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Top 10 Smartphones under 10000 in India

There are varieties of smartphones available in the market these days. These phones can be categorized on the basis of price, specifications, user experience...

Top 5 High End Gaming Laptops in India

So what exactly makes a gaming laptop distinct from others? Is it the processor, the RAM, the graphics memory, or a little bit of...

10 Best Web Hosting Providers of 2018

There are so many companies out there that provide web hosting services. To make the hosting plans more affordable and appealing to the users,...

How to Enable PHP Zip Archive Module on GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting?

PHP zip archive is a process or tool installed on your web hosting server that enable PHP script / command to archive a file...

5 Best Laptops under ₹25000 in India

5 Best Laptops under ₹25000/- in India Laptops are one of the most diverse electronic products out there. With tens of companies, hundreds of models, and...

How to add a custom message to your macOS Login Screen?

Have you ever noticed a Mac showing a custom "Welcome Message" before you can login, or have you ever accepted any fair computer usage policy before...

How to Copy all the Links from Google Search Results into a Spreadsheet?

It' really a great fun to have such a tool that can copy all the links from a Web page simply by dragging the...

VPN Connection drops after closing the Lid of MacBook Pro

This became an interesting issue to me when I first came to know about it. When I started to use VPN service to connect...

How to Place or Integrate AdSense Auto Ads in Blogger Platform?

This post is aimed for blogger or blog owner or maybe anyone who monetize their website with Google AdSense. AdSense has been recognized as...

Set up Amazon Fire TV Stick with voice remote and convert your normal HDTV...

Just like the smart phones which evolved from the basic phones, smart TVs have similarly evolved from basic TV boxes. It used to have...

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