Disney+ Reveals 2023 X-Men Reboot Easter Egg In Doctor Strange 2

EntertainmentDisney+ Reveals 2023 X-Men Reboot Easter Egg In Doctor Strange 2

The latest release in the Marvel Studios is Doctor Strange of Multiverse of Madness, officially released in the Disney+. In this part, Dr. Stephen Strange and the teenaged tagalong America Chavez travel in the parallel universe and explore the Multiverse in the MCU dimensional movie. During the pair’s interdimensional romp, they both get will get trapped on Earth-838.

Illuminati, who are a group of superheroes, each and everyone will gather for the “meetings of the minds” to make a decision that predicts the future of the globe and capture Strange and Chavez on Earth-838. Professor Charles Xavier is well known for Professor X and his acting is good in action-live X-Men films. He also plays a role in the Multiverse of Madness. The role of Professor X is played by Sir Patrick Stewart. Sir Patrick Stewart is well known and very famous for his role in X-Men, which is produced by 20th-Century Fox.

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Doctor Strange

Now Marvel Studios owns all the rights and X-Men films, and they are planning to reboot the team of X-men, which will appear in the MCU. Recently Marvel studio is also working on their new animated series. This series is the continuation of the very old series of X-Men cartoons which were from the 1990s. The name of this animated series is X-Men ’97, which has a connection with the Doctor Strange 2 movie. So this is the first identified Easter egg in the MCU’s first Mutant-led project, which is releasing in the mid of the 2023 year. According to those captions of the movie, the theme song which is playing in the movie sounds like X-Men ”97, which is basically the original animation series being revival by Marvel Studios.

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Some people really do not know about this.  Charles Xavier, who is from Erath’s 838 is the same character who had appeared in the 90s Show. So anyhow it will not be so good if it was given to the animated Professor X as he has the accent of the American instead of Patrick Stewart and who has the accent of the British. Or even Disney+ would have felt that sabotage the X-men 97, which definitely will release on the Disney+ platform.

If you have not still watched the animated series that is X-Men: The Animation Series theme plays, so instead of watching the new one which is not familiar yet to all the people and also which is releasing in the year of mid-2023, the main thing you must note is it.

The fans now can watch the Easter Egg in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness from the Marvel Studios. It is released and currently streaming on Disney+ by people themselves. Now you got to know all about the Disney+ Reveals 2023 X-Men Reboot Easter Egg In Doctor Strange 2.

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