How to disable faulty CDDVD Drive from your Mac OS X?

If your Mac’s CD/DVD drive is not working, its malfunctioning, creating screechy noise or if the drive is broken and makes angry noises when it spins up, the noise is becoming a problem when using your computer in class or if you want to disable the CD/DVD drive on your Mac completely for security reasons then here is the solution for disabling the CD/DVD drive on your Mac completely.

Disable the faulty CD/DVD Drive from its operation

Drive showing in Disk Utility
List of Drives showing in Disk Utility

To disable faulty DVD/CD drive on Mac OS X

  1. Go to /System/Library/ by clicking on the Go in Finder menu bar and then Selet the Go to folder and type /System/Library/ and click go.
  2. Open Extensions folder and look for file IODVDStorageFamily.kext and IOCDStorageFamily.kext.
  3. Copy both the files to a folder so the you can re-enable CDDVD on your Mac when you want.
  4. Now move the IODVDStorageFamily.kext and IOCDStorageFamily.kext file from /System/Library/Extensions/ to the new folder.If you can not move it due to any reason drag and drop it to the new folder to copy it.After copying it simply delete it and send to trash.
  5. Now reboot the computer and it will be gone.

To Re-Enable DVD/CD drive in Mac OS X

Simply Move both the .kext file (IODVDStorageFamily.kext and IOCDStorageFamily.kext ) back to “/System/Library/Extensions” and then reboot the computer to make the CD/DVD drive active again.
If you can not move it due to any permission issues. Then, instead of moving, rename the extension to .kexta (converts the file from a package to a folder ), and then rename it back to .kext.

Tip: What to do to eject a stuck CD or DVD from the optical drive

Ejecting the stuck disc can usually be done in one of the following ways:
1. Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold the left mouse button untill the disc ejects.
2. Click on the Eject button in the menubar.
3. Press COMMAND-E.
4. Click the eject icon in the Finder’s sidebar.
5. If none of the above work try this: Open the Terminal from Utilities folder. At the prompt enter or paste the following:
/usr/bin/drutil eject

If this fails then try the following:
Boot the computer into Single user mode.At the prompt enter the same command as used above.To restart the computer enter “reboot” at the prompt without quotes.

And finally if that all does not work look for a small mechanical eject hole on the edge of the DVD drive.Insert a Straightened paper-clip straight to the hole.and it will eject the drive tray.
For a detailed troubleshooting go to “How to eject CDDVD drive in Mac”.

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  1. Hi Johnathon,
    Thanks for commenting. Yes, This does not work in macOS El Capitan Ver 10.11 and above because Apple introduced new feature called System Integrity protection and due to that you will not be able to delete any kext or other system protected files.
    If you have to delete .kext or system files you need to first disable the System Integrity Protection(SIP, also knows as rootless).
    To disable the system integrity protection boot your Mac in Recovery mode > Open terminal and type the command " csrutil disable" and then restart your Mac and try again.

  2. Hi Nasir

    Done this for my man it does not work , there is a CD struck inside the MAC which keeps making noise and doesn’t ejects could you please suggest me something else on this

  3. after doing this my MBP (mid 2009) wont restart or shut down (just gets stuck at black screen with mouse pointer visible). Have tried moving files back but has not fixed it. Have reset PRAM and SMC. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Nasir,

    I did as you described and my disc drive is still making noises at start up and at other random times:
    In order to disable my drive, I first tried to drag the two .kext files out of the extensions folder, which didn’t. So I rebooted in Recovery mode and disabled SIP (csrutil). Then I was able to drag them out to a different folder and restart my computer. I heard the noises again, and double checked that they were indeed gone from the ext folder. I even renamed the files that I removed and tried restarting again. Any advice?

    Thank you

  5. the dvd drive on my 2009 MB will not read disks. BUT it spins up every time I run the computer, Always. It is loud & annoying.
    I followed the instructions, making copies of the 2 files, trashing the originals. They are no longer in the extensions folder. The disk drive no longer appears in Disk Utility when I reboot.
    — BUT … the drive CONTINUES to boot up, making the Same racket!


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