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8 Best iPhone 13 Cases and Covers to buy in 2021

GadgetsiPhones8 Best iPhone 13 Cases and Covers to buy in 2021

Apple has officially launched the follow up of iPhone 12 in the form of iPhone 13 which is a collection of notable features not present in its predecessor.

If you are planning to buy this brilliant piece of technology, it’s high time to start looking for its case. Whatever you are looking for in the iPhone13 cover- protection, lightweight, sturdiness, or additional accessories, we’ve curated a list of the best iPhone 13 covers with such capabilities.
Here is the neatly organized list of best iPhone 13 covers for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini variants. We have also included some budget-friendly options as well.

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1#  iCatchy for iPhone 13 Pro Max case, 6.7-Inch Anti-Scratch Clear Back Military-Grade Shockproof Slim Hard Silicone Bumper Cover

iCatchy’s Anti-Scratch Clear Back Military-Grade Shockproof Slim Hard Silicone Bumper Cover combines accessibility with style. It is built using the premium thermoplastic material known to add strength and durability to the iPhone cover. The raised edges around the screen prevent the screen from scratching by the surface on which it is placed.
The cover precisely fits the 6.7 inches iPhone 13 pro and does not block the side buttons and ports. It has been tested against military standards and can protect the device even if it falls from a height.
iCatchy’s iPhone 13 cover supports Wireless charging and offers a smooth operation. The cover is sleek and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about adding the extra bulk to your iPhone.
This cover by iCatchy does not block the original design of your iPhone and adds to its aesthetic appeal by its finished design. 

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2# Syncwire UltraRock iPhone 13 Case, Protective Cover with Advanced Drop Protection and Air Cushion Safeguard Technology

This cover is designed with flexible and shockproof Bayer AG material and strong PC crystal. This ensures advanced protection against falls and minimizes the impact force. The sturdy and flexible HD polycarbonate cover does not hide the original design of your iPhone and will not turn yellow with time.
It perfectly fits the curves of your iPhone 13 and does not add volume to its edges. The raised lips surrounding the screen and camera of your iPhone will prevent the screen and camera from touching the flat surfaces. The inner corner of the edges is cushioned to protect the device against damage from impact.

Syncwire UltraRock iPhone case is compatible with wireless charging and perfectly fits the 2.5D and 3D screen protectors.

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3. Miracase Liquid Silicone Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch (2021)

iPhone 13 Pro Max cover by Miracase is built using Liquid Silicone which is soft to touch but is very sturdy and durable. The triple-layer structure of the cover is completely shockproof and protects the device from any damage due to bumps and falls.

Miracase’s iPhone 13 cover supports wireless charging and is made with anti-scratch, anti-sweat, and anti-slip technology. The cover fits the iPhone like a glove and the pre-cuts for the ports and buttons are at the exact place.
Overall, this cover is a good choice for your new iPhone 13.

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4. PULEN Liquid Silicone Case for iPhone 13 Pro

This cover by Pulen is lightweight to carry, soft to touch, and stylish to flaunt.
It is made using the liquid silicone material which is completely shockproof. It has raised bezels to offer protection to your iPhone camera and screen and absorbs 90% of the impact when the phone is dropped.
The microfiber lining on the edges and back from the cover against scratches and the tough PC layer in the middle holds the shape of the cover and provides extra protection.
The cover is comfortable to carry around and is compatible with Apple Pay and Wireless charging technology.
The silicone case is protected with an oil layer which makes it dust-free and scratch resistant. The cover is a perfect fit for your iPhone 13 Max Pro and does not block the volume buttons, charging port, and other buttons given on the side.

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5. Humixx Shockproof for iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

Image Source: Amazon

Designed using Silicone TPU Bumper edge material; it has passed the military-grade drop test by SGS. The in-built runaway airbag in the cover provides extra protection to Apple’s device.
The raised edges around 1.0 mm thick protect the camera lens and 1.3mm and the thickness of the edge around the screen is 1.3mm.
The cover is elegantly and decently designed and shows off the Apple logo. The cover maintains the perfect balance between the clear and matt finish of the product.
Top Nano Coating protects the device against scratch and oil strains and the soft TPU is very easy to remove and install. The cover prevents the dust from entering and allows the side buttons to work flawlessly. Moreover, it is compatible with the MagSafe charger and wireless charging capability.

6. TORRO Leather Wallet Phone Case

TORRO’s Leather Wallet Phone Case is exclusively crafted using TQuality, Genuine Leather for iPhone 13 Pro Max. The cover is precisely designed to allow easy access to the screen, camera, side buttons, and ports.
This cover is built to protect the iPhone by absorbing shocks due to falls and bumps. The inner microfiber lining provides extra protection to the glass body of the Smartphone.
The raised lip around the edge of the cover prevents it from touching the screen and you can easily access the cards and cash from the card slots. Similarly, the raised bezels around the camera protect the camera lens.
The case is sturdy and lightweight and allows seamless connection with the MagSafe charger.

7. Grebuy Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max with 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Image Source: Amazon

This cover protects the iPhone 13 screen with unique protection technology. 
The raised edges around the screen and camera protect them from scratches on the surface. The high-quality TPU material is known to resist yellowing and delays aging. The cover also contains two tempered glass screen protectors made using strong thermoplastic material. This protects the device against scratches and oil marks.

The cover is only 1.0mm thick so it does not add bulk to the iPhone and maintains its beauty and style. The streamlined design provides you with a firm grip that is comfortable to hold.

8. TUCCH Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Image Source: Amazon

The cover is designed using smooth leather and a soft TPU inner shell. TUCCH Wallet Case has four card slots along with a cash compartment that is equipped with RFID blocking. So it can flawlessly protect your cards and personal information.
 The inner microfiber lining provides extra protection to the glass body of the Smartphone. The raised lips around the edge of the cover prevent it from touching the screen and you can easily access the cards and cash from the card slots. Similarly, the raised bezels around the camera protect the camera lens.
Additionally, the folding feature of the cover allows you to view the screen horizontally.


These are our best picks from several iPhone 13 covers available online. You can pick any cover which fulfills your needs and protects your iPhone.

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