How To Remove GoToMeeting From My Mac

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GoToMeeting is a well-known web conferencing and video conferencing software that authorizes users to host and join online meetings, webinars, and video conferences. Besides, it is available for different operating systems, including macOS. Further, the app can be downloaded and installed on a Mac, permitting users to partake in meetings and webinars from their PC. Nevertheless, numerous users have expressed troubles with the app, including undesirable popups when starting up their Macs, which may need the app to be entirely uninstalled from the computer.

Therefore, if you’re a Mac user who is experiencing unwanted popups from GoToMeeting, you may be wondering how to remove the app from your computer. Unfortunately, the GoToMeeting website doesn’t deliver much aid in this regard, and the absence of an uninstaller can make the process confusing.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to remove GoToMeeting from your Mac and assure that it’s entirely uninstalled, including any hidden files or directories that may be contributing to the problem.

Remove GoToMeeting From My Mac

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Here is how you can Remove GoToMeeting from my Mac

When you download and install the GoToMeeting desktop app on your computer, you will get more than only the application itself. Moreover, the installation package also includes the GoTo Opener and the GoTo Meeting desktop application. These two components can help you join meetings more quickly and smoothly. Besides, it’s worth noting that the Opener or Launcher utilizes log files and browser cookies to detect whether it has already been installed on your system.

This implies that you need to uninstall the Opener as well to completely uninstall GoToMeeting from your Mac rather than just dragging and dropping the app into the Trash.

1. Uninstall GoToMeeting from your Mac

  1. Open the Finder app.
  2. Click on “Applications” in the left side menu.
  3. Find the GoToMeeting icon and drag it to the Trash.
  4. Now, right-click on the Trash located in the menu and then tap on Empty trash. You can also open Trash and tap on Empty.

Note: If you are unable to drag GoToMeeting to the Trash, hold down the Option key whilst selecting “Empty Trash” from the Finder menu. Alternatively, you can restart your Mac and try again later.

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2. Delete All The Log Files on Your Mac

If you want to completely uninstall GoToMeeting from your Mac, it’s necessary to delete its service files. Moreover, these files are typically kept in the Library folder, which is secreted from view by default.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, you require to open Finder and then choose “Go” from the menu pane.
  2. Click on “Go to Folder” and type in ~/Library/Application/Support/GoToMeeting/.
  3. In this folder, you’ll find various subfolders where GoToMeeting leftover backup files, drivers, daemon files, pre-fetch configs, and other associated files are stored. These subfolders include:
    • Application Support
    • Caches
    • Containers
    • Frameworks
    • Logs
    • Preferences
    • Saved
    • Application State
    • WebKit
  4. Delete all the files and folders related to GoToMeeting and move them to the Trash.
  5. Empty the Trash and restart your Mac to complete the removal process.

That’s it! this is how you can manually uninstall the GoToMeeting from your Mac.

Other than that, you can also use a third-party app for instance PowerMyMac, CleanMyMac X, and Omni Remover. With these apps, you can scan and delete all the residual files which you could miss in the manual method.

So for your convenience, we are going to provide you with the necessary steps to uninstall GoToMeeting using Omni Remover.

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Uninstall GoToMeeting Using CleanMyMac X

If you’re looking for a thorough and secure way to entirely uninstall applications from your Mac, consider using a third-party tool such as CleanMyMac X. With its Uninstaller Module, you can effortlessly remove apps and all their associated files. Besides, CleanMyMac X sorts your data into different categories, including unused, scraps, vendors, and stores, making it easy to locate and remove the app you no longer require.

  1. Launch CleanMyMac X by downloading the free version from the attached link.
  2. Now, you need to tap on the Uninstaller option located in the sidebar.
  3. Browse through the different categories or use the search bar to find the GoToMeeting app you want to remove.
  4. Once you have found GoToMeeting, check the box next to it.
  5. Tap on the Uninstall button and let CleanMyMac X perform its uninstallation process.

Lastly, by following this simple method, you can entirely remove GoToMeeting and all of its associated files from your Mac. Utilizing this direct approach, you can uninstall other applications and declutter your Mac by removing unnecessary log files and caches which will ultimately boost the speed of your Mac as well.

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That concludes the process of fully uninstalling GoToMeeting from your Mac. While either of the two methods outlined above can achieve this goal, manual removal can be risky as each file need review for potential problems. In comparison, automatic removal with CleanMyMac X’s Uninstaller is simpler and more efficient, freeing up your time for other tasks. Also, keep in mind that attention to detail requires when using the manual method, making it more time-consuming and challenging. If you prefer a more straightforward and effective solution, CleanMyMac X’s Uninstaller is the way to go.

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