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Trying to get better privacy and an ad-free search experience other than Google Search Engine, here are 25 search engines other than Google.

There is no denying the fact that Google is a widely popular search engine. Goggle has become synonymous with web search, local search, video search, and more. However, personalized and well-organized search results do not come without a cost. Google gives you personalized search results by prying on your search habits. Besides, it also stores your data and can even share it with third- parties. While search personalization gives targeted results, the idea of sharing your details with other users is cringe-worthy.

So if you want to break free from targeted ads and want more privacy, it is not a hard task. In this article, we have put down 25 alternatives to Google Search Engine that are worth giving a try for a better search experience. Keep scrolling to know about them one by one.

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Google Search Engine Alternatives


Being the second most popular search engine after Google, it captures more than 6 percent of the US market. Bing has improved considerably in terms of features and is a sort of visual search engine. The background is painted with animals, places, sports, people.

Bing is also available as an app on Android and iOS smartphones and takes second place as a solid Google alternative.

Google Search Engine Alternatives

Bing offers some of the advanced features to its users:

  • Operating Calculations
  • View Sports Scores
  • Flight Tracking
  • Products Shopping
  • Translate
  • Currency Conversions
  • Spell Check, and more.
  • Tons of Features for programmers

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Yahoo bags the second place on this list however, this search engine is as old as Google. Apart from returning search results, Yahoo offers so many features.

The web portal combines several popular services into one like news blog, email, gaming platform, travel directory, video streaming capabilities, and more.

Search Engines Other Than Google

Yahoo is capable of returning search results in 38 different languages. Some search engines like Mozilla Firefox have Yahoo as their default search engine. This is because Yahoo! is known to provide you with better privacy than Google. Yahoo Local, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Answers are the most sought of features.


DuckDuckGo is one search engine that is famous for the privacy it offers. It does not bother you by tracking your activities. This search engine offers a cool feature called ‘bangs’. These are shortcuts that allow you to directly see search results from other websites.

Google Search Engine Alternatives

Overall, DuckDuckGo offers the following benefits:

  • The best browser to avoid privacy risks
  • Does not track users’ activity
  • Ad-free search engine
  • Straightforward and user-friendly interface
  • Supports infinite scrolling to avoid jumping pages
  • It also has a browser that also offers email privacy

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Brave browser is quite famous for its privacy-laden features. This browser rolled out its search engine under the name Brave Search Beta in June 2021. Finally, in October 2021, it became the default search engine of the browser.

Since then, it has already received more than 80 million searches per month. Currently, Brave is available in five languages namely English UK and US, French, German and Japanese. 

Search Engines Other Than Google

Brave does not track your activities and provides region-based results. Besides, the content filter lets you enjoy clean and safe search results. Apart from desktop, brave is also available for mobile phones.


This search engine looks new to you, right? You’ll be surprised to know that it first came into existence in 2009. Ecosia is quite underrated even though it is free to use. 

Ecosia is dependent on Bing and can easily handle your searches in seven different languages. Ecoisa donates all its earnings in the tree plantation drives. Similar to DuckDuckGo, it is not interested in your online activities and doesn’t like to sell off your data to a third party.

Google Search Engine Alternatives

Other features are as follows:

  • Straightforward search engine
  • Doesn’t spy on you
  • Get personalized search suggestions
  • Safe Search capabilities

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Originated in France, Quant is quite famous due to its privacy features. Quant never uses your data to target ads at your face. It offers a Quick Search Shortcuts feature that is similar to Duck DuckGo’s Bangs.

All your search results are categorized under three headings: Web, News, and Social. Qwant leverages AI capabilities to let you discover new music and lyrics. This safe search engine can revamp your browsing experience by showing you search results that were hidden by Google due to excessive personalization.

Search Engines Other Than Google

Unfortunately, Quant is not available in all the countries; it is not available in India.


Swisscows, formerly known as Hublee is quite popular for two reasons. Its privacy-focused approach and safe search results are quite impressive. Its strict violent and explicit content filter makes it quite popular among parents.

Swisscows never tracks your activities, data, search results to pose privacy risks. This is because, Switzerland, its birthplace has rigid privacy laws. Swisscows is backed by Bing that provides personalized search results using semantic AI. 

Search Engines Other Than Google

It targets ads based on your queries and also offers you suggestion tags in your search queries.

Swisscows also has a private messaging platform known as Teleguard. Other tools are its built-in VPN and a web aggregator known as GetDigest.

Search Encrypt

It is a full-fledged metasearch engine that takes users’ privacy seriously and doesn’t spy on your browsing habits.

Despite being a new search engine, it still gets more than 23 million visitors on daily basis. Search Encrypt does give you personalized search results thereby, broadening your search horizons. 

Search Engines Other Than Google

Another awesome feature is that Search Encrypt automatically wipes the search queries that you entered in it. Thus, your search history is safe from prying eyes.


StartPage search engine was started by Ixquick which later merged into the former in 2009. This search engine is powered by Google but it does not track you.

Besides, it also lets the users use the proxy service that allows them to browse the internet anonymously. Another remarkable feature is its custom URL generation ability. This lets you browse the web without using cookies. It is also possible to change the themes of the search engine to several classic colors.

Google Search Engine Alternatives

Other benefits are:

  • Google-powered results without tracking
  • Be anonymous and safe on the web
  • Family filter to adjust safe search levels


SearX is an open-source search engine that is highly customizable. You can even modify the search engine and host it on another server.

This search engine aims to decentralize the internet by offering unbiased search results. It pulls the results from other search engines like Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Google Search Engine Alternatives

What’s striking about SearX is that it can let you modify the search engine preferences using advanced settings. SearX’s ability to find magnet links for extracting files when you perform file search through metasearch will surely impress Torrent lovers.


Yandex is a Russian search engine that has captured 55-65% of the market in the country. Besides, it is also popular in some European countries.

Yandex is one of the best alternatives for Google owing to features like mobile apps, web browser, map navigation, translation, analytics, cloud storage and so much more. 

The search engine has a clean interface and the result page are similar to that of Google. It also allows you to perform searches via news, images, and video. 

Search Engines Other Than Google

However, being a Russian browser, it can cause privacy issues. So, it is better to try something else if you are not Russian.


This Google search alternative is not only capable of tackling privacy concerns but also censorship. It is has been providing uncensored query answers while keeping you anonymous since 2009.

Gibiru claims that your search queries are not stored on its servers and they are deleted soon after you get the results.

Search Engines Other Than Google

It’s Anonymous Firefox plugin is available on its proxy webpage. This plugin is capable of sending your queries through a proxy IP address and does a neat job of keeping you anonymous.


The disconnect is a search engine aggregator that does a neat job of keeping you anonymous. To achieve this, it sends your queries through proxy servers. Then you get an option to see the search results from the selected search engine. The disconnect is a browser extension and does not have a web page. The search engine also offers a VPN service that generates revenue. So, users don’t have to worry about seeing ads.

Google Search Engine Alternatives

It offers the following benefits:

  • Open source browser
  • Keeps you anonymous
  • Works on all popular web browsers
  • Flexible plans

WolfFram Alpha

If you think this search engine only appeals to math geeks, you are mistaken. Besides, providing mathematical algorithms, it also has search engine capabilities. 

Its main focus is on organizing the data and not merely caching web pages. For this, it pulls information from sources like college publications, best buy, online libraries, and more. 

Google Search Engine Alternatives

Wolfram Alpha gives computations facts as answers to your search queries. Even though it is not a fully-fledged search engine like Google, it serves you better if you are its targeted user.


DogPile is an old search engine alternatives that work on the principle of curating information. It pulls and organizes search results like URLs, images, videos. It fetches the search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and others. 

Search Engines Other Than Google

Dogpile is known for the following features:

  • Classify content in While Pages, Categories, and sub-categories.
  • Use Search filters and preferences to customize search results.
  • See your recent and favorite searches.

Dogpile also has a toolbox for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox so you use it as a default search engine.


This alternative is not a fully- developed search engine. Rather it is a sort of question-answer community. You are likely to come across a variety of questions here. Ask.com ended its service as a search engine in 2009 to focus on the community aspect but now it is back in the game.

Search Engines Other Than Google

This search engine sort of community answers your queries on topics like Art & Literature, Geography, Education, Politics, Science and Technology. 

Ask.com is your best bet against Google if you want to find human-curated answers to your questions.

CC Search

Despite being a new search engine, it has got all that it takes to be a strong opponent of Google. CC search is a great platform that lets you find copyright-free content. So, CCSearch can fulfill your needs for copyright-free copyright-free music, videos, images, and more. 

Search Engines Other Than Google

The interface may not be as organized as Google, the features it offers doesn’t leave any room for complaints about UI

CC Search can easily sync with platforms like Flickr, SoundCloud, Wikimedia, and others. You can also utilize its cross-browser extension to perform searches and filter the answers.


Baida is another Google Search engine alternative that is widely popular in China. Baidu is known to capture more than 70% of all the search queries rolled out in China. 

Its platform and work are quite similar to Google and it also earns revenue by targeting ads to its users. Baidu also utilizes rich snippets to provide you with search results.

Search Engines Other Than Google

However, Baidu is a censored search engine. All the pro-democracy content and images are blocked on this platform.


Neeva is a paid Google Search alternative on this list. You are charged $5 per month after you complete the three-month free trial. Even though Neeva is ad-free it is a comparatively less private alternative than others on the list.

It uses the search history to personalize the search results. Neeva stores your search history and can also disclose it to a third party. However, you can always turn off the memory mode from the settings. Neeva can also store your IP address and information to localize your results.

Google Search Engine Alternatives

Neeva mixes the search results from Bing, Google Maps, Yelp, and others.


PreSearch is a search engine that is specially designed for cryptocurrency-interested users. It uses the nodes mechanism to route the search results from sources. Users and users running nodes earn a cryptocurrency token for every search result.

The node members of the community can have some privacy risks. However, users can anonymously get results to search queries.

Search Engines Other Than Google

The results may not be that accurate by token act as compensation. PreSearch reportedly collects your email, IP address, PC, and web browser configuration.

AOL Search

AOL is a web portal that was quite popular in the 1990s. Based out of New York, it launched its search engine in 2005.

AOL search is quite popular for providing the results in categories like images, web, multimedia, shopping, and news. AOL primarily focuses on providing local web-based search results.

Search Engines Other Than Google

The AOL results from the web page are categories into several parts. Two search bars are on the top of the page. Then you see snapshots, promoted content, products if applicable.


This is the oldest and mighty web focussed search engine you will find today. 

It first appeared on the internet in 1994 as one of the first search engines focussing on web search. WebCrawler is also capable of providing full-text search results.

Search Engines Other Than Google

It pulls out the results from several search engines like Yahoo, Ask, Live, and Google to display on its webpage. WebCrawler is currently under the ownership of InfoSpace which runs it as a meta-search tool.


AlohaFind is a search engine developed to be the default search engine for the Aloha web browser. It keeps all your search queries private and does not collect any data such as email address, IP address, location, and more.

Search Engines Other Than Google

Besides, AlohaFind also offers you a built-in VPN to make you anonymous on the internet. 

AlohaFind gives you the same results that you see on Google but the results are less personalized. This is so because it does not track your activities and personal details. Thus AlohaFind is the perfect option to keep your searches private.


Info.com is another Meta Search engine that finds its place on the list. It retrieved the results for search queries from the search engines like Google, Ask, Yahoo, Teoma, Yandex, AlltheWeb Kanoodle, and others. 

Info.com is also famous for its news topic section which is powered by Topix.net. Similarly, the shopping dedicated section is sponsored by Shopping.com.

Search Engines Other Than Google

Info.com is also capable of performing White and Yellow page searches. Info.com also offers special plugins for its users to use the search engine on popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


SearchBip is an efficient search engine on the list of Google search engine alternatives by Kinner. This search engine collects the search results from content-specific platforms like YouTube, Wikipedia, and Google Maps and displays them in one place. SearchBip does all this without gathering your details and selling to third parties. 

Search Engines Other Than Google

SearcBip does an impressive job to organize all the search results into different categories and provide you with the best search results on personalization.


Here we reach the end of our Google search engine alternatives. If privacy is your utmost priority, then SwissCows and DuckDuckGo are the most suitable alternatives for you. Besides, you can also try a web browser specially made for your country. Hope you like our curated collection on Google’s alternatives. Don’t forget to share it with others

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