Garten Of Banban: A Mysterious Horror Adventure In Banban’s Kindergarten

GamesGarten Of Banban: A Mysterious Horror Adventure In Banban's Kindergarten

There are constantly new and intriguing games to explore meaningfully in gaming. “Garten of Banban” is one such game that has caught gamers’ interest. This genuinely engaging horror game allows players to set off on a spine-chilling trip through the gloomy corridors of Banban’s Kindergarten. There is more to this enigmatic business than first appears, as you’ll soon discover upon entering. In this post, we will discuss the gameplay, narrative, and particular elements in Garten of Banban; as we dig into its horrifying universe in this, we unearth the truth behind the inhabitants of the Kindergarten’s disappearance and the sinister mysteries that exist there.

The game summary, what is it about?

“Garten of Banban” is a mysterious and tragic game that revolves around the disappearance of children in a renowned kindergarten called Banban Kindergarten. Players assume the role of a concerned parent who embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the truth behind the vanishing children. The Kindergarten was once highly regarded for its excellent education and engaging learning environment. It features cartoony mascots known as Jumbo Josh, Stinger Flynn, Ban Ban, Babalina, and Captain Federals.

As the parent explores the vast and empty facility, they encounter hostile and horrifying versions of the mascots, seemingly coming to life. Strange and sinister occurrences like moving mascots and disturbing notes add to the parent’s growing concerns. The parent discovers letters written by children, hinting at a monster hiding within the mascots and a mysterious, loud hole into which children were thrown.

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Alen Avila playing

As the parent delves deeper, they find a boarding pass belonging to Weverly Mason, suggesting that a staff member may be involved in the children’s disappearance. The parent uncovers clues through puzzles and critical cards, leading them to a hidden platform under an office floor. This platform, known as “the whole,” reveals a dark secret about the Kindergarten’s intentions with the children.

Driven by desperation, the parent boards the platform, descending into a dark, dangerous hallway. However, the story abruptly ends when a monstrous version of Jumbo Josh emerges, leaving the parent’s fate uncertain. The game’s ambiguous ending leaves players eagerly awaiting the release of future chapters for further revelations.
The gameplay of “Garten of Banban” revolves around exploration, solving puzzles, finding key cards, and uncovering the dark secrets of Kindergarten. Players must navigate the facility, interact with objects, and evade the hostile mascots while searching for their missing child. The game introduces elements of supernatural phenomena and raises questions about the protagonist’s true nature. Additionally, parallels can be drawn to the game “Puppy Playtime,” as both involve mascots coming to life and the dark intentions of the facility’s staff.

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How to get the game?

There are 4 Chapters to the game; at the time of writing, the 4th installment is on its way and up for pre-whitelist. The game is easily accessible since you can have access to the game from different platforms. It is available on Steam, Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and even Roblox. All you have to do is search for the game and select it on your chosen platform. Honestly, I just played it over at Steam. But as you will see in the images below, I have also looked it up on the said platforms. Links are attached per image.

Depending on the platform you chose. All you have to do is download it, and it will be ready to be played.

Additional Information:

The first installment of the game on Steam is for free. However, the 2,3,4 versions of the game cost around $5.

The game’s first installment is around 500 MB, which is half a gigabyte.

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Gameplay Mechanics

Settings of the game.

Various gameplay elements and options are available to players in Garten of Banban, most of which improve the immersive horror experience. This game’s gameplay loop essentially incorporates exploration, puzzle-solving, and survival elements. In addition, the general feeling of dread and suspense is enhanced by atmospheric elements, notably audio design and precisely built surroundings. For the most part, the designers have given close attention to detail, ensuring players are entirely immersed in the eerie atmosphere of Banban’s Kindergarten.

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Is Garten of Banban free?

Only the first installment is free, however, the newer ones cost around $5.

Can I download Garten of BanBan on my phone?

Garten Of Banban - All About This Amazing Game

Absolutely! Garten of Banban is available on most platforms. This includes Steam, Roblox, Appstore, and Playstore.

What is the gameplay about:

  1. The player’s character in the game is looking for their lost child within an enigmatic kindergarten or childcare facility. Playing the game entails touring the location and learning its history.
  2. The presence of cute mascots that have evolved into horrific entities suggests that the game contains aspects of horror. Jump scares and other horror-themed mechanisms are probably used in the game to provide a tense and frightening environment.
  3. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter various bosses and secrets, which ups the difficulty and intrigue.
  4. Many YouTube videos offer walkthroughs, complete gameplay, and a combination of video montages displaying various components as the game could get complicated.
Another major part of the gameplay in the game is the use of drones.

Mechanics of the gameplay:

  1. Numerous platforms, including iOS, Android, Steam, and Roblox, offer the game. Players may now enjoy the game on their favorite devices.
  2. The game aims to explore the location without sacrificing your life or sanity. Players’ characters can encounter risks or dangers that endanger their ability to survive or maintain their mental health in the game.
  3. Garten of BanBan has features that are standard in adventure games with a horror theme. This involves resolving puzzles, gathering objects, exploring, and interacting with the setting and the characters.
  4. Controls are very simple, as seen in the image below.
Controls of the game.
A mechanic in the game for solving puzzles.


Garten of Banban provides an immersive horror experience that perfectly encapsulates the genre. The game seeks to keep players on their toes, constantly expecting the subsequent spooky encounter with its creepy atmosphere and scary music. A feeling of dread and discomfort permeates the action thanks to the game’s dramatic graphics, ominous atmosphere, and creative storyline. Garten of Banban is a game to check out if you want immersive horror games that will make you feel frightened.

One of the first scenes in the game.

Finally, Garten of Banban allows players to explore the enigmatic Banban’s Kindergarten, find its sinister secrets, and endure the unforeseen horrors that lurk inside, which is highly noteworthy. This horror game offers a genuine horror experience for the respective genre fans with its deep gameplay, engaging plot, and atmospheric graphics. Garten of Banban is an adventure game that blends mystery, suspense, and tactical survival.

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