular Filipino Movies and TV Shows On Netflix

Netflix is one of the biggest television streaming service platforms in the world, so for movies and TV shows from your country to be put there actually already speaks volumes about the quality of the film or tv show. We have here a list of popular movies and tv shows from the Philippines that you can stream on Netflix (in no particular ranking):

#1. Trese

Trese is one of the Philippines’ pride because it is the first internationally produced Filipino animated series, and it was streamed on Netflix! Trese follows the story of a young woman named Alexandra Trese who fights for peace in the country against dr supernatural forces in the injustice world. It has only 1 season that consists of 6 episodes. This Mystery, Crime, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi animation is perfect for those anime (Japan animated series/films) lovers who seek new and unique animated series!

Trese, filipino series on Netflix

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#2. Four Sisters And A Wedding

This Filipino family comedy-drama movie was loved by many Filipinos and some overseas citizens when it was put on Netflix. This movie is good for family bonding night if you want to laugh your heart out and cry at the same time. This film was so popular it even has parodies with the most famous “confrontation scene”. Released on 2013, this movie still has an impact in the Philippines that it even become a popular culture, with the famous lines used as memes (entertainment pictures/videos). It follows the story of four sisters with a younger brother who’s going to be married to a woman they don’t like, also the relationship of the family will also be tested and confronted.

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

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#3. Birdshot

This award-winning Filipino coming-of-age mystery, thriller film, was one of the Philippines’ high-caliber films. It is a film by one of the Philippines’ pride— Mikhail Red and has won best picture at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival. The suspense in this movie was delivered so well in a subtle manner, also you can guarantee the quality as it is intricate and eerily beautiful. It follows the story of a young Filipina named Maya, who ventures outside the boundaries of government property, the Philippine reservation forest. If you are looking for a film with a lot of Implicit meanings, then this film is what you are looking for.

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

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#4. Eerie

Filipino horror movies are sometimes not properly executed, but not Eerie. This popular horror movie scared many people because of its eerie quality and powerful plot and twist! Eerie is another film by the brilliant Mikhail Red, which follows the story of a guidance counselor at an all-girls school who seeks the mystery of the gruesome death of one of the students.

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

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#5. 2 Good 2 Be True

2 Good 2 Be True is a Philippine drama, romantic, and comedy series starring the Philippine’s phenomenal love team and real-life couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. This series has only one season consisting of 130 episodes and will take you on an emotional roller coaster love of familial love, romance, and drama.

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

#6. Doll House

Doll House is a drama film starring Baron Geisler who portrays Rustin a musician that is very troubled about himself and his future. The plot goes a little, One of his bandmates dies, and Rustin (Baron Geisler) has thought of his life as very empty and not fulfilling. As he always wanted to redeem himself; he went back to a place where he should be able to meet with his ex-wife but the case as she was already dead and realized she left seeds (his daughter) being cared for by a sister and a friend. Rustin took this chance to change, be better, and re-lighting a long-lost relationship with his daughter.

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

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#7. Buybust

BuyBust is an action x thriller film from 2018 and another Mikhail Red film. Heavily criticized film when it comes to the actions and handling of the camera. A lot of shots in this movie could have been greater, but just a warning; if flashing lights and shaky camera aren’t your things—then this movie should not exist on your “to-watch” list. For the story it is full and rich in action, it is about a person who got her squad slaughtered in a drug raid and the main character Anne Curtis (aka Nina Manigan) in the film, is ready to avenge her teammates by going head-to-head with the drug cartels. All set in the Manila Slums.

10 Popular Filipino Movies and TV Shows On Netflix

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#8. Hello, Love, Goodbye

One of the most overhyped movies of 2019. It is a romantic drama film produced by Philippines. Starring 2 of the most popular people in the acting industry (as of the year this was shot and created) Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards. Kathryn in this movie is known as Joy who’s a millennial, a graduate of nursing, and is working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong; while she is doing great, she really wanted to leave the city for a better life and opportunities; though while having this on thought—she met Alden Richards (Ethan, in the film) and developed a close friendship—the main problem that’s happening in their friendship would be, they would fall and at some point, Joy would want to leave but is having a hard time thinking for one would rather stay in Hong Kong. It is a great movie, and I would not like to spoil the fun of how and what decision would Joy make. Enjoy watching!

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

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#9. Just a Stranger

Another film in this list is being starred no other than Anne Curtis. This erotic romantic drama is in short about a woman falling for someone half of her age, and what makes this even more interesting is that they both already have a significant someone. Basically, Mae (Anne Curtis) is a married woman, married to Phil. One day Mae was in Portugal and was doing her own things when a man named Jericho approached her and basically offered what was missing in her life, and that is intimacy. There’s a lot of backlash in this film, but if you like typical Filipino movies with erotic scenes and a good amount of romantic drama then this is a movie for you.

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

#10. The House Arrest Of Us

Starring arguably the most popular couple in the acting industry in the Philippines; KathNiel or Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. This series claims the top trending spot on many streaming services at the time. A romantic comedy television series about an engaged couple that got themselves locked in a single house with both sides of the family. Just imagine how crazy it is in there! Interesting thing is that; this film was actually required to be shot in a house for the “Enhanced Community Quarantine” is not only something for the film; but it actually happened around the same time this series is being shot. Some reviews about the film would be that the jokes are great, not boring, no dead airs and it is a professionally created sitcom for a series. Though some backlash would be it felt a little typical or plain at times for there is no proper climaxes. But it is up to you viewer!

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

There are films considered pop culture or a rise in the quality of Philippine cinema. You can all find this on Netflix, so what are you waiting for? Stream Filipino movies and TV shows now!

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