Huawei Unveils The Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution

NewsHuawei Unveils The Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution

On March 7–10, 2023, Huawei debuts the Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution at the 11th UIC World Congress on High-Speed Rail in Morocco. It portrays the company’s latest effort to offer innovative solutions for the railway industry. The Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution designs to provide continuous monitoring of trackside activity. And ensure the safety of railway operations, regardless of weather conditions.

In addition to the Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution, Huawei’s exhibition of its flagship products and innovative solutions for the railway industry at the UIC World Congress highlights the company’s commitment to building fully-connected railways and driving digital transformation.

The Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) is a remarkably noteworthy solution. As it offers a cost-effective and efficient path to elevate railway services and fulfill the requirements of digital railway development. Whilst, Huawei’s data communication network and optical communication network. This enables railway operations to remain connected and optimized, enriching efficiency and safety.

Huawei unveils the Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution, Huawei, 11th UIC World Congress on High-Speed Rail

key points made by the Vice President of Huawei Mr. Li Junfeng…

Mr. Li Junfeng, Vice President of Huawei and CEO of the Aviation & Rail BU statement emphasizes the essential points during his opening speech at the UIC World Congress.

Firstly, Mr. Li highlights that the development of prospective high-speed railways mandates a wireless communication system with higher bandwidth to guarantee safe train operations. This is because a reliable and centralized podium can enable the digitization and greenification of the railway industry.

Secondly, Huawei’s LTE-based FRMCS solution is mentioned as a way to meet the requirements of digital railway development. By upgrading the software of the system, more new services can be incorporated, which not solely reduces the costs of railway projects but also enables the industry to progress toward digitization.

Lastly, Mr. Li stresses Huawei’s commitment to safety by integrating new technologies into service scenarios. The Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution, launch at the UIC World Congress. It is specifically designed to protect trackside safety around the clock, in any weather.

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enhancing railway perimeter detection using an optical-vision convergence architecture

The solution is targeted at markets outside China and is designed to provide railway operators with advanced security capabilities to safeguard their perimeters. Besides, this architecture combines fiber vibration detection and video analysis to provide multi-dimensional awareness and high precision in safeguarding railway perimeters. By using these technologies together, the solution can overcome low-accuracy issues often faced by conventional railway perimeter detection systems. This helps to prevent missed alarms, while at the same time minimizing the occurrence of false alarms.

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Huawei’s FRMCS Solution for Intelligent and Secure Services

The railway industry is undergoing a digital and intelligent transformation. And the demand for high-speed railways is increasing around the world. To support this transformation, the industry demands network communications with higher bandwidth and lower latency to carry out new services.

Mr. Li Junfeng addresses this need with its Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) solution. He added that FRMCS is based on Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology. And concedes with the unified 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards. The solution has a mature ecosystem and broadband technologies that can enable more intelligent services. This means that it can support a wide range of applications. This includes real-time train control, passenger information systems, and video surveillance.

Further, Huawei’s FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) Solution is a cutting-edge technology. It designs to meet the communication needs of modern railway systems. The solution remains built using IPv6+ technologies. It enables converged bearer capabilities with high reliability, easy deployment, intelligent O&M, and smooth evolution.

The key benefit of Huawei’s FRMCS Solution is its ability to securely and reliably carry multiple services. It includes voice, signaling, and video. This is essential for ensuring safe and stable railway operations, where communication plays a critical role in managing trains, and detecting and responding to incidents. Also coordinating with other railway stakeholders.

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