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12 Tips To Keep Your iPhone Safe From Unknown Threats

How To Connect iPhone 14 To Apple CarPlay?

Though cosmetically identical to the iPhone 13, the new iPhone 14 Plus boasts a larger 6.7-inch display. A 6-core graphics processing unit, Bluetooth 5.3,...
CarPlay iPhone 14

Carplay In iPhone 14: A Detailed Guide

CarPlay on iPhone 14 is the company's best solution to the trouble of using apps on your iPhone  while traveling. CarPlay operates hands-free commands...
Apple CarPlay Not Working

Hands On: Everything About CarPlay In iOS 16

CarPlay in iOS 16 is introduced by Apple Inc., the next edition of Apple CarPlay, at their annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). It is a conference...
How To Connect iPhone 13 To Apple CarPlay?

How To Connect iPhone 13 To Apple CarPlay?

Struggling to connect your brand new iPhone 13 to Apple CarPlay? You can connect it either with your USB cable or via Bluetooth. Either way,...