7 Things You Should Check Before Installing Apps On Your Phone

TechTips & Tricks7 Things You Should Check Before Installing Apps On Your Phone

Things You Should Check before installing Apps because you want these apps so bad. They’re so addictive and funny. As soon as your index finger starts to itch to tap into a new, interesting app world, you throw caution to the wind. We can all agree that security measures are the last thing on your mind.

Not everything in app land is as it seems. Cybercriminals are working around the clock to make fake, malware-infested apps that you can download. The bad guys will have access to your bank information, contact information, passwords, and anything else you keep on your phone when you do this.

It has been a big change in how we communicate and interact with the world around us because of phones. Smartphones can do more than just make calls. They can also give us quick and useful tools called apps that we can use right away.

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Apps are used for what?

An app is a type of software that lets you do different things. The word app stands for application. They are both already on your phone and you can download and install them yourself.
Apps can be used to keep track of your money, stay in touch with people on social media, order takeout meals from restaurants, play games, shop, cook, read books, listen to music, watch videos, and more.

There are Things You Should Check before installing Apps in a mobile to check if it is safe to use. Check out this short list.

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1. The App’s source.

Things You Should Check before installing Apps

The safest way to get apps is to get them from reputable app stores. There are many ways to get apps. You can get them from an app store, by connecting a USB drive, or by directly installing an apk.
It doesn’t mean that if you download apps from an app store, you won’t come across third-party apps. Get to know your source.

2. App Reviews

Things You Should Check before installing Apps

App stores like the Google Play Store have a review listing system that shows the best and worst reviews. This is good for making quick decisions, even though you should not make quick decisions.
You need to read through all of the bad reviews before you download it. So why would you download and use an app that only has one star?

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3. Permissions for apps

Things You Should Check before installing Apps

Permissions are a way for your operating system to keep apps from accessing different parts of your personal information.
It’s not always clear why some apps ask for permissions that aren’t part of their job. When a Calendar asks for permission to look at your calendar data, the answer is usually “yes.” When a calendar asks for permission to change or delete SD card content, be aware of it.
Make sure to check an app’s permissions before you download them from the Google Play Store.

  • Tapping on the “Read more” link next to the app’s title.
  • “App permissions” is the next thing you’ll see when you scroll down.
  • Then, click “See more.”

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4. Google Play Protect

This is usually turned on by default. The Android version of Windows Defender is called “Defender.” It checks apps in the background, and when you download them, it tells you if they’re doing something bad.
It is a great way to get a head start on things. Always make sure it’s on.

5. Who is the creator?

Take a look at the app’s developer and the company that makes it before you install it. The developer is the company that makes the app, and the vendor is the company that sells the app to the customer.
A lot of app stores link to the web pages of the people who make them. Google Play store: This is at the bottom of the app’s page. You can find it Search for them if there isn’t one or the link doesn’t work. Reputable app developers are easy to find out about.

The following are some questions you can ask about app providers.

  • Do they have a good website?
  • When it comes to privacy, how does the company handle it?
  • When and how does the information get gathered and used in this case?
  • In what ways does advertising work?
  • What is the policy for giving out personal information to other people?
  • Does the company have clear security rules?
  • If so, what is the phone number?

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6. The name of the App

Do you ever think about having an iFhone instead of an iPhone? The apps are also fooled by this.
In the Google Play Store, there are a lot of apps that look like well-known apps. Most of them say they can do the same thing or even more. Instead of WhatsApp, you can use WhatApp and Facebook.
Before you download that app, think about what you want to do. It’s important to know the name and developer of an app before you download it. WhatsApp will be the developer of WhatsApp. Twitter will be the developer. Telegram will be the developer of Telegram.So Things You Should Check before installing Apps are necessary.

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7. The Numbers That Are Related to the Application

You need to pay attention to how many times an app is downloaded and how many of the app ratings it has to make sure it’s good. These numbers are used to see how trustworthy someone is.
If an app has been used more than 10 million times, then it is probably safe to use. Apps that have a lot of downloads have been used for a long time and are popular with customers.
Another way to find out if an app is safe is to look at how users rate it. Keep an eye out for apps that have bad reviews on the store. If the ratio of downloads to reviews doesn’t make sense, then think twice about getting the app before you do.
Let an application get into your private information at any time would be a bad idea. This means you need to get only the apps that are safe for your phone or tablet.So these are the Things You Should Check before installing Apps

The last words

So, you can be sure it will work well for you for a long time. If you want to play games or post pictures on your phone, it’s not as fun to do these things. But it makes sure you can do that when you want to shortly.

It also doesn’t take as long as you think. This whole process will help you remove the apps and keep your phone safe. Then it’s time to enjoy the apps and make the most of them.

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