12 Best Apps That Really Helps In Making Videos

TechTips & Tricks12 Best Apps That Really Helps In Making Videos

In the age of Social Media and content, there is a boom in video content consumption. This is leading to the rise of video content creators and social media influencers, with various media available like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc; For this reason, almost everyone who is in the marketing or creative content fields must learn the art of making and editing videos. With the software revolution, this is an easy task to do so. There are many available applications and tools on the web. Here are the 12 best Apps to make videos.

We will take an overview of these apps for effective and easy video making.

1# Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a world-class software that’s a global leader in terms of Creating and Editing Videos. Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Frame.io are just a few of the programs and services that Premiere Pro integrates with without any issues. Start off with tens of thousands of artistic resources and numerous third-party extensions. You can seamlessly tap into the Adobe Creative Cloud and make your magic. There are so many features and tools available in the app. Synchronized editing, great effects, and edgy software integration are possible in the app.

best apps to make video


2# Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s storytelling software that lets you create professional videos of cinematic standards. With great upgrades, professional tools, and powerful apple features and plug-ins, you can access and unleash pro performance with your videos. It is optimized for Apple chips and processing and built to enable extreme performance and velocity. Final Cut Pro includes end-to-end advanced and cinematic features and a stunning range of visual elements and effects.

best apps to make video


3# Quik

Quik is a video editing tool specially designed for Go Pro users. You can access and modify all your best shots in one place with regard to the Go Pro footage. With unlimited cloud backup, you can import any photos and videos and go create quick clips. There are many features and tools in the Quik app that lets you instantly create videos very fast. Quik allows you to seamlessly post and share these edited clips to your social media accounts or store them in the GoPro Cloud.

best apps to make video


4# iMovie

You can explore the iMovie on Apple and Mac devices to utilize the magic of creating videos. iMovie lets your imagination be free and creativity be unleashed with cinema-class storytelling. Cut, edit, merge, filter, shift, and export clips with many audio and visual effects. As their tagline says it all – Turn your videos into movie magic. You can even work with green screen backdrops and video clips very easily and integrate them into the final cuts.

best apps to make video


5# Filmora

Filmora by Wondershare is a creative video editing platform that lets you achieve more and enhance your storytelling skills. It also enables community and growth together with awesome features. It has multiple features relating to editing, effects, audio, and Color. A few features include GIF support, noise removal, color tuning, advanced text editor, audio mixer, video stabilization, scene detection, and an audio equalizer. 4K editing support is also available for this application.

12 Best Apps to Make Videos


6# Vimeo

Vimeo Create allows video content creators to easily make videos and customize them. One can make stunning videos within no time as compared to traditional application services. This allows you to create videos within a few minutes, as compared to long-standing hours of processing and edits in others. There are many video templates available readily, and then to choose a theme and story. Later you can go ahead and make polished video clips and share them across the globe. You can access all the content in a single place. You can set ratios, palettes, styles, music, and effects.

12 Best Apps to Make Videos

Let’s go ahead with the rest of the 12 best apps to make videos.

7# KineMaster

A great advantage of Kinemaster is that it’s mainly mobile-based for iOS and Android. All you need is videos from a camera and a phone with templates from KineMaster. Easily create high-quality videos with multiple features. You can layer up many film resolutions, video assets, masks, and backups. Many blending modes are available. Get KineMaster templates and edit them as per your wish with your own video and image content.

12 Best Apps to Make Videos

8# VivaVideo

VivaVideo is designed for serving beginners. This mobile app is an easy user-friendly interface that easily lets newcomers understand the utility and operations of video editing from start to end. It has a fine storyboard style for the editing process that allows you to load, merge, edit and move through segments. It has great effects and filters in it. Edits, Glitch Effects, Sounds, Texts, transitions, and speeds can be adjusted and final clips can be exported.

12 Best Apps to Make Videos

9# Pinnacle Studio

The pinnacle studio allows you to seamlessly edit videos, add transitions, and make configurations to clips, timelines, and audio. A few highlights of this app include an easy and intuitive interface with great gestures and navigations for accessibility. It covers a good range of features for editing. One more great highlight is that it allows you to export high-grade quality videos in terms of resolutions. However, this exporting of videos will lead to a little glitch or lag in the system.

12 Best Apps to Make Videos

10# InShot

InShot is a video editor. It is aimed at simple design and functionality. It makes Video editing easy and it supports clip editing. Video clips can be edited, trimmed, merged, and adjusted with respect to speeds. You can add filters, effects, and music and make it fun and creative through texts and templates. You can easily edit backgrounds and blur them. It is an all-in-one editing tool to create perfectly shaped videos.

12 Best Apps to Make Videos

11# PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a video-making platform or software service developed by CyberLink. PowerDirector is an AI-powered 365-video editing software. It helps creators in their content creation journey. It comes with AI-backed powerful tracking, frames, masks, chroma key, sky replacements, object detections, sound and speech enhancements, transitions, and many more edgeless possibilities.

12 Best Apps to Make Videos

12# Splice

Splice is a powerful and popular video-making application for mobile users. You can create, edit, configure and share your videos and clips instantly. The creation process happens within just a few taps. It is accessible by everyone and it’s great for mobile vlogging and short videos. It is designed to edit videos, and it also includes exclusive free tutorials and how-to lessons for various processes. This go-to mobile video creator/editor is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store as well.

12 Best Apps to Make Videos


Now you have seen and understood the various available options – the 12 best apps to make videos. Try each one of these and understand how things work out in each one. You can explore and choose the application that suits you best for your video creation purposes. Shoot, Load, Create and edit all your videos in one place using these apps, and export them to desired formats and resolutions. This ensures that you grow as a content creator in terms of video content and quality. Using these apps will make your videos visually appealing and ensures effective storytelling.

Always remember that creating and editing videos is an art. And these apps will be your palette. Make use of these 12 best apps to make videos to make your storytelling very effective. You can start your video content creation journey right away and make a great video.


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