Windows 12: Release Date, Price, And Every Detail You Should Know

NewsWindows 12: Release Date, Price, And Every Detail You Should Know

The release date of Windows 12 is expected to be in 2024, most probably in the fall, based on Microsoft’s new 3-year major Windows update cycle. The company continues to change the way of delivering features on Windows 12. Along with new features brought throughout the year through its “Moments” engineering effort. There are rumors that at least four features will drop in a year on Windows 12. However, this information is not confirmed by Microsoft. Also, the company has not officially announced any plans for Windows 12.

Windows 11 was released on October 5th, 2021, over six years after the debut of its predecessor Windows 10. Microsoft recently released the first major update for the OS, Windows 11 version 22H2. But rumors and speculation suggest that the next version of Windows could be Windows 12. This would mark a shift from the annual feature updates of Windows 10 to a more traditional approach. It refers to releasing a major new version of Windows every three years. Similar to the way things were taken care of before Windows 10. Microsoft has also announced plans to increase flexibility in the Microsoft Store, support Android apps on Windows 11, and introduce gaming technologies inherited from the Xbox Series X and Series S.

It’s still unclear when we could see a new version of Windows in the works. We can only speculate on what the future holds for Windows 12, but the company will certainly continue to strive to make its OS the best experience available. Let’s look more closely at what we can anticipate up till now.

Windows 12: Release date, price, and every detail you should know
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When is Windows 12 expected to release?

Windows 12, the highly anticipated sequel to Microsoft’s incredibly successful Windows 11 all set to launch in 2024. While little is known about the features of this new version of the operating system. Reports suggest it will arrive sometime in the fall of that year. Although, Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny these claims. Many expect Windows 12 to build on the success of Windows 11.Along with offering new features and capabilities to users. So, it will make computing more efficient and enjoyable. Potential features such as improved security, more intuitive user interfaces, and better support for the latest hardware and software will include. Ultimately, only time will tell what Windows 12 has in store for us.

Windows 11 is an evolution in operating software, with its newest version, 22H2, bringing several new features and functionality. These include a revamped Start menu with added folders, new touch gestures, and the ability to open multiple File Explorer tabs.

Further, the Windows Insider Program gives users an early look into what’s next for the Windows platform. Windows 12 expect to roll out gradually over the next two years. Though some features will release via smaller updates. Windows 12 is likely to have its exclusive features that won’t be available until closer to its release date. While many of the features in the Insider Program will be part of Windows 12, some of them could look even further down the line. Microsoft may continue to label some of the new features as Windows 11 until the platform is close to finished. This was the case for Windows 11 as well. It remained a secret until it was near to finalized.

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What can we expect from Windows 12?

Microsoft has yet to confirm the existence of Windows 12, and no feature leaks have surfaced so far. However, Windows Insider users have been privy to recent builds. It also includes the 25158 build released on July 13, which brought a new variety of visual treatments to the Taskbar Search. Additionally, Microsoft is experimenting with notification badges for the Weather widget in Windows 11’s Taskbar. As well as an innovative smart feature allowing users to copy a date, time, or phone number. Also, it allows you to quickly access Suggested Actions to complete the task through a dedicated app.

Though these features may not make it to the Windows 11 release. But they could be a part of the Windows 12 package. Microsoft has been open to giving new features a try through Insiders in the Dev channel. Moreover, they are likely to be the first to test Windows 12 features. Furthermore, some features may form part of the Windows 11 release. And users can keep an eye out for upcoming Windows 11 features in the preview. Ultimately, Windows 12 looks promising as Microsoft continues to explore new possibilities with its Insider builds.

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Price of Windows 12 & Will it be free?

Microsoft’s Windows 12 will be an upgrade from its current operating system, Windows 11. The upgrade will likely be free for users with existing Windows 10 PCs. Just as the upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 was free. However, if you are running a custom-built PC, you may have to purchase a retail license for Windows 12 from Microsoft. The cost of the Windows 12 Home license expects to be the same as the cost of its predecessor. For instance, Windows 10 and 11 Home, costs $139.

In addition to the cost of the license, you may have to pay extra for certain features. Such as activation or customization. Microsoft may also provide optional subscription services for Windows 12, such as Windows Defender, which will require an extra payment. While there is no official word on the pricing for these services, the cost will likely be similar to the subscription services currently offered for Windows 10.

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Will The Windows 12 operating system be compatible with my computer?

Windows 12 remain shrouded in mystery and it’s hard to say what kind of system requirements it will have. However, we can make an educated guess by looking at Windows 11’s requirements and the current trends in hardware.

Windows 12 will likely require at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Though, it is the same amount of RAM and storage that Windows 11 requires. Furthermore, Microsoft will likely continue to require processors released after 2018 and possibly newer ones. Same as Windows 11 did. Additionally, probably, they won’t walk back on other requirements like TPM. But there may be workarounds available for unsupported PCs.

Generally speaking, most modern laptops should be able to handle the new Windows without issue. With that said, it’s always a good idea to double-check your hardware against the system requirements before upgrading.

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