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Cool Google Tricks You Need To Try Out When You Are Bored

NewsCool Google Tricks You Need To Try Out When You Are Bored

Irrespective of the device you’re using- a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, when you want to search for something online, the first thing that crosses your mind is Google. As a result, Google has become an integral part of our lives for satisfying our quest for knowledge.

Google isn’t just a search engine; it also offers you a lot of interesting tricks that can be done. It lets you do so much- play games, spin your search page, defy the gravity, and so on. These hidden tricks can be performed by searching the keyword for the secret terms. You might wonder what can you do with these cool tricks? Well, so much! You can perform these fun tricks in front of your friends to impress them with your geeky side.

Most importantly, you can use these tricks like playing games and other things to kill your time when you are bored. Therefore let’s take a break from the technical stuff and a look at some super cool stuff like hidden tricks, fun searches, and games that are hidden behind the layers of Google’s enormous database. Keep reading to uncover all those Easter eggs- yes, that’s what Google calls them!

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Do a barrel roll!

Asking Google to do a barrel roll is one of the most popular Google tricks. You need to go to Google and enter “do a barrel roll” in the search box and click search to see the results. The browser window will do a 360-degree spin twice and then return to its original position. This trick is a reference to the popular game Nintendo from Star Fox, where the fighter pilot ‘Peppy’ advises you to maneuver to avoid enemy fire.

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Customize Google with your name

Have you ever wanted to have a search engine with your name? Don’t worry! Google has a trick for you too! You need to simply type ‘Goglogo’ in the search bar of Google and tap on ‘I’m feeling lucky. Now you have to enter your name in the ‘Goglogo’ search box and lo! you have customized the Google homepage with your name!

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Askew is another fun Google trick to do. It’s not as funny as others but it is intriguing to see the search page of Google tilt a little on your system. You need to head to the Google search bar and type “Askew” to see how the result page tilts a little towards your right.

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Google Gravity

This fun trick shatters the homepage of Google and you can drag and bounce its broken pieces. To pull this trick you need to go to the Google homepage and type ‘Google gravity’. Ignore any autosuggestions and click on ‘I’m feeling lucky. You will experience the search page crashing down into pieces and you can even use your mouse to throw the pieces around!

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Joey Tribianni

This trick is especially for the FRIENDS fan and you are definitely going to love this! Search for Joey Tribianni on Google and on the right-hand corner, you can see the Wikipedia information about him. You have to click on the pizza icon in the description box and you will see Joey coming alive and screaming Joey doesn’t share food!

Pacman Game (Google Game)

Who doesn’t love the Pac-Man game? The good news is that you can play it on Google. Type ‘Pacman’ in the search bar and click on enter. Tap ‘Click here to play’ and tadaa! You can play this super fun game in your free time.

Flip a Coin

Want to flip a coin to decide between the two alternatives but don’t have any around? Don’t worry Google’s got you covered! Go to the homepage of Google and type ‘Flip a coin’ in the search bar and press enter. What’s better than Google tossing a coin for you?

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Zerg Rush

The “zerg rush” is a race of aliens in form of insects in the popular video game series ‘Starcraft’. If you type ‘zerg rush’ in the Google search bar, a row of 0s behaving like ‘zerglings’ will start marching on screen. You have to Click to destroy them, otherwise, they’ll eat up your search results! *Scary*.

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Google Mirror

Using this trick you can turn everything into the mirror image of Google. Head to the Google homepage, and enter ‘Google mirror’, and click on “I’m feeling lucky”. The mirror image of Google will be displayed!

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Google Sky

If you are by any chance interested in astronomy, constellations, and galaxies, this is a fun Google trick for you that you should surely include in your google tricks list. Type google sky and click google sky you will be redirected to the space to learn about celestial bodies, stars and so much more!


So now that you know some of those Google tricks you can perform you need not worry about how to spend time when you’re bored!
Google keeps deleting the old tricks and keeps adding the new ones. If you want to know about the secret Google tricks that have been deleted now, you can search for ‘ElgooG’, the mirror website of Google, and search it there.

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