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PORTABLE WEARABLE MOUSE, Vanzy offers is as the human interface of the future. Traditionally, keyboards and mouse were utilised, and later, touch-sensitive displays. With VANZY, you can now operate all of your devices with simple hand gestures, somewhat like Tony Stark. 


What is VANZY?

VANZY, PORTABLE WEARABLE MOUSE, is a motion-sensing controller and Air Mouse that is made to fit on your finger. Its like a ring and allows you sophisticated control over all of your gadgets. Swiping or using gestures uses to advance slides in a presentation. You can change the volume of music while listening, skip the opening credits on Netflix series, play games. You can do a variety of other things. Similar to a wearable mouse, VANZY’s ring also functions as a computer mouse or trackpad. Enabling you to utilise it as a standard cursor controller on your laptop or tablet. The VANZY is essentially the best input device for whatever gadget you own because you can use it to keymap some words and even control objects in virtual reality. Moreover, it is small enough to wrap around a finger.


VANZY, which is about the size of a ring. It has a 9DoF sensor that enables high-quality 3D spatial recognition. Also, an advanced chipset that enables it to identify up to 7 different motions on devices running Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iOS software and across numerous software platforms. The idea behind the VANZY is straightforward: in a world where many different gadgets can be operate by touching and tapping them with your fingers. So why can’t your finger just function as a mouse, acting as a wand to control any connected device? To that purpose, VANZY connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to phones, tablets, and even computers. Enabling you to utilise them naturally by waving your hands or precisely by using the touchpad on the VANZY.

How Does it Work?

The finger-worn ring functions in one of two ways: either by recognizing gestures and movements or by enabling you to use the touchpad on top of the VANZY(PORTABLE WEARABLE MOUSE) to navigate your device. The trackpad functions exactly like your TWS earphones’ touch screen. By touching and sliding your thumb, you can continue to use the mouse’s functionalities. On the VANZY, swipe left or right to scroll down or up. When it comes to gestures, VANZY can identify typical motions like swiping left, right, up, down, clockwise, anti-clockwise, and forward (as if you were pointing in the air).


However, each VANZY has a dock (sometimes called the Bar Cradle) that charges the internal battery of your device. You can utilise the 3D spatial tracking remote control that you receive when you dock your ring in the Bar Remote to control your television, engage in game play, or even use your laptop. Four gestures are recognised by VANZY when docked in the Bar Remote (up, down, left, and right). While the ring itself boasts of machine learning that gets better and better over time at performing exactly what you want it to do, VANZY’s gestures and controls can adjust and set via the app. This means that rather than requiring you to adopt a specific method of use, the VANZY learns from your usage and improves as a wearable controller for you.

You can use it-
  1. Morning Routine: Without initially pulling out your phone, rotate your finger clockwise or counterclockwise to change the sound on your headphones.
  2. Take control of the desk with a single Air Mouse for all of your devices.
  3. The ideal workplace companion for meetings, presentations, and seminars. Even from a distance, VANZY gives you exact control.
  4. The difficulty of switching between devices is no longer an issue for content producers. Utilize only your finger.
  5. Laying in Bed and Watching Videos After a Long Day? VANZY can take care of you.
  6. Virtual Reality Control – VANZY is not just for the physical world.
  7. You can use the VANZY as a clicker with the bar cradle.

What else is in the Market?

It is done before to create something as acclaiming as VANZY. A previous version of the gadget, called Snowl, was develop by CoX Space, the device’s creator, in the year 2020. Snowl’s capabilities are expands upon by VANZY. It uses a similar ring-based avatar but has a superior internal chipset and a more durable overall design. Each VANZY has a reinforced glass touch surface that is completely waterproof (so you could use your VANZY while cooking, or potentially even in the shower). The hardware accessory that rests on your finger weighs a pitiful 5 grams; with the Bar Cradle, the weight is increasing to 52 grams, making it absurdly portable and still functional. With deliveries starting in November, you can already purchase a VANZY on Kickstarter for an introductory price of $89 for early adopters. The VANZY is available in medium and large sizes with a silicone ring in a traditional black finish, but if you want to flaunt your all-controlling, all-powerful wearable device, you can also select a gold or silver metal ring!

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