Carplay In iPhone 14: A Detailed Guide

GadgetsiPhonesCarplay In iPhone 14: A Detailed Guide

CarPlay on iPhone 14 is the company’s best solution to the trouble of using apps on your iPhone  while traveling. CarPlay operates hands-free commands and a user-friendly interface to operate the apps on your phone onto the infotainment screen in your car. That means you can guide, make phone calls or texts, play music, and do much more without endangering other life while driving.

It has quickly attained favor and makes long road trips and daily commutes more pleasing. Apple Carplay on iOS has been enhanced. Users will be gladdened by how well it functions and its considerable improvements.

If your car sustains Carplay and you use iOS 16, Congrats! You can readily connect the iPhone to the car and use a vast array of apps, like navigation, music-streaming, etc., through the dashboard display.

But how does the driving-friendly app work, and what can it do? Everything you must know about Apple CarPlay before using this feature is explained in this article.

CarPlay iPhone 14
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Apple Carplay Features 

Let’s sneak peek into the most awaited features of Apple CarPlay in iPhone 14.

New Categories of Applications

Earlier, Carplay supported a few applications. iPhone 14 qualifies the creation of new app categories to fulfill the requirements of the modern world. Parking apps, food delivery apps, and other services are available.

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Wallpaper Assistance

Although this is a little feature, CarPlay in iOS 16 now supports background wallpaper. This signifies that a user is not required to stare at the CaPlay black wallpaper by default. In iPhone 14, they can select one of the preloaded wallpapers. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to set a user-selected image as the background of the CarPlay UI. Apple has shrouded five CarPlay wallpapers in iOS 16, the impression of which can be modified relying on the dark/light theme.

Users will have a better experience using Carplay digital assistance now that Siri has become much smarter with the iOS 16 update. Siri can be utilized to transmit and receive audio messages to family and friends. ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) is also available. Siri already sends text messages, and adding audio message features could be very useful.

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Keyboards in Japanese and Chinese

Japanese and Chinese keyboards are supported in iOS 14 Carplay. Users can use the keyboard to search for their interests in navigation apps. Apple’s existence in the Asia-Pacific demand has risen due to this enhanced feature.

Status Bar

With Carplay in iPhone 14, users who own a car with a portrait display can benefit from a more helpful app view and a more specific configuration. The status bar can be positioned at the screen’s bottom.

Updated VoIP and messaging applications

The existing VoIP, audio, and messaging apps provide a significantly improved CarPlay experience thanks to the iPhone 14 API improvements. The VoIP and messaging apps can display a list of previous contacts and conversations, whereas the audio apps can display imaginative album art within the lists of contacts.

Carplay In iPhone 14
Image Source: Apple

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Although it is not a “true” Carplay feature, this is something that is connected to it. Users can use their iPhones to unlock cars with Apple iPhone 14. One can start the vehicle while the phone is charged with the wireless charger by depressing the ignition button.

How do you install CarPlay on your iPhone14 ?

There are two ways to connect your iPhone to CarPlay, with the simplest being to use a Lightning cable to connect it to the USB port in your car. After you click, CarPlay will appear on the screen of your vehicle, and all of your compatible apps will be updated.

Wireless CarPlay is supported by some automobiles. If you have one of them, your phone will prompt you to set up a wireless connection—the first time CarPlay initializes — which will happen automatically with future drives.

It should be noted that Apple does not maintain a current list of vehicles that support wireless CarPlay. Before you purchase a car or use a third-party wireless CarPlay adapter, you should do your research.

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Which Cars are compatible with CarPlay?

When CarPlay was introduced in 2014, it was a great niche piece of software, but it quickly gained popularity throughout the auto industry. With that in mind, it won’t be easy to find a car manufacturer that doesn’t offer CarPlay in some capacity, and even fewer modern vehicles will do so.

CarPlay is supported by almost all major automakers and is presently installed in more than 600 vehicles. The manufacturers and models that support CarPlay are detailed in the list of vehicles that are compatible with Apple Car. It is always advisable to verify CarPlay compatibility before purchasing any Car.

The only company that doesn’t appear to support Android Auto or CarPlay is Tesla. A high-end connectivity package, which includes streaming, navigation, and remote control of some features, is instead offered by the all-electric vehicle manufacturer. CarPlay is accessible and uses your current data plan, but it does have a $10 monthly cost.

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That’s all you need to know about the CarPlay feature in iPhone 14. What’s your take on this feature by Apple? Let us know in the comments below.

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