Thursday, April 18, 2019
Apple Completes Acquisition of Shazam

Latest Apple News: Apple Completes acquisition of Shazam

The latest news concerning Shazam, one of the most famous music apps across Apple Store and Google Play Store globally, is related to its...
Some Trendy App

Trendy Apps of 2019

Bottom Quick Settings  Let's start with something of practical use. This is the app for owners of smartphones with a large display. There are plenty...
UPI Payment App BHIM

UPI Payment Method and BHIM App- A better option than Mobile Wallet

What is UPI (Unified Payments Interface)? UPI payments system was Introduced by Government of India, in August 2015,  as a digital payment initiatives which is...
New Apps in iOS 12

What are the new apps introduced with iOS 12?

The latest update with iOS is iOS 12. It is the operating system used in Apple’s handheld devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod....
Getting Started with Google’s New Photos App

Getting Started with Google’s New Photos App

Battle of the Photos- New Google Photos Google and Apple have built homes in the cloud for your photos, making it easier to sync and...

Latest Microsoft and Windows related Updates and News 2018

Microsoft is one of those companies that are always trying to make their services better and offer a host of new features and upgrades...

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