What Do The Bars Mean On The iPhone Weather App?

GadgetsiPhonesWhat Do The Bars Mean On The iPhone Weather App?

Bars On The iPhone Weather App

When Apple bought the famous weather app Dark Sky in 2020, it made a lot of changes to its stock Weather app in iOS 15. Some of the new features came from Dark Sky. 

These new features have made the interface of the Weather app a lot more detailed and expanded the sections that already existed to include objects like weather maps, rainfall, air pressure, and many other things. 

Apple has also been successful in making a new design the 10-day forecast so that more information can be seen at a glance. If you don’t know what the horizontal bars mean, they show the temperature range for each day. 

Over a 24-day period, there could be a lot of different temperatures because of how long the horizontal bar for each day is When you look at today’s temperature at the top of the 10-day forecast, you can get a better sense of how this is going to happen. The white dot on the bar shows where the current temperature fits in the range that the forecast says it should be in.

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Bars Mean On The iPhone Weather App

How do you get it, then? 

There are new temperature bars that come with the new Weather app in iOS 15. To get the new app, all you have to do is update your device to iOS 15. It will do the rest for you. Once the new temperature bars have been added, you can then access them. You can even add a widget to your home screen so that you can get to it quickly when you want.

By going to Settings > General > Software Update, you can get iOS 15 on your phone or tablet. Then, you can download and install the most recent version of the software.

Bars Mean On The iPhone Weather App

In the Weather App, the bars are called “bars.” 

It’s ten bars. It doesn’t matter that they all have different colors and sizes, because the first forecast’s bar isn’t very different from the others. I show the image below. As this one has a white dot on it, it looks like a slider bar. The other ones don’t have a dot on them at all. 

Start with this one. This dot shows the current temperature. It is a way to show where the current temperature is in relation to the range. There will be a 70% chance of rain today with a high temperature of 54°F and a low temperature of 34°F. You can also see how the current temperature fits in with the 10-day forecast, as well. 

So, what are these bars for?

Temperature ranges for the day are shown in these bars. They also show where the current temperature fits in the range, so you can see how it fits in. A visual aid to help you understand the temperature range is shown in these bars. You can see how much of a difference there is between the low and high temperatures for each day. 

There is a 10-day forecast picture above, and you can see that the bar for the coldest temperature out of 10 is to the left. The bar for the hottest temperature is next to the bar for the coldest. The bars show how different the temperature was on one day from the other days. 

Bars Mean On The iPhone Weather App

  • All 10 days have the same bar length. 
  • Each bar has a different color part. They are different sizes. When the 10-day forecast is shown in color, this section shows how big of a range the temperature will be on that day. Each color bar shows a different part of the day’s temperature in the 10-day range. 
  • You can notice that each of the color bars is placed differently. The way the temperature is positioned shows how different it is from other days. 
  • Also, the colors show how hot or cold it is. The blue color means it’s colder, and the green/yellow color means it’s warmer.

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Why do I see a variety of colors inside a single line? 

Depending on the weather in your area, you may see a single-colored or multi-colored line adjacent to a specific day within the weather app. 

If you only observe a single line, the temperature range will likely remain constant throughout the day. 

If numerous colors appear in the same bar, the temperature is likely to fluctuate greatly between the start and finish of the day. When numerous colors are on display, they stack in the same order as stated above. 

For instance, if you reside in a reasonably warm zone yet anticipate rain, you may see a line with a combination of Orange/Yellow/Green colors in today’s forecast.

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Final Comments

Hence this is how you can study the weather bar graphs. Additionally, you can sign up for next-hour precipitation notifications in Apple’s updated Weather app. This will notify you when it’s going to rain, snow, or hail in the next hour in your current location. Also another area you’ve added to the Weather app.

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