macOS Ventura: 6 Amazing Features Introduced

PCMacmacOS Ventura: 6 Amazing Features Introduced

At the WWDC event of 2022, Apple announced the new version of macOS. This new version of the macOS. This macOS is introduced with all new updates and new features. This will help in the better search, resetting of the passwords, multitasking and etc. macOS 13 is known as macOS Ventura.

This macOS venture will be available for all the mac users on Apple’s developer website, and Mac with compatible, you will able to download can download and use it. Now let us see what is new in the macOS Ventura.

macOS Ventura

What is new in macOS ventuara?

1# Mail:

Email is an very old app which everyone use. The main features which everyone loves to have in the mail is scheduled the mail of sending, remainders or undo the sent messages. Now mail in the new macOS has included with some good exiting feature.

The search feature has improved and is accurate. When you type in the search bar you will be able to see all related mails, documents, attachments etc. You can set the remainder for the important mails. You can also schedule the mails which you need to send, incase if you forget to send it on the time. By chance if you make any mistake while you have sent the mail, you can undo the sent mail within the 10 seconds. There is also one more feature included that is you will get a suggestion to follow up the mails, if it finds there is no response from your side.

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2# Stage Manager:

With the help of a stage manager in the macOS venture, you can do multiple task and also use multiple windows. The stage manager will focus on one task while keeping all other apps ready to access when needed. It puts up the main task window in front and all other apps at the side. you can access it when you need it. While your working you can group up all the apps and windows can be set up at the side for the quick access. This stage manager is integrated with both Spaces and also with the Mission control.

3# Safari:

There is a newly introduced feature in the safari which is amazing that is Shared tab groups. This feature will help you to easily share all the websites to the family and friends. You can also view them together in the group remotely, people can also add the tabs to the groups, and also you can see who all are seeing it live. This will also allow you to message, face time in the groups for the project planning, trip planning and many things in the group.

Now Apple is also planning for the Passkeys. This is instead of the Passwords. Passkeys use the touch id or the face id for creating the unique ID that is used only for the websites and or any other services.

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4# Spotlight:

In the macOS Ventura, the spotlight is updated with a better search function, easy navigation, and also quick look to preview all the required file with just one click. You can easily search the images also. When you search for the image you can search by the people, date, and also the location of that image. Spotlight also helps to run shortcuts, create the documents, etc. Spotlight also helps in better search of the movies, actors, TV shows, businesses, sports and also artists.

5# Continuity :

This is one of the best feature in macOS Ventura. This will helps you to copy the text from the one device and paste it to the another device. This can happen during the face time in which you can move that conversation from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad without the drop of the connection.

This feature will also help you to act your iPhone as your webcam for the Mac. You can place your iPhone on the top of the Mac and it will connect automatically. You also have an option called desk view that uses an ultra-wide lens with the studio light and also the centre stage. This will help to blur or dim the background and highlights your face during the facetime.

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6# Gaming:

macOS Ventura has included a metal 3 for the purpose of gaming. This also includes the MetalIFX Upscaling to improve the performance and also the graphics for the gamers. It also has the Fast Resource Loading API which offers high-quality textures and also geometry for a better experience while gaming.


This macOS Ventura is available for the registered developers if they want to test the new features. But for the public, it will be released in short for use. This needs to be tested before releasing it. So that if there is any change needed to can be done before releasing it. In this article, you got the information regarding the macOS Ventura with all its new features.

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