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macOS Ventura

Download And Install macOS 13 Ventura Developer Beta On Mac

Apple in the recent WWDC presentation has broadcasted the latest versions of their operating systems including the macOS13 venture. This includes many new features,...
MacBook Air M1 VS MacBook Air M2

Why Buying macBook Air M1 Is Better Choice Than New macBook Air M2

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is typically used to introduce upgrades for software products. However, at the event that took place in 2022, Apple...
enable Screen Saver

macOS Ventura: How Is It Different From All Other versions

The thirteenth iteration of the Mac operating system, macOS Ventura, introduce by Apple at the WWDC. After the introduction of Universal Control with macOS...

macOS Ventura: 6 Amazing Features Introduced

At the WWDC event of 2022, Apple announced the new version of macOS. This new version of the macOS. This macOS is introduced with...
Some Great Tips To Customise The Finder On Mac

Installing macOS Monterey Beta On Your Compatible Mac

macOS Monterey (mac OS 12) is Apple's operating system's new major release. It includes a slew of new features and enhancements, including Universal Control,...
App Store Not Working On MacOS Monterey

Your System Has Run Out Of Application Memory Error Received In macOS – Fixed

If there were a race to see who could release the most buggy macOS update, macOS Monterey would easily win. The "Your system has...
Macbook apps take storage

Macbook Apps Taking Too Much Storage

High-resolution video, images, music, and other vital things like Macbook apps take storage space these days, compared to the days when our computers had...
Apps for mac 2022

8 Ways To Use The macOS Recovery Tool On Mac

Apple recovery is a handy tool that allows you to perform several functions such as reinstalling the operating system, restoring the backup from the...
Time Machine has stopped

Time Machine Has Stopped Working On Mac June 2022:Fixed

Several customers have complained that Time Machine has stopped when they try to back up their Mac using Time Machine after updating to Monterey,...
Macbook not charging

Macbook Not Charging After Installing 12.4: Issue Fixed

If your Macbook not charging at all or does not display the charging status after upgrading to macOS Monterey, you are not alone. According...