iPhone 13- Trendy Cases and Covers To Buy

GadgetsiPhonesiPhone 13- Trendy Cases and Covers To Buy

Apple’s revealed the latest Smartphone iPhone 13 at the California Virtual Streaming Event. Apple’s iPhone 13 will have four iPhone 13 variants- iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max which will run on iOS 15 and A15 Bionic chipset. This Smartphone will surely be a hit with notable features like a bigger battery, narrow notch, and enhanced camera sensors with cinematic mode.

iPhone 13- Trendy Cases and Covers To Buy
Image Source: AppleInsider

These iPhones will sport a ceramic shield body which is very delicate. Hence, you need to protect your priceless Smartphone against damages from drops and falls.

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Here, we are going to feature some of the best iPhone 13 covers which will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your iPhone but also provide the protection it deserves.

iCatchy Clear Silicon bumper cover for iPhone 13 at just £7.99

iCatchy’s Shockproof Clear Silicone Bumper Cover for iPhone 13 has an ultra-sleek and minimal design which enhances the aesthetic appeal. This silicone-built iPhone 13 back cover is scratch-resistant.

The iCatchy cover is not at all bulky so you don’t have to worry about adding unnecessary weight to your stylish iPhone 13.

iCatchy Clear Silicon bumper cover is built using premium thermoplastic material. This material will easily absorb the shock if your iPhone ever falls from the height. Extra care has been taken to protect the iPhone’s edges using shock-absorbing technology.

iCatchy’s silicone back cover is tested with Military-grade standards and can survive a fall of up to 12 feet. The cover is precisely designed to fit the 6.1-inch screen and the pre-cuts for side buttons and ports are at correct places.

iPhone 13- Trendy Cases and Covers To Buy
Image Source: iCatchy

This iCatchy cover is compatible with Wireless Charging and has raised lips. So, it reduces the friction between the iPhone’s screen and the surface. Its minimal and clear design does not hide the body of your iPhone and can prove to be the best cover for your new iPhone 13.

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Ghostek Atomic Slim Clear MagSafe Case

Ghostek Smartphone cases need no introduction when you are looking for a durable Smartphone cover that is equally stylish.

The Ghostek Atomic Slim Clear MagSafe Case is made using Tough Aluminium along with the premium flexible TPU inner covering. The combination of an aluminum frame along with TPU is very lightweight and not at all bulky to carry.

iPhone 13- Trendy Cases and Covers To Buy
Image Source: Ghostek

The modern dual-layer design protects the mobile against bumps and the damage caused by even serious falls.  The shock-absorbing edges are designed to defend the device against shocks. It has lifted bezels and PC back to resist the friction between screen and surface. This iPhone cover has passed the military-grade test and will protect the device even if it falls from a height of 12 feet. It supports Face ID, wireless charging, and other MagSafe accessories and is one of the best iPhone 13 covers you will find right now.

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Totallee Super Thin Mobile Cover

If you are not a fan of those thick and bulky armored cases, then the super thin and tactfully designed iPhone 13 by Totallee is the right choice for you.

This cover is super minimal and weighs just 0.1 ounces. This Totallee iPhone 13 cover does not have a brand logo which enhances its minimal design. This lets you flaunt your new iPhone without hiding its body behind the case.

iPhone 13- Trendy Cases and Covers To Buy
Image Source: Totalleecase

Despite being ultra-thin and minimal, it can withstand most accidents and falls. It supports wireless charging and Magsafe accessories.

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Olixar iPhone 13 cover with Camera Stand

Sturdy and lightweight Synthetic plastic is used to design the Olixar iPhone 13 cover. The TPU material absorbs a fair among of shocks that can damage the device.  The cover also comes with a camera ring to safeguard the device against direct damage to the lens.

iPhone 13- Trendy Cases and Covers To Buy
Image Source: Olixar

This loop ring can serve a dual purpose of a camera stand which you can fold out. This will now adjust your iPhone at an angle. You can watch Watch TV series and participate in video calls without holding the iPhone in your hands. Overall, the Olixar iPhone 13 cover with Camera Stand is slim and lightweight and serves the purpose well.


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